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  • Life's Issues with Lauren Jawno

    in Self Help

    Lauren Jawno’s passion in life is to help people realize and appreciate their uniqueness and significance in this world and to live an engaged, bold, successful and truly happy life by strategically bridging the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

    Her approach instantly creates a rapport with clients that helps engage and propel them to rediscover their authentic self and build upon their unique strengths to achieve what they most desire.  She works closely with her clients to clarify their top priorities and then guide them on the best possible path to achieve their goals and dreams, whether personal or professional – and in the process become the greatest expression of themself!

    Lauren has covered a lot of miles building her almost two-decade career that has set her apart in the coaching industry. She is a Certified High Performance Coach, Author and Speaker/Trainer. She has trained under one of the top pioneers in genetics, specifically looking at the impact of our DNA on personality, behavior and habits. Additional credentials include certifications and training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Strengths Assessment, Nutrition and Fitness. She also has certifications in Stress Management from Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

    Her clients are those who are motivated and ready to take their lives to a whole new level of engagement, boldness, transformation and success and have included moms, dads, executives, nationally ranked athletes and corporations from IBM, to Mercedes, American Express, AstraZeneca, Royal Bank of Canada, Doctors without Borders and many more.

    In her spare time Lauren loves a great game of tennis, enjoys relaxing walks on the beach, reading an inspiring book, traveling and experiencing the world and connecting with friends and family.

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    Buyers Meeting Point Weekly Update for December 8th, 2014

    in Business

    I would once again like to welcome from Buyers Meeting Point to share information of this week's events and news from the world of purchasing, Kelly Barner.

    NOTE: In this week's guest audio, Dapo Ajayi, CPO of AstraZeneca, talks about her own background, what she sees as the future of procurement, alignment between procurement and the enterprise, and career prospects for associates within procurement. The video can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6QQaeoZsGo


    Share your thought's on what you believe is The Future of Procurement on Twitter using the hashtag #FutureBuy

    Be sure to visit the Buyers Meeting Point website @ http://buyersmeetingpoint.com

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    Clinical Data Standardization and Management - Andrew Miller, Astrazeneca - Pharma IQ

    in Science

    Andrew Miller, Director of Clinical Information Standards at Astrazeneca, discusses data management and the efforts to standardize ahead of chairing the Pharma IQ conference. Visit www.clinicaldataevent.com to book your place.

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    How To Decrease Breast Cancer Risk Naturally

    in Health

    It's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I think it's important for everyone to know that National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was started by Zeneca Pharmaceutical (now AstraZeneca) in order to increase donations to "find a cure." 

    What does this really mean?

    Tune in to get the scoop!

    About Your Host:

    Jessie Blair-Myrie, CHHC, AADP


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    UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL - with Life Coach Rod Beaumont

    in Self Help

    Coming to you all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland. "Unleash YOUR Potential". Following on from our last show Rod will examine how you set your end goals and getting into the habit of 'Daily Qurestions'  In this 60 minute show Rod and his guest Michael Beale will empower you to "Unleash YOUR Potential" and how to grab hold of it and drive forward for success

    For more than 30 years, Rod has been an internationally sought-after education and management consultant and keynote speaker. His practical, real-world business experience and career has been in educational leadership, relocation consulting, and executive and leadership coaching. As a Senior Consultant and Master Executive Coach, Rod is also an Accredited ANLP Trainer - Rod specialises in Executive and Leadership Coaching.

    In the past 30 years Rod has been to more than 134 different countries where he has had the opportunity to observe first hand as well as live and share multiple cultures, traditions and life styles.

    Special Guest Michael Beale is one of Britains top executive coaches, his current and past clients include Accenture, Argos, AstraZeneca, Barclay’s, BT, BAE Systems, British Sugar, CSC, Canadian National Railway, Centrica, HBOS, ODPM, Oracle, Petroleum Development Oman, Roche, PM’s strategy office and main public services. Stakeholder centered coaching programmes are for more senior clients, normally last for twelve months and are based on a ‘no growth, no pay’ basis. Check more out on Michael here: http://www.execcoach.net

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    The Intricacies of Rx Drug Advertising!

    in Business

    Learn the Rules & Regulations from a Master

    Pharmaguy interviews Preeti Pinto, former Executive Director & Head of Promotional Regulatory Affairs at AstraZeneca (see Bio). We talk about the Advertising and Promotions Course that Preeti will teach at the Temple University School of Pharmacy this fall (2014).

