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    Traveling Culturati - Culture Report on The Bahamas

    in Travel

    Ja'Vonne Harley, your Travel Pro is joined by Fred Lounsberry CEO from The Nassau/Paradise Island Promotion Board. Together they look at The Bahamas from a culinary and beverage aspect including their new Dine Around Culinary Experience and the Liqours they offer for travelers. They will also look at the history from the first discoverers thru Pirates, the Geography and even swimming with pigs as she and guest from the Bahamas talk about why the Bahamas remains a top destination. Tune in and learn more about the Bahamas.

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    Swimming In The River

    in Comedy

    Yamaneika is joined by comic Cyrus McQueen on this week's episode of Rantin' And Ravin' to discuss a variety of topics including the 2016 election, Post Office war stories, cultural appropriation, the struggle of black artists, and a lot more. Plus, The ManSamp Report with Chris about NASA's Saffire I experiment. Check it out.

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    Treating Asthma & Anxiety Using NLP Techniques

    in Psychology

    Asthma and Anxiety are both psychosomatic diseases which begin in the mind and are experienced in the body. In many cases they are triggered by stress, anxiety, or another allergen.  You can learn to program your mind through NLP in order to understand your causes asthma and anxiety. This will help you to eliminate the challenges they create so you can live a healthier life. Tune in to this segment of The NLP View Radio Show, as