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    If you ate like this you'd be happier and healthier.

    in Nutrition

    Some things just get lost in the holiday shuffule....like this show! It aired on 12/14/14 on 100.7 WHUD.

    The offer for the Gazzillion Bubble Show no longer stands...but the great food advice from Lisa Leake will serve you well into the new year! Take into the challenge to eat real food for 10 or 100 days or for the rest of your life!

    Plus meet a Peace Corps Mom with a loving legacy for children half a world away.

    Thanks for tuning in!

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    Mr. Fantasy ate too much

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    On the day after Thanksgiving it's Mr. Fantasy and The Big Jack back on Sports Time Radio. They'll discuss the National Football League (NFL) games that where played on Thanksgiving. How about the Red Sox? Signing Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez. Will they sign Jon Lester next or trade for Cole Hamels. They'll discuss how there National Basketball Assocoation (NBA) fantasy teams are doing as well as the NBA itself. You also won't want to miss the update with Mr. Fantasy at 10:00 p.m. If it happens in sports it gets talked about on Sports Time Radio. The good the bad and the ugly they'll go over it all. Remember any sport at any time or anywhere equals Sports Time Radio

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    The weather outside is frightful, but year two of Guys We Fucked started out delightful! After the ab workout that was Vinnie's second poopie-filled visit to the show, the gals of Sorry About Last Night feel more than inspired enough to answer this week's fucker mail filled with conundrums like "What do you do when you're sexually bored in a relationship with a dude you KNOW is awesome?" and "How do you fuck when all you can think about is the one who got away?". Post fan therapy sesh, Corinne and Krystyna welcome this week's guest, MONROE MARTIN, comedian as seen on Last Comic Standing and ultimate distrust-er of women! The girls talk with Monroe about growing up in the foster care system of Philadelphia, what to do when you're snowed in with bae and how to successfully sabotage a threesome! PLUS: Casting couch porn, LIVE SHOWS! & our IndieGoGo has launched!!

    PLEASE DONATE + SHARE!! Here is the link:

    E-mail us at SorryAboutLastNightShow@gmail.com

    Tweet the ladies @SryAboutLastNyt
    Tweet Corinne @PhilanthropyGal
    Tweet Krystyna @KrystynaHutch
    Tweet Martin @MonroeMartinIII
    Visit Martin's Website: MonroeMartinComedy.com
    Instagram: instagram.com/sorryaboutlastnight
    YouTube: www.youtube.com/sryaboutlastnyt
    Tumblr: sorryaboutlastnight.tumblr.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/sorryaboutlastnight

    If you're in Pennsylvania on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20th at 8PM, come see Krystyna headline in her hometown at The Montgomery Theater (124 N Main Street, Souderton, PA 18964) featuring Corinne Fisher, Dan Frigolette, and Corey Pace! Tix are $15 and we encourage everyone to buy them in advance, but you can also get them at the door for cash-money.
    FOR TIX:

    No plans for New Years Eve? Spend it with Corinne and a five hour open bar! How could that not be the best night ever? For more details, click here: www.corinnefisher.cravetickets.com

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    Ep 449 BtR Ate the Program

    in Sports

    Due to BTR's switchboard randomly disconnecting your host multiple times on Sunday's program, there is no regular show this week. Please listen to OtG Heavyweights of BOXiNG Talk Thursday. Suge Green will join Nino Celic in wrapping up the heavyweight happenings of the week, including Steve Cunningham's victory. Thank you.

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    From Philadelphia Pennsylvania,
    Public Access Television will soon air a new series,
    Accent-U-Ate. Tune in to get an overview of the series, some of the highlights from the first of many rehearsals; the talent that makes it possible and what you can expect to take away from the program.
    Also, if time allows, a few poems from my sixth book, Escapades. It won't be released until later this year, but it is sure to make you laugh and to make you think.

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    Finding Your "Authentic Beauty & Strength." With Ashley Drummonds

    in Health

    Finding Your "Authentic Beauty & Strength." With Ashley Drummonds

    For a long time I was pursuing what everybody wants, and that is to have "abs".

