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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Atletico, Getafe and Impossible Pronunciations

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    The Managing Madrid podcast returns, with host Gabe Lezra in a sour mood given his other allegiances over the weekend. Gabe and Josh Zeitlin recap Real Madrid's week, diving into the los blancos' draw home against Atletico (crashing out of the Copa del Rey), and chat about the 3-0 win against Getafe. Along the way they get into the signing of Martin Odegaard, chatting about his future and the plan for Real Madrid Castilla. Finally, the guys take some questions, delving into possible signings and the old stalwarts--rotation issues and Modric's return. 

  • 01:05

    Managing Madrid Podcast: Episode #11

    in Soccer

    On this week's podcast I was joined by Mike Platania and Joshua Zeitlin to talk about the loss to Atletico over the weekend - which led to a plethora of other discussions like the 'iFlorentino dimision!' chants, Zidane's performance thus far, James vs Di Maria, and Kroos vs a natural DM, among many other things.

    We hope you enjoy this week's podcast, and don't forget to leave us a 5-star rating on iTunes!

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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Mailbag With Kiyan And Gabe

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    This week I had the great bounty of having Gabe help me plow through your mailbag questions. Your questions were mostly surrounding the Champions League - the crazy week that transpired and the draw scheduled for tomorrow morning - with some tactical and player questions shuffled in-between.

    On a side note, this will be the last mailbag for a couple weeks, so make sure to catch it. We'll have a lot to talk about when the mailbag resumes in May.

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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Episode #15

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    Our apologies about this week's delay - Sunday was a gong show for all of us, and due to some scheduling conflicts, we couldn't record this week's podcast until late last night.

    On this week's pod, Gabe, Josh, and myself discussed:

    Real Madrid's 4-0 thumping of Sevilla
    Is Casemiro as good as fans think?
    Possible defensive midfield replacements in the Summer
    Benzema's on-going scandal
    Bale's goal-scoring record amongst Brititsh players in la Liga
    Champions League draw
    Zidane's evaluation

    Enjoy folks! And as a reminder, please tweet questions my way for this week's mailbag.

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    Managing Madrid Podcast: RM - Wolfsburg Preview

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    On this week's Managing Madrid Podcast, I was joined by Mike Platania (the eternal optimist) to preview tomorrow's pressure-popping match against Wolfsburg where Real Madrid need to win by at least three goals in order to advance to the Champions League semi-finals.

    *Disclaimer: For reasons unknown, although the audio was fine during recording, during editing we realized Mike's voice was super-echoey. This may not sound great, and not ideal, and we apologize about this. We hope you can still enjoy the content of the podcast.

  • 01:23

    Managing Madrid Podcast: Champions League Semifinal Recap

    in Soccer

    It's another delayed podcast because producer-host Kiyan Sobhani is once again on vacation (sad!)! In this episode I (Gabe Lezra) am joined by Mike Platania and Timm Higgins to discuss Real Madrid's thrilling 2-3 victory over Rayo Vallecano and their whatever the opposite of thrilling is 0-0 draw against Manchester City. 

    The guys break down the UEFA Champions League draw, analyzing what went wrong (and right) for los blancos. Are there things Madrid could do better? Is this a good result for Madrid despite everything? And does any of this matter given that Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema are both injured? 

    We also took a number of your questions (sorry we didn't get to all of them!), from questions about Casemiro to James to Zidane's substitutions to... GAME OF THRONES. 

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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Episode #13

    in Soccer

    On this week's podcast I was joined by Mike Platania and Joshua Zeitlin to discuss Real Madrid's uninspiring win in Gran Canaria against Las Palmas and their Champions League triumph in Rome. We also discussed at length this team's capability of making a run in the Champions League and if Zidane really has enough tactical awareness and coaching experience to get the best of Guardiola, Blanc and the likes.

    We also had just enough time to answer a couple questions on transfer rumours.We hope you enjoy folks, and if you do, please don't forget to leave us a rating in iTunes!

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    MM Podcast: Mailbag With Kiyan And Lucas

    in Soccer

    This week's mailbag - the first in three weeks - was a fun one. I was joined by Managing Madrid Chief Editor Lucas Navarrete who helped me answer questions which were all taken after the 2nd leg victory over Manchester City at the Bernabeu.

    Enjoy, guys (and if you, give us a rating on iTunes! 

    Next week's mailbag will be in article form. Feel free to get a head start on questions by sending me a tweet. 



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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Episode #10

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    I was joined by Gabe Lezra and Joshua Zeitlin last night to record a somber podcast after the draw in Malaga where Real Madrid dropped two points, and dropped the league title along with it. This week's podcast was as real as it gets.

    Topics at hand

    Malaga 1 - 1 Real Madrid
    Is this team good enough to win the Champions League?
    What is the underlying problem that the Club has?
    Real Madrid's transfer policy
    Questions from readers

    Thanks for tuning in, and if you enjoy our podcasts, please take the time to rate us on iTunes!

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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Bonus Edition

    in Soccer

    This week we bring to you a bonus edition of the Managing Madrid podcast where myself, Gabe Lezra, Mike Platania, and Joshua Zeitlin got together to discuss:

    The match in Rome
    Marcelo's extremities 
    Gareth Bale's transfer 'scandal'
    The upcoming match against Malaga

    We also took a couple questions from readers. 


  • 01:22

    Managing Madrid Podcast After Dark: Featuring Allen Dodson

    in Soccer

    Kiyan Sobhani is out this week so I (Gabe Lezra) am joined by Mike Platania, Josh Zeitlin and VillarrealUSA's Allen Dodson after a very exciting week. And we do promise that if you make it through the first 10 minutes you'll get to the actual show.  And if you like me and Mike bantering well, enjoy this first ten minutes where Josh pops up out of nowehere and I basically ramble.  We do get into business and have a great conversation about Madrid's match against Getafe, Barcelona's choke-fest and we preview Madrid's upcoming match against Villarreal with Allen.