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    "Interstellar" Astronaut Actor David Gyasi

    in Entertainment

    He's outta this world! "Interstellar" Astronaut Actor David Gyasi joins Rolonda to talk about the new sci-fi movie, openning this week and starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, and more. Director Christopher Nolan has done it again! And what is "Interstellar" anyway? Let's talk about it. 

    Also, Rolonda shares some unusual facts about Bacon and offers some great cooking tips for our favorite not-just-for-breakfast meat.

    Plus, a celebration of music with the late great Maya Angelou who's Rap Remix is taking fans by storm.

    Singer Chloe Temtchine sings with all her heart as she is rasing awareness and much-needed dollars in the battle against Pulmonary Hypertension.

    "American Idol" keyboard player, Wayne Linsey, ties the knot and Ro was there. Wayne composed Ro's theme music, "Before I let Go." and his own wedding march!

    All that and so much more fun in this episode! Enjoy and Follow and share the show.

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    The Universe of Consciousness with Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell & Sister Jenna

    in Self Help

    Sister Jenna welcomes Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell for a thought-provoking interview on the America Meditating Radio Program.

    On January 31, 1971, Navy Captain Dr. Edgar Mitchell embarked on a journey into outer space that resulted in becoming the sixth man to walk on the moon.  This historic journey ended safely nine days later. It was an audacious time in the history of mankind. For Dr. Mitchell, however, the most extraordinary journey was yet to come. Traveling back to Earth, having just walked on the moon, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell had an experience for which nothing in his life had prepared him. As he approached the planet we know as home, he was filled with an inner conviction as certain as any mathematical equation he'd ever solved. He knew that the beautiful blue world to which he was returning is part of a living system, harmonious and whole—and that we all participate, as he expressed it later, "in a universe of consciousness."  Within two years of his expedition, Dr. Mitchell founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences in 1973 and he serves on the board of directors of the Institute.

    Watch the Institute of Noetic Sciences video on “Consciousness Matters :Exploring the Mysteries of Inner Space.”  This video features: Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Deepak Chopra, Marilyn Schlitz, Dean Radin and Cassandra Vieten in an exploration of the Mysteries of Inner Space.  For almost 40 years, the Institute of Noetic Sciences has explored the fundamental powers and potentials of consciousness using the tools of basic science.

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    The Astronaut Wives Club

    in Women

    Don’t you just love stories about “the little woman behind the great man?” Well if you do, this one is a doozey!
    The Astronaut Wives Club shares true tales of the women who lived through the up close and personal aspects of space race and did it all following the rules of being the “perfect” wife of the 1950s/’60s. These women were strong.
    Lily Koppel captures their spirited stories  in great detail in her wonderful book and she’s joining us to tell us all about it. So, if you love to learn about the heroines of history, you won’t want to miss this one! 

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    NIR Welcomes Astronaut Hopeful Kenya Armbrister

    in Current Events

    Kenya Armbrister has made it round 3 and is one of 100 hopefuls to be selected for the Mars One mission to colonize the planet Mars. The 36 year old professional is willing to leave her life, family, and planet to embark upon a one way journey to the red planet, never to return. Kenya earned a Master of Arts in European Studies, specializing in Transnational and Global Perspectives from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium and a Master of Arts in International Relations from Webster Graduate School, Regent’s University London. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in History from San Francisco State University.

    Her professional career spans the globe working for industry leaders and agencies of the US federal government, EU government, City of London, as well as leading global non-governmental organizations.

  • LIVE SHOW Memorial Day, Zombie Attack UPDATE, Bath Salts?, FREE PSYCHIC READINGS

    in Spirituality

    Today we take a moment to remember those that have given all so that we can have the freedom to do whatever.

    Unfortuneately, somethimes Whatever ends up hurting others.  3 years ago, down in Miami on Memorial Day, a man chewed the face of a bum.  We will update you on the progress of the Bum and try to figure out how this happened.  Some people a claiming is a conspiracy.  Can't wait to hear what you have to say!




    Psychci Steve is here and ready to talk to you.

    Also, Localy here in central florida, the Astronaut hall of fame thinks they're haunted.  but they're not.  we'll talk about it.


    call in now!!!!


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    Ancient Astronaut Theory Special: New Discoveries In India And DWARKA

    in History

    In this special 1 hour May 6, 2014 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I welcome back Ancient Astronaut Theorist Jason Martell and welcome his colleague Amish Shah to talk about the release of a new documentary called DWARKA that pertains to new discoveries being made in India. We'll also discuss how these findings tie into the overall advanced knowledge of astronomy that is encoded into megalithic sites around the world. There is a reason why over 30 cultures tracked a much larger cycle of time, and our science is just starting to understand this cycle.