    I did the whole egg whites, broccoli, chicken, bland foods to prepare for photo  and video and shoots, I would lose weight, but I was miserable and hated eating!

    Every single time I would have to prepare for a photo shoot, I knew I would have to return to 5 egg whites,1/2 cup oats, broccoli, chicken, etc.

    I love doing my photo shoots, but hated the meal prep involved in getting the look and body composition I wanted.

    So I would find myself having to count the days until my next "cheat meal".

    After A LOT of testings, I finally created the first Vanilla Cake Batter  Pancake and was hooked!

    I ate these every morning instead of the traditional "diet foods" I normally would eat to prepare for my photo shoots. I ending up not only feeling better, but looking leaner and stronger for this shoot then the one prior!

    I decided to turn ABS pancakes into a product in order to help other men and women find an easier way to stick to a nutrition plan without feeling deprived, or like they're always dieting! :)

    The ABS name is an acronym for "Authentic Beauty & Strength" because I found my "authentic" path. I found something that works for me and my lifestyle.

    I believe each person has their unique beauty and strength, and this brand is what represents that; so this is the philosophy behind ABS Pancakes. Our tag line, "I got my ABS eating Pancakes" came from my personal success achieving my ABS, and my journey helped me fully embrace and find my own "Authentic Beauty & Strength" :)

    Ashley Drummonds,

    If you would like to try ABS Pancakes Click Here!


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    The Ed & Fuz Show Episode 54

    in Sports

    Ed and Fuz make their Super Bowl predictions as they discuss Marshawn Lynch's Media Day performance and the yet another fine he ate for wearing "Beast-Mode" gear. The guys also dwell into the disappointment that was the WWE "Royal Rumble" after Roman Reigns came away with the victory despite the crowds displeasure (even The Rock could not save him from the Philadelphia boo birds).

    Ed discusses his tinge of hope that the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao bout may happen after meeting in Miami face-to-face for the first time. Fuz gives props to Alexander Ovechkin for his philanthropic efforts during the NHL All-Star game.

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    Whose Fault Was It That Eve Ate From The Tree Part II

    in Radio

    We're bringing you Part II of "Whose Fault Was It That Eve Ate From The Tree? Eve's or Adam's? Let's Build!!
    Host: Abdul
    Co-Host: DaEmporess
    Panel: Willie, Jermaine, MikeAllen, LaTrice
    Admin/Operator: Gayle

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    Fight Church Radio

    in Entertainment

    -I accidentally ate a tunafish sandwich last night. I haven't eaten fish since I was 15.
    -that heroin addict who was busted for stealing all those Subarus used to be my roommate.
    -I will talk in greater detail about the police crisis training now that the full video has been released.
    -I will explain why I "waste my time" going on the Lars Larson show even though all he does is say terrible things about me.
    -I will replay my interview w Lars from earlier this week where we discussed the crisis training.
    -I will share the list of the 10 deadliest jobs to prove the point I made on his show.
    -Multnomah County Jails will be eliminate person-to-person visits at the Justice Center, yet somehow I still lost the Sheriff's election by 50,000 votes.
    -I will talk about what I describe as 'mild poverty' and how it affects us all.
    -I did a FREE HOT SOUP mobile run last night and witnessed the effects of the recent police sweeps on the homeless population.
    -I just became a broker for a bartering firm. let's talk about bartering.
    -the brand new equipment for Fight Church Television works great! I have a bunch of people to thank today, and will plug next weeks episode.


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    This episode is about a man who ate his own shoe.

    in Movies

    True story. In 1980 Werner Herzog ate his own shoe. This is a 30 minute show that is going to be about a gentlemen who ate his own shoe. Now, either that is going to interest the livin' lovin' hell out of you, or you'll tremendously have no want to listen. It's your call, but just remember...As the ancient story goes... If you anger Werner Herzog, he'll appear under your bed and wait quietly in the dark until you're not suspecting, then he'll grab you with his gold icey hands and frighten you so terribly that you'll look like Klaus Kinski for the rest of your life! SO appease the mighty Herzog and listen tonight!

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