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    Will the Real Laborers Please Stand Up: Separating the Wheat from the Tare!

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    JOIN the LIONS tonight as WE discuss what it means to be a Laborer in ISLAM! WE will have that conversation that not too many people want to hear! What is the DUTY of a Laborer? Who is a Laborer? What is the standard of a GOOD Laborer? And how do WE effectively work with “deadbeat” Laborers! Get out your note pads and recorders and get ready to send your reports!

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    Seperating the Truth from the Disinformation

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    If you are looking for the answers to life's mysteries, lets look together. have a seat at OUR kitchen table while we seek the answers together. Nothing is off limits.

    Tonight, is it all just fear ography or is it prophecy. True, the world seems to be spinning off it's axis, but hasnt it always been so? And if we dont learn and evolve wont it ALWAYS be so? Lets seperate the wheat from the chaff and try to figure what's a message versus what's just sensationalism.

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    Over the Top Cycling - Robin Farina interviews Ally Stacher

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    Ally Stacher is a professional cyclist with Specialized-Lululemon. She's a support rider who does everything she possibly can do to help her team succeed.  Stacher

    inherited a love of homemade juicing from her aunt, who bought her a Jack LaLanne juicer during her sophomore year of college. “I was instantly hooked,” she says. “My roommate and I started juicing like crazy.”

    It’s a habit that Stacher continues today—even while on the road. “I was traveling with a little Omega juicer,” she says. “It was perfect—it fit into my backpack so I never had to put it in my checked bag. Then the travel got to it and it died on me. It was an incredibly sad day. I now travel with a Breville juicer my teammate bought me for my birthday. It’s pretty easy to lug around. I will say, though, when you go through security with a juicer in your backpack it tends to set off the alarm.”

    Stacher claims to be a frugal juicer—“I don’t do too many add-ins…the occasional wheat grass, but that’s about it.”—but admits to being crazy for beets. And for good reason: Research show that drinking beetroot juice can boost a cyclist’s endurance. In one study, volunteers were able to ride about a minute and a half longer compared to when they drank a placebo. Ninety-two seconds may not seem like a lot, but in the world of professional cycling, it’s more than enough to separate the winners from the losers.

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    Tenth Show - Disciples for Jesus Christ

    in Christianity

    The kingdom of Heaven

    Study Matt 13 – Grounds; Wheat and Tares; Mustard Seed; Hidden Treasure; Pearl of Great Price

    -Body Of Christ – Which one are you in the kingdom of heaven?

    -Read Matt 13:1-9 – 4 Types of Ground

    -Read Matt 13: 10-17 – Purpose of Parables

    -Read Matt 13:18-23 – Explanation of the 4 types of Grounds

    -Read Matt 13:24-30 – Wheat and Tares

    -Read Matt 13:31-32 – Mustard Seed

    -Read Matt 13:33 – Leavened

    -Read Matt 13:34-35 – Prophecy and Parables

    -Read Matt 13:36-43 – Explanation of the Wheat and Tares and Rev 3:7-13 – The faithful Church

    -Read Matt 13:44-46 – Hidden Treasure and the Pearl of Great Price

    -Are you God pleasers from your heart or man pleasers?
    No in motive your heart to get things from God but truly loving God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.

    -Both the righteous and unrighteous will be in operation until Jesus returns.  You have to decide which one you want to be in His Kingdom.

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    12-08-14 Monday Night with Sherry Shriner

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    Monday Night with Sherry Shriner - God's mouthpeice on earth...the Golem are among us the real wheat vs. tares folks! 

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    America's Three Piece Suit Prophets on Prophecy Headline News

    in Religion

    Today America's Three Piece Suit Prophets on Prophecy Headline News and with it, major news and events. Typhoon Hainan then and today it was Hagupit and it had the Philippines reeling.  As we find America's Three Piece Suit Prophets are doing well in their fine churches in America, while in Ethiopia, India, Sudan, Nigeria, Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and North Korea just to name a few places where Christians are not doing so well. But in all this, be sure; everyone will get their reward; including Christians; both the Tares and the Wheat!   Now finally China has become the Largest world economy, go figure; they have the largest population on earth that is, they use to until India surpassed them.  In Israel and the Gaza strip, West Bank, and the Temple mount the hatred of Jews goes on, with the Jews pushing back. However the rhetoric is full of hate coming out of the P.A. side of the religious war as local Muslim preachers swear "No mercy in the killing of Jews"! While America watches the continuing "stone of stumbling" in Jerusalem and Israel; America has her own troubles.


