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    Venus: Goddess of Love, Fertility and War

    in Spirituality

    The planet Venus is the second planet from the sun. This hot and volcanic planet takes 224 earth days to orbit the sun once. So Venus' year is 224 earth days. Like Mercury, Venus turns very slowly on her axis. It takes Venus about 240 earth days to rotate once making a year on Venus longer than its day. 
    Keep in mind that Venus actually spins in the oppositie direction as the majority of the planets. So if you were on Venus the sun would rise in the west and set in the east.
    In Astrology/Astrolosophy, Venus is the Goddess of love in western civilization but when we make the associations with this goddess archetypes with cultures worldwide she is also a goddess of war as well.
    Venus is also known as Aphrodite, Oshun, Yemanja, Ix'Chel, Juno, Hera, Isis, Astarte, Inanna and Ishtar just to name a few archetype goddesses of love and war. This is being shared in the same context that male archetypes like Mars also have a "love god" aspect to them due to the fact that each archetype has a yin and a yang side.

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    Living Aligned Radio 2014 Season Launch Party

    in Self Help

    We are sooooo excited and happy to announce...... Drum Roll please...... Living Aligned Blog Talk Radio Season 2014 Launch Party!!!!! We have our hosts that we love and adore returning and gearing up for their new seasons, but we also have some added hotness to this 2014 Season! We are overjoyed and to show you just how happy we are, YOU are invited to our launch party this Friday, Jan. 31st at 9PM on blogtalkradio.com/livingalignedradio to speak to those hosts you have been following since last season, and to also meet our new hosts! Yayyyyyyyy!!!! It's also the Chinese New Year this Friday and the end to that nagging Venus Retrograde!!!! Yayyyyyyy, so you can simply log online or just call in at (818) 688-6700 to listen or speak with us!!! It's going to be a party ya'll!!!! Wooooooohooooo!!!!

    Join me Network CEO GiTwice, Khetnu, Donyetta, Stilts, Marshay, RahJah, Sunshynne, Christopher and J.D. as we get you hyped about our new 2014 season of Awareness, Balance and Expansion!!

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    Mercury: The Cosmic Magician and Herald of Cosmic Weather

    in Spirituality

    Tonights topic is on the Cosmic Magician Mercury. Mercury is known by many names throughout cosmic history: Hermes, Thoth, Djehuti, Oden, Seshat or Iris. 

    In the science of the Planets, Mercury is the closest known planet to out sun and takes about 88 earth days to orbit the sun, so MERCURY appears to move retrograde in the sky. While the earth takes 24 hours to spin on its axis, Mercury takes nearly 59.5 days to do the same and its a much smaller planet.

    In Astrology Mercury is considered the "messenger of the gods" due to the close proximity to the sun. As far as we know, civilizations such as the Romans, Greeks, Sumerians, and Egyptians revered the sun as a god and in some cases THE GOD. So naturally Mercury was considered the god's herald or messenger. This is why Hermes/Mercury and other cultural associations with Mercury had winged sandals and a helmet with wings on it.

    Bear in mind that while I use the archetype of Mercury that is commonly known in the western world, I will also interject information regarding Thoth, Seshat and at times even Merlin. This is a place to discuss the archetypes and the possible lessons that can come from the insights. Remember that this is all opinion based upon my research. I am not requesting you to adjust your understanding of these concepts unless you see value in that which is presented during the show and on my site http://www.astrolosophy.net