    Questions/Topics of Discussion

    As a marketer, what will I learn from this course?
    Is the learning just theoretical, or will the classes include hands-on learning, where students work collaboratively to solve problems?
    Are there any career opportunities available for someone who takes this course?
    What kind of background would I need to take this course?
    Does Temple offer other related courses?

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    Motley Fool Money: 05.23.2014

    in Finance

    AT&T announces plans to buy DirecTV.  AstraZeneca rebuffs Pfizer.  And Urban Outfitters hits a 52-week low.  Our analysts discuss those stories and share three stocks on their radar.  Plus, corporate governance expert and film critic Nell Minow talks CEO pay and summer movies.  

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    HRExaminer Radio: Zahir Ladhani, Vice President, Smarter Workforce, IBM

    in Business

    Zahir Ladhani is Vice President Smarter Workforce, IBM. Specifically, he leads the IBM Science & Consulting Group within Smarter Workforce. The goal of the Science & Consulting group is to help client's take the guesswork out of hiring, engagement, retention—and anything else that affects their workforce.

    He joined Kenexa in 2010 in business development and was made President in 2011. He led the acquisition of Salary.com for Kenexa. And, with the IBM acquisition of Kenexa, along with his other responsibilities, helped aid the integration.

    He joined Kenexa, an IBM company, with accounting, marketing, sales and operations experience from AstraZeneca where he was greatly involved with many major pharmaceutical launches.  

    Additionally, he continues to be a guest lecturer for MIT Sloan, Goldey-Beacon College and a guest speaker for IBM and World at Work, among others.

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    Why AstraZeneca Should Have Examined Its Compensation Data

    in Business

    Recently, the Department of Labor announced that AstraZeneca will pay $250K to settle allegations of gender discrimination. The settlement decree also requires AstraZeneca to conduct a statistical analysis of base pay of sales specialists.
    The statistical analysis is the key takeaway - it's better to examine your data before problems occur, rather than after.
    In this installment of The Proactive Employer, we'll be discussing the AstraZeneca settlement decree, why the company should have been examining its compensation data in the first place, and how to go about a statistical analysis of compensation. We'll also discuss five key points that can keep your proactive analyses confidential, protected, and privileged.

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    Fearless at Work with Michael Carroll

    in Education

    Learn the 5 primary slogans in getting started with being fearless at work.  Explore the ironies of cowardice and how to begin to tame the mind in order to establish a fearless presence. 
    Michael Carroll is author of Awake at Work (2004), The Mindful Leader (2007) and Fearless at Work (2012). During his 30 year business career, he has held executive positions with Shearson Lehman/American Express, Simon & Schuster and The Walt Disney Company. 
    Michael presently coaches and consults with such enterprises as Procter & Gamble, Google, AstraZeneca, Starbucks, RED, and National Geographic Expeditions.

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    BTW! The New Drug War

    in Health

    AstraZeneca $520 Million Settlement Underlines the Greed Over Good Mentality Within the Pharmaceutical Industry (PI Window on Business Blog - May 2, 2010)

    Antipsychotic Drug Misuse Lands Johnson & Johnson on the Wrong End of Federal Suit (PI Window on Business Blog - Mar 25, 2010)

    Antipsychotic Prescriptions . . . for Children: Is the Medicaid Story Today’s Version of Go Ask Alice? (PI Window on Business Blog - Dec 13, 2009)

    While the questions are too numerous and diverse to ask (although I will try), my research for this Panel Discussion re the controversy surrounding anti-psychotic drugs with Jeff Knott and Eric Wilson, leads to a serious question; At what stage does taking a productive personal inventory cross over into self-obsession or self-absorption with the intent of explaining away bad behavior through a "condition" versus taking personal ownership for one's actions?

    Another question . . . have unrealistic expectations (re we have to be happy all of the time) created "conditions" that have led to the over prescribing of anti-psychotic or anti-depression drugs? And does the pharmaceutical industry recognize this trend?

    While assigning blame or responsibility is a favorite pastime whenever a controversial issue crosses our collective radar, it would seem likely that this growing "problem" is in reality the convergence of the perfect storm of abdicating personal responsibility, corporate greed and a health system that is quite simply broken.

    In this 60-minute segment I welcome a panel of expert authors to discuss and debate the questions surrounding the marketing, prescribing and utilization of some of the most powerful drugs available. Please note that our toll free number will be available to callers throughout the entire program.

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