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    Living Authentic

    in Self Help

    Hang with Ashley + Jenysha!
    What It Looks + Feels to Live Totally Authentically
    The Good. The Bad. The Truth.
    Open chat as told by two women that have gone from unauthentic to authentic in biz + life!

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    Letting Go, Being Authentic, and Living in Your Truth

    in Spirituality

    Have you seen the terms letting go, being authentic, and living in your truth... and you wonder, "What does that REALLY mean, why is that important, and how do I do that?"

    Those three terms can be not just uncomfortable, but also deeply paralyzing to many... and many simply don't remember yet HOW to do that, because of how we've been conditioned to live in separation and fear... vs. connection and acceptance.

    In living the shift, we're remembering who we are, at the most "woo-woo," amazing and expansive levels... but to do that, we must first let go of the ALL of old paradigms, the old practices and beliefs that don't serve us... learn how to release the judgment (particularly of ourselves)... and realize how powerful it is to be who we REALLY are!

    This week, we'll discuss all of this, along with what it means... and where to start!

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    Living An Authentic Life

    in Spirituality

    Sankofa Productions is a created vessel that is devoted to the spiritual cultivation of all who may have ears to hear.  The blueprint or the frame work of the messages are derived from the Tree of Life.  It is not our desire to teach but to provide all with a message to heal and think for the self.  We here at Sankofa Productions speak from a vantange point of Knowing Thy Self as the I Am.  We are Gods because the Infinite Intelligence has shared it's power with us therefore we all have the ability and the potential to think as God, Christ, Muhammad or the Buddah. We all have the capacity to come forth as greatness.  Nevertheless it is the WILL of man that causes him to experice such.  So come as you are an listen to the words that resonate.

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    Come as you ar

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    Working from the outside in and the inside out.  Come as you are and leave with a mind of clarity. when there is no peace there is chaos and confusion. Where there is inner peace there pleasure and clarity 

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    I'm A Mother Living ON PURPOSE!

    in Motivation

    This month on Purpose Living Radio, we are ALLLL about celebrating our mothers! The twist is, we are celebrating those who are living on PURPOSE! These mothers not only take the joy of being a mother seriously, but also are ready to conquer whatever to be their own boss. They aren't playing games! 

    This week we have the pleasure of speaking with Charlene Falepouono, better known as Charlee Rose. Charlee Rose is an entrepreneur,  author, speaker, and leadership expert. She is the founder of Y.A.E. Now! Y.A.E. pronounced yay, stands for you are enough! She speaks to women leaders and  entrepreneurs that wish to gain clarity in their purpose and vision. She provides solutions to overcome personal barriers, such as domestic violence/abuse, low self-esteem, and family ties, that keep women from transitioning to their next level of greatness.  Contact her at charleerose@yaenow.com. Follow her at Twitter.com/thecharleerose. 

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    Ep#100 - Authentic Enlightenment 100th Episode Bash!

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we celebrate our 100th episode! We have chosen some past guests to join us tonight, they will be popping in making cameos throughout the night. We kick the show off with Richie Londres of the band Sol Invicto(Deftones, Cypress Hill) for the first hour to discuss their upcoming album and more. Show schedule provided below. 

    8:00-9:00pm EST - Richie Londres
    9:05-9:20pm EST - Tatiana Moroz
    9:25-9:40pm EST - Paul Osborne
    9:45-10:00pm EST - Emily Lance
    10:05-10:25pm EST - Andrew Pontbriand
    10:30-10:45pm EST- Mike Paczesny 
    10:50-11:05pm EST - Walter Bosley

    After Hours After Party

    11:10-11:30pm EST - Tim Swartz
    11:35-11:55pm EST - James Robert Wright


  • Living An Authentic Life

    in Spirituality

    Living life from the inside out and allowing the out side to drive you into living an authentic life.  Enjoy life from a frequency of how you feel. Focus on your wants, needs and desires. Allow the good of life to assist you on your goals and dreams, be the few and then be all you can be.

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    Living Water Drinking Deeply

    in Motivation

    John chapter 4 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. Here in his conversation with The Woman at the Well, Jesus tells us about living water. He explains that God is Spirit and that those who worship must worship in spirit and in truth. In a day and time when it seems that everything is on overdrive, let's talk about what it means to drink deeply of the living water in the 21st century. 

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    5 Ways to Authentic Leadership

    in Women

    Authentic Leadership is moving past paralysis of perfection and move forward with intentional belief of success! 

    "Saying you believe in yourself will not guarantee your success, but saying you don’t believe in yourself will guarantee your failure"

    We will cover 5 ways toward authentic leadership of self, team, home, and community! Perfection within your potential often leaves us at the starting gate in the paralysis of EVERYTHING must be perfect before you start. 

    Join me and learn how to step forward without perfection into your Authentic Leadership and success!

    What You Want
    Character of Achievement

    Success is staying in love with what you love and allowing it ignites others; remember when you are living and celebrating your unique self, “They want what you’re having.” 

    Look UP & OUT!

    Tracy Worley


    Download Authentic Leadership 


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    Living An Authentic Life

    in Spirituality

    Living life from the inside out with the non-physical self in mind