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    The Careless Whisper

    in Sports

    We're back! Today's episode will feature main host Adam Kadourhe along with special co-hosts Keith Salminen and Bleacher Dave! We preview the week ahead with Ben Christensen as well as discuss the week that was. Some topics for today's show include: Josh Reddick and the careless whisper, Daric Barton, Drew Pomeranz, Dan Straily, and next weeks matchups with the Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays. The show will be airing at it's regular time of 8:00pm PST on Sunday May 18th, 2014.

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    Reality is Real Sports Talk: March Madness X Madness to close out March

    in Sports

    You didn't think we'd miss the opportunity to talk college ball...did you?

    As always, we're not gonna get too heavy into the numbers....more on the issues

    The Parker X Wiggins Hype

    Was it justified? Should they come back another year? How well could they do if they go pro?


    College Football Players Can Unionize

    Whle we are talking "March Madness" and this issue is tied to football specifically...it has to have connections to all college atheltics. What does this mean for the players? Is it a move in the right direction?

    Survey Shows "The People" Don't Support College Athlete's Getting Paid

    More specifically....WHITE PEOPLE don't support college athletes getting paid. We bring you the numbers...then weight in on the subject....

    The Struggle of the White College Basketball Player is Real

    College basketball continues to feed us players Aaron Craft, and Doug Mcdermott. Routinely, these players are highlighted and celebrated for doing "all the right things" yet they go pro and do nothing. Tyler Hansborough, Adam Morrison, Jimmer Fredette, Mark Madsen, JJ Reddick to an extent...shall I continue? Why are these guys celebrated as being so good and college...yet they have no success in the pros? Have they made it harder for guys like Doug Mcdermott and Aaron Craft? 


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    Reality Is Real Sports Talk: The Manipulation Joint

    in Culture

    Guess who's back? While our favorite Cowgirl's fan is out Trini...@Brillyance is back 

    In this week's joint we'll be talking less stats and scores, more issues

    New NBA Commissioner Adam Silver wants to increase the NBA age limit to 20


    The NFL wants to penalie players for using the "n" word

    15 yard for droppin N bombs. Use it twice? You're ejected...yea. We'll also talk about ESPN's special on the "n" word...btw, I only say "n" word because that covers nigga and nigger...I say nigga all the time.

    Jonathan Martin, Michael Sam, Jason Collins, professional atheltics and the media

    Oh what a tangled web they weave...smh. 

    Also, we'll look to speak on Raymond Felton getting "caught" with guns in New York...yikes.

    This weeks guests...@Gwiz1, @eyez_sticky, and @vidastarr



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    WVSports.com Radio 12/18/13

    in Sports

    Greg Madia, Keenan Cummings and Marc Basham of Rivals' WVSports.com break down everything you need to know about West Virginia University Atheltics. The guys talk hoops, football and football recruiting.

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    Minor League Baseball This Week!

    in Sports

    Minor League Spring Training Conversations with:
    Midland RockHounds (Oakland Atheltics AA) Pitching Coach Scott Emerson, Oakland Athletics top pitching prospect Trevor Cahill, Kansas City Royals #1 prospect and 2007 #2 overall draft pick Mike Moustakas and Wilimington Blue Rocks (High A Kansas City) manager Darryl Kennedy And Steven Davis, Radio voice of the new AA affiliate of the Royals Northwest Arkansas Naturals LIVE.

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