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    The update - Velocity Athletic Training

    in Fitness

    Velocity Athletic Training Radio is back with an update on Tuesday! A brief show updating our followers with what's happening and new at Velocity Athletic Training!

    Tune in!

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    Gaining the athletic dominance

    in Fitness

    Our focus is on three areas a plan needs analysis, sport specific movements, and the functional strength of the athlete.These three areas will be discussed on helping athleticism with athletes.

    We are unable to have an effective program without first understanding the athletes we are working with. When we understand what is needed from their sport and know what they are able to do or not able to do then we can be more effective.

    The overall goal should be getting the most out of each athlete while avoiding injury. We will only be able to do this by knowing what we are working with.

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    Youth in Athletic Activities

    in Fitness

     My guest speaker and I, Gino Arcaro discuss the benefits and on the flip side the disadvantages of Youth in Athletic Activities.
    Gino Arcaro is a returning guest on Velocity Athletic Training Radio and I'm delighted to have him back. Gino is head coach for the Oakville Longhorns Football Team.
    Parents please tune in!

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    Fulham vs. Charlton Athletic Preview

    in Soccer

    This is our preview of Fulham vs. Charlton Athletic.

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    Fulham vs. Charlton Athletic Post Match Show

    in Soccer

    This is our post match show of Fulham vs. Charlton Athletic.

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    Mental Training to Achieve Top Athletic Performance

    in Fitness

    If wonder why certain athletes are more driven and achieve much greater popularity in their sport?
    Tune in to Velocity Athletic Training Radio, learn about Mental Training and how it's advantages help with Athletic Performance.

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    RRFB Ep. 553: Russell Athletic

    in Basketball

    Russell Westbrook turned in another huge night, so Josh looks at that game, the DeMarcus Cousins news and previews Friday's busy day in the NBA.

    Presented by LootCrate, Moneyball.com.au and BasketballMonster.com

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    Athletic Trainer Jeff Stotts On NBA Injuries

    in Basketball

    Coach Nick sat down with Certified Athletic Trainer Jeff Stotts of InStreetClothes.com to discuss the latest injury news in the NBA, as well as how these injuries tend to occur. With great insight into the functional movement of the body, Jeff explains how balance and core strength lead to better health and more minutes on the floor. Jeff has compiled a database of every injury in the NBA since 2006, giving him a unique perspective and a crucial fundamental understanding of their cause.

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    The paradox of the Athletic Black NFL Quarterback

    in Sports

    Going to be discussing the plight of the Athletic Black NFL Quarterback. How their talent always gets them to the level of the National Football League, but they allow the "outside noise" to push them to feel they have to be the prototype Quarterback in order to have true success in the NFL. So why do NFL teams selected these guys so high just to ultimately try to reform them to something that they weren't? Why not built a offense around their talents instead of what they never been comfortable doing?

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    NLP Podcast Episode 21: Could the Milwaukee Bucks be TOO Athletic?

    in Basketball

    Last week, Frank picked the Milwaukee Bucks as a potential second half surprise team, and they did not give his prediction much clout with their performance last week. Will the Bucks continue to disappoint toward the end of the season, or will the young talents like Jabari Parker and the Greek Freak propel them to turn it aorund?

    The hosts also must discuss where they were when the Steph Curry shot went in against the Thunder, and some teams they are looking forward to seeing tested come playoff time.

    Follow the podcast on twitter @NLPPodcast and listen to archived episodes at WRSPN.com.


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    What is next on our agenda as parents ....... From a Parent's Perspective

    in Sports

    Virginia Athletic Council Mission Statement

    The Virginia Athletic Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt, community organization dedicated to improving the long term success of athletes in Virginia.

    Virginia Athletic Council

    To provide training, technical assistance and solutions to student athletes regarding adhering to rules, regulations and legal policies that address athletes involved in middle school, high school, collegiate and professional athletics, thereby better preparing them to handle the responsibilities and challenges of high profile athletic competition and team leadership.

    To mentor, provide guidance and assist athletes prior to, during and after their athletic careers, helping to ensure preparation for postgraduate and/or professional athletic endeavors.  To nurture the development of competency and confidence as these individuals adjust to the pressures involved with participating in today’s athletic competition.


    What you're really looking for is a growth experience. It's important to understand your child's end goal, and to develop their ultimate potential both on and off the field. Whether you're grooming a collegiate athlete, or your child is just playing for fun - you've come to the right place to bring out their best.   Our youth mentoring programs, mentoring resources and signature athletic events are structured to provide the best all-around athletic experiences in the Commonwealth.

    Our guest this evening will examine these dynamics and break them down to hepl you get a better understand of guiding your child to success through sports. 

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