    The Week Ahead Prophecy Headline News hour at Noon 2014 comes at you with hard hitting headlines, commentary, views, and interviews, call in’s. A jam packed show live, at the moment, and with current headlines and biblical prophecy we see the current trends weekly.


    Show Key Tags: Prophecy News, headline news, Middle East news, America news, Hagupit, Christian persecution, Ethiopia, India, Israel, Palestinian refugees, China, USA, Largest world economy, Palestinian Preacher, Slaughter jews, no mercy, Race war, Ferguson style,


    Go to www.warn-usa.com or www.warn-radio.com or www.wingswatchman.org or www.garden.warn-radio.com for more headlines, top lead stories, Radio shows, and articles.

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    The Fathers Heart, Can You Hear It?

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    We get caught up and led astray by things that are diametrically opposed to the heart and intent of God as a result of not having an ear that is trained to listen to the sound of the Father’s heart.  

    Psalm 81: 8 I said, 'Listen, my people! I will warn you! O Israel, if only you would obey me!9 There must be no other god among you. You must not worship a foreign god.10 I am the LORD, your God, the one who brought you out of the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide and I will fill it!'11 But my people did not obey me; Israel did not submit to me.12 I gave them over to their stubborn desires; they did what seemed right to them.13 If only my people would obey me! If only Israel would keep my commands!14 Then I would quickly subdue their enemies, and attack their adversaries."15 (May those who hate the LORD cower in fear before him! May they be permanently humiliated!)16 "I would feed Israel the best wheat, and would satisfy your appetite with honey from the rocky cliffs." (NET)

    The sound of the will of God is being released from the Father’s heart.  I is a key to unlocking doors of blessing and breakthrough in the earth realm. 

    It's time for realignment. Join us and be Empowered!

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    America It Is time The Wheat and The tares America Who do You Love?

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    Five myths about America’s police Opinions

    Radley Balko

    America’s police forces are in the spotlight. After the police shooting deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland, as well as this past week’s decision by a grand jury not to indict the officer caught on video choking New York resident Eric Garner , who later died, Americans from the White House to the streets are debating or protesting police militarization, body cameras, lethal force — and whether enough is done to hold bad cops accountable.

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    Parable of the Sower

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    Because Dr. Joye Pugh is joining me for Momentary Zen on Revolution Radio this Wednesday 8-10 pm Eastern @ www.freedomslips.com to discuss the 3rd book of her Beguiled series on the Garden Parable and enmity between the bloodlines, I thought I would take pause and spend this Saturday's show covering the Parable of the Sower to expressly clarify what Yahshua Christ was alluding to in the Matthew 13 chapter on the enemy which snuck into the garden and how the parable of the wheat and the tares reflects upon the condition of the world and difference between the children of light and the children of darkness.  We will pick-up with the Book of Atam and Eua the following Saturday.

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    Cherokee Joseph "Fire Eagle" Clements, ONAC Minister of Peace​

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    I am Joseph Fire Eagle Clements. I am enrolled in the Cherokee Nation of Sequoyah. I am Ordained Minister of Peace via ONAC of Indiana Apache and Cherokee nations. Let's get on to the present situation within the tribes of the Native Americans. It saddens me today to see the members of the Cherokee Nation at such odds with others who are not ''full blooded tsalagi'', and who are not members of the ''Oklahoma Cherokee'', are not ''members of the Cherokee Family. This saddens me indeed. When have we as the true occupants of this land, the Native American Red Man, descended from Adam the original. Everyone who studies Hebrew language knows that ''Adam'' is a Hebrew word meaning, ''Ruddy'' or Red Man!! Get it? The very first occupants of the turtle island were the red man. We were created in the image of the One True God, Yohewah. And he made our skin RED, the color of earth. We are the keepers of Mother Earth together, no one man can do this daunting task, it is too hard for one alone. we must all pick up our hoes and get rid of the weeds from among the wheat. The tares among us, this is what I would like to address. A man is not a Cherokee who is a Cherokee on his skin. A man who is a Cherokee is a Cherokee in his HEART. Let us return to the original path, and let us concentrate on the Original Task...to go in and possess the land, and occupy till I come. We must work together to bring back the traditional native American ways to the hearts of our people. The elders must be restored to their teaching the young men, and the mothers of our tribes to the teaching of the young women. If we do not turn back to the ''love thy neighbor as thyself'', and the ''put something back when you take something away.'' Do not cut a tree down in this life unless you are willing to plant another in its place. 

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    11-24-14-Monday Night with Sherry Shriner

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    Monday Night with Sherry Shriner - God's mouthpeice on earth..celebrities being replaced with fakes, clones, and animated manikins...just as politicians have been. The tares are among the wheat...

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