    Jason's site: http://xfacts.com

    Amish's site: http://ancientexplorers.com

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    Bert Martinez speaks with Warren Redlich, Mike Mullane, Art Mortell

    in Business

    Mike Mullane was commissioned in the United States Air Force.  As a Weapon Systems Operator aboard Phantom aircraft, he completed 134 combat missions in Vietnam.  Mullane was selected as a Mission Specialist in 1978 in the first group of Space Shuttle Astronauts.  He completed three space missions aboard the Shuttles “Discovery” and “Atlantis” before retiring from NASA and the Air Force in 1990. Mullane is the author of several books, including his uniquely entertaining memoir, Riding Rockets, The Outrageous Tales of a Space Shuttle Astronaut

    Art Mortell Dearborn published Art's book World Class Selling while McGraw Hill published The Courage to Fail.  His most recent book is entitled An Adventure into your mind.  He have given over 800 hundred presentations for Morgan Stanley, six hundred for IBM, four hundred for Coldwell Banker, three hundred for Merrill Luynch and one hundred for Wells Fargo, with sessions in Australia, The Bahamas, Canada, England, France, Jamaica, Mexico, Singapore and Spain.  In the last three weeks he have given ninety minute leadership training programs for Wells Fargo, Banc of California and Raymond James

    Warren Redlich is a criminal defense lawyer who has handled hundreds of drunk driving cases. He is the author of Fair DUI: Stay Safe and Sane in a World Gone MADD. He's also illiterate in four languages

  • Michael J. S. Carter ~ A New World If You Can Take It ~ 05/16/15

    in Education

    Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview guest Michael J. S. Carter on Aquarian Radio, Saturday May 16, 2015 from 10 AM to 12 Noon, HST.  Michael is the Author of Alien Scriptures: Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible and frequent guest of History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series, Reverend Michael Carter, takes ancient astronaut theory to its next developmental step in his latest work, A New World If You Can Take It: God, Extraterrestrials, and the Evolution Of Human Consciousness. Drawing on the works of such giants as Erich von Däniken and Zecharia Sitchin, it is well established that many in the UFO community believe that our ancient ancestors mistook extraterrestrial visitors for all powerful deities.

    Reverend Carter builds on this outlook by reexamining religious and spiritual philosophies and demonstrating how off-world intelligences shaped early religious teachings. The concepts presented in this book are not for the spiritually faint of heart or those with closed minds. Reverend Carter courageously asks, and answers, the next rational question: How can one reconcile spirituality and faith with a belief that ancient astronauts influenced the events depicted in humanity’s greatest holy texts?

    Expanding on this line of questioning, Reverend Carter explores how expanding one’s spiritual consciousness may actually lead to the next step in human evolution. Are you searching for more out of life? Do you have questions about what you have been taught by organized religion? Do you feel that if the world’s diverse population recognized their shared singular tradition of extraterrestrial involvement in human affairs would foster peace and prosperity for all of humanity? Can the messages from present day Star Visitors to contactees hold the key to unlocking your spiritual potential? 

    More at http://wp.me/p2OzDR-3wY

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    Astronaut Scott Altman on Working in Space

    in Science

    NASA astronaut Scott Altman discusses growing up in Central Illinois, his experiences with the Navy, and the wonders of flying and working in space.
    Fascinating facts about space flight, weightlessness, Hubble Space Telescope, Mars colonization, and a Q & A session. Plenty of humor and interesting insights.
    Presentation at Bradley Hall, Bradley University, Peoria, IL in association with OLLI Continuing Education Program.
    Scott graduated from Pekin Community High School in 1977, and his parents, Sharon and Fred Altman, still reside in Pekin. Scott is a graduate of the University of Illinois and the Naval Postgraduate School. He has received numerous honors, including the Navy’s Distinguished Flying Cross and NASA’s highest award, the Distinguished Service Medal.
    A veteran of four space flights, Altman has logged over 51 days in space. He was also a fighter pilot in the movie Top Gun.

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    First Contact Radio 5/7/15 - Cosmic Weather, UFOs, NSA Illegal

    in News

    First Contact Radio 5/7/15 Show #1346 hosted by Joshua Poet

    Moon Cat Astrology

    Planet Watcher

    Jewish Calendar

    Moon Phase


    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, May 1 – 9

    UFO News
    Strange UFO sighting over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in April 2015

    UFOs Over New York City Caught On Live Cam, May 6, 2015

    Mysterious Sounds Being Captured From The Edge Of Space

    Roswell Alien Body Negative Found In Old Box, Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Was At Unveiling In Mexico, May 2015


    Ferrari's design chief creates, beautiful spaceship of the future, May 5, 2015

    Battle of Los Angeles, 1942

    Daily Stories
    Giant Planet Found Orbiting Tiny Star, And Scientists Say They 'Can't Explain How This Happened

    Federal Appeals Court Rules NSA Spying Illegal

    Russia's space cargo ship to burn up in atmosphere on Friday

    Conferdeate Flag true meaning

    Confederate Stars and Bars

    National Day of Prayer

    What Everyone Needs To Know About Their Chakras

    Message from Ascended Master Hilarion and Archangel Michael May 2015

    Warrior of the Light -pg 68

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"


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    Great Spirit Radio #1 - A Guide for the Spiritual Astronaut

    in Spirituality

    This opening show is a special tribute, dedicated to poet Kevin Drinkwater, who passed into the next world, twelve years ago today. Show host Josh Poet reads poetry from Kevin's book, "A Guide for the Spiritual Astronaut" and talks about the signifigance of the work.