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    How to Get Unstuck: With Robert Middleton

    in Self Help

    This episode features a conversation with marketing coach and consultant, speaker, writer and designer Robert Middleton about his new e-book: The Unstuck Process. Learn how to get beyond stuckness today through powerful questions and inquiry. 

    To a free copy of the e-book, along with the audio book of The Unstuck Process, visit http://www.theunstuckprocess.com






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    NABWIC Talks with Ken Middleton (JTA)

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    Diversity and Equity Program Manager, Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA)

    Ken Middleton is the Diversity and Equity Program Manager at the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) where he is responsible for the daily administration and implementation of the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Title VI and Americans with Disability Act compliance programs.  He has been employed with the JTA for 13 years.  Prior to his current position, Ken worked within JTA's Para-transit office for five 5 years. 

    Ken currently serves on the Executive Committee for the Florida Unified Certification Program (FUCP) and the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) Historically Underutilized Business Advisory Council for the past seven years.  He is a two term Mayoral Appointee to the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission dedicated to eliminating prejudice and the practice of discrimination.  

    Contact information:  

    (904) 598-8728


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    Fish Bait Radio "LIVE" with Garmin Pro ,Wade Middleton

    in Sports

    Join us as we will have ,Outdoor host,and Garmin Pro ,Wade Middleton on the show, Wade shares his passion of the outdoors on his weekly television shows, and still has time to follow the tournament trail, leaving his mark in bass fishing history.

    Looking forward to show, should have some great information for anglers all over.Tune in LIVE"

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    Celebrity Interview - Niki Middleton

    in Entertainment

    Niki Middleton might appear to be a beautiful face just by glancing at her, but she is every so much more. Radio show host on Phresh FM, Canadian film and TV actress, singer, and model - just to cite a few. She is down to earth, she is hard working and most of all - she takes such passion and ownership of every life role she tackles. Join us today as we talk about her career, her future and life in Canada as an entertainer.

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    Joshua Middleton -Pozitive Hope

    in Health

    My name is Joshua Middleton and I was diagnosed HIV positive on June 5, 2012. I had survived death twice already from Necrotizing Fasciitis and Septic shock while being hospitalized over 30 + times in a two year period. I was diagnosed when I was already in a very stressful moment of my life. I was in a relationship with a girl in Tijuana Mexico that I thought would eventually end in the perfect white picket fence life, including marriage and a baby. I was wrong… She cheated on me twice while we were attempting to have a baby together. Not knowing how to deal with the relationship breakup I started to seek out love in all the wrong places including having multiple one night stands unprotected and even visiting brothels in Northern Tijuana in an effort to want to feel what it was like to have a woman's touch again. I had put myself in many high risk situations, I wasn't sure if my ex had used protection, and we had both gotten tattoos just month prior. I got tested as I normally did out of routine after getting symptoms of pink eye. I expected a negative result as I always had received but this time it was not so good news , I came out positive. I was forced to make the decision of where my life would go from there on out. After being inspired by several HIV activist who have now become good friends, I was determined to not let this virus defeat me. I started on treatment a week after being diagnosed and decided to take the optimistic route to this virus. I became an HIV activist, letting everyone know about my story, assuring people this is certainly not just a gay mans disease. I am more than a virus and have big dreams/goals for my life that this virus will not stop me from accomplishing. This is my story a California boy who does not fall into the average "stigmatized statistic" that people think of when it comes to HIV however this is my life, I am HIV + and there is no shame in me knowing my status.ory. An average Southern

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    Interview with actor Andy Garcia "At Middleton"

    in Lifestyle

    Actor Andy Garcia speaks with “Breakthrough Entertainment” film columnist Joseph J. Airdo about his role in the new romantic dramedy “At Middleton.”

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    Living Life on Purpose with LaShawn "LaLa" Middleton

    in Women

    Demetrica Mathews, Prophetess and Kingdom Educator interviews LaShawn "LaLa" Middleton on Living Life on Purpose. 

    Are you tired of the same ole same ole of life? Are you wondering if there is more to life then what you are living?

     LaShawn "LaLa" Middleton

    Born in New York, raised in Connecticut, LaShawn “LaLa” Middleton had to learn to encourage herself through many adversities. This became a way of life for her. In the midst of continuously encouraging herself, she became a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach. As an Actress, Singer, Entrepreneur, and true lover of Jesus Christ, LaShawn "LaLa" Middleton is making her mark on the world. Her deepest heart’s desire is devoted to the uplifting of people, evoking them to rise to the occasion to love, respect and appreciate who they are. Through her radio program Living Life on Purpose with LaLa, she encourages others to press forward despite their pain, disappointments, and losses, because she believes greater awaits them on the road of their destiny. Ms. Middleton takes her inspiration on the road speaking to various audiences up and down the east coast. LaLa’s mantra is “True Success is an Attitude…So Get Yours Right.”

    Click the link, Listen & Be Blessed

    Real Women, Real Talk, No Masks

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    Super charged water with Bert Middleton

    in Health

    Bert Middleton has learned a lot about GOUT; infact he is known as "the Gout Killer" as it was a dibilitating dis-order in his live. How does he manage? With super high quality high vibrational LIVE Water. Join us and lets find out how we can manage not just our thirst for all things healing; but how the quality of our water maters!
    http://www.lisagiroux.com download your FREE copy of my e-book "The Simplicity of Spirituality"

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    Charles Middleton at Lunch with DriveThruHR

    in Social Networking

    05/06/2013 - Charles Middleton at Lunch with DriveThruHR        @OK_HR  visits with @bryanwempen @williamtincup & @thehrbuddy about what is keeping them up at night.DriveThruHR was designed to be a captivating and easy-to-digest lunch discourse that covers topics relevant to HR professionals.  Each 30-minute episode features a guest speaker who shares her or his knowledge and experience in human resources. Our hosts and special guest cover a wealth of topics, including HR Technology, Recruiting, Talent Management, Leadership, OrganizationalCulture and Strategic HR, every day at 12:00 pm Central Time.  The radio program is hosted by @bryanwempen @williamtincup & @thehrbuddy - tune in for great HRconversations and follow us on the twitters at @drivethruhr and #dthrhttp://www.drivethruhr.com/http://www.facebook.com/drivethruhrhttp://www.linkedin.com/company/1651206http://twitter.com/drivethruhr

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    Drugs, Jail and Jesus with Kevin Middleton

    in Lifestyle

    This week on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval we will be joined by a special guest named Kevin Middleton. His website can be found at www.anewlifeministry.com. Today, Kevin is a minister of Jesus Christ. Years ago,  he was serving a life sentence. Kevin comes from a difficult and troubled background riddled with poverty and violence. His story of one of radical redemption that will undoubtedly speak to your heart whether you share his background or not. The show will be recorded live and call-ins are invited! Be sure to join us for this week's episode entitled Drugs, Jail and Jesus with Kevin Middleton.
    Kevin pursued his theology education at the Christian Transformational Psychotherapy Pastoral Institute in New York City where he was ordained as an Apostle/Senior Pastor of "A New Life" Ministry. He is also a Christian psychotherapist for youth and families. He is presently under the leadership and guidance of Apostle Richard Reeves and is mentored by Apostle Lewis and Bishop Carl Jenkins.

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