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    The update - Velocity Athletic Training

    in Fitness

    Velocity Athletic Training Radio is back with an update on Tuesday! A brief show updating our followers with what's happening and new at Velocity Athletic Training!

    Tune in!

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    Gaining the athletic dominance

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    Our focus is on three areas a plan needs analysis, sport specific movements, and the functional strength of the athlete.These three areas will be discussed on helping athleticism with athletes.

    We are unable to have an effective program without first understanding the athletes we are working with. When we understand what is needed from their sport and know what they are able to do or not able to do then we can be more effective.

    The overall goal should be getting the most out of each athlete while avoiding injury. We will only be able to do this by knowing what we are working with.

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    Youth in Athletic Activities

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     My guest speaker and I, Gino Arcaro discuss the benefits and on the flip side the disadvantages of Youth in Athletic Activities.
    Gino Arcaro is a returning guest on Velocity Athletic Training Radio and I'm delighted to have him back. Gino is head coach for the Oakville Longhorns Football Team.
    Parents please tune in!

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    The paradox of the Athletic Black NFL Quarterback

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    Going to be discussing the plight of the Athletic Black NFL Quarterback. How their talent always gets them to the level of the National Football League, but they allow the "outside noise" to push them to feel they have to be the prototype Quarterback in order to have true success in the NFL. So why do NFL teams selected these guys so high just to ultimately try to reform them to something that they weren't? Why not built a offense around their talents instead of what they never been comfortable doing?

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    Mental Training to Achieve Top Athletic Performance

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    If wonder why certain athletes are more driven and achieve much greater popularity in their sport?
    Tune in to Velocity Athletic Training Radio, learn about Mental Training and how it's advantages help with Athletic Performance.

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    Charlton Athletic vs. Fulham

    in Soccer

    This is our preview of Charlton Athletic vs. Fulham.

  • NFL adding athletic trainer to press box; Marvin Lewis doesn't agree

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    Something new for the 2015 NFL season, and athletic trainer in the press box.  The NFL has been dealing with a concussion issue, for years.  Each year, the competition committee reviews ways to improve player safety.  Currently, if a player is suspected of having a concussion, they will be put through a series of concussion tests.  If the player passes, they can return to game action.  Should they not pass, they are restricted from returning.  

    What if a player takes a hit and tries to play without leaving the game?  AKA, Julian Edelman taking a vicious hit in Super Bowl 49, and continued playing.  With the new rule the athletic trainier in the press box can alert the side judge.  When the official is contacted, the game will be stopped and the player will have to receive medical treatment.  This is a medical call to the human eye, not a choice by either team.

    Marvin Lewis has raised some eyebrows with his comments. Rebecca Toback published an article "Marvin Lewis shows naivety in commenting on concussions in the NFL,." on SB Nation. She discusses at length the comments made by Lewis.  We will discuss this article and the hot topic of concussions. Listen in and call the show with your thoughts.

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    J F Shields High School Athletic All J F Shields/MCTS. Athletic Reunion/Banquet

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    J F Shields High School Athletic All J F Shields/MCTS. Athletic Reunion/Banquet

    J F Shields High School Athletic From 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 2015
    Come One Come All.. J F Shields/M.C.T.S. Athletic Reunion/Banquet
    J F Shields H.S.17688 HWY 21 NORTH Beatrice Al.
    MAY 8-9 2015

    Send Bio. Information All Athletic, Coaches, Cheerleaders,
    Band Members and Players to: Mary Howard P o Box 104, Beatrice, AL. 36425 Email @ printmom4@hotmail.com

    From: Dwight <dwighteh1@aol.com>
    To: mosesdailey <mosesdailey@gmail.com>
    Sent: Thu, Jan 22, 2015 9:37 pm
    Subject: Athletic Reunion

    J F Shields/M.C.T.S. Athletic Reunion/Banquet
    J F Shields H.S. Beatrice Al.
    MAY 8-9 2015
    Hour with Coach W.R. Averett......Friday 2:00 pm
    Meet and Greet/Registration........Friday 4:00 pm
    Old School "Hoop Fest"....($5.00 Admission).............Friday 6:00 pm

    Athletic Reunion Banquet...(Black Tie Affair)....($25.00.Admission)........Saturday 6:00 pm

    For tickets to the Banquet, please contact Mary V. Howard @ (251)789-2424; Edith Crook @ 251-743-4722

    "Come out and see Athletes Of The Decades,Undefeated Teams,Champions,Coaches,Cheerleaders,
    Band Members and Players"

    January 2015 PACERS MEETING AT JFS.


    in Business

    This show is to talk to residents of Pontiac, Michigan about the idea of banding together and buying a gas station to support youth sports and recreation.

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    Parents Perspective ............ High School Athletic Transfers w/ Larry Rubama

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         While transfers are nothing new, many coaches and school administrators say they are alarmed at how often athletes are changing schools - and how many are doing so.  In all fairness, is it the athletes that are making these changes or their parents?  I have not seen a case yet where an athlete told his parents, mom and dad, I am changing my address, because I want to go to school “X”, because they have a better football program than school “Y”.  Parents what have we fallen into?  What failures are we setting our children up for?  Why do we believe that a transfer will aid in securing a college athletic scholarship?

         Many questions to be addressed and answered, but it all starts with us as parents.  Where do we start parents?  We will start here tonight on the Parents Coaching Parents Network.  We are here to provide as much support and guidance as we can, from our perspective.  We value our resources as they are connected across the US.  So join in on the conversation and share your views on this very important topic that has such a huge impact on our children as athletes.

    A judge has ruled two teens who transferred to Jefferson High School are eligible to play softball.  Retrieved from - http://www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-tampa/a-judge-has-ruled-two-teens-who-transferred-to-jefferson-high-school-are-eligible-to-play-softball

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    National Women's History Month and Nutrition and Athletic Month

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    Join Chaplain Jones, Nancy Smith, LaShanda Lewis, Crystal Bates and Patrina Smalls.

    This week #TeamChaplain will hightlight women who have impact their lives through a life of legacy making history. 

    March is National Women’s History Month.  There is a website dedicated to Women's History http://www.nwhp.org/2015-national-womens-history-month-honorees/.  2015 is the National Women’s History Project’s  35th Anniversary.  In celebration of this landmark anniversary, They have chosen 9 women as 2015 Honorees who have contributed in very special ways to our work of “writing women back into history.”  

    TeamChaplain will also share their fitness and nutrition goals and accomplishments for the month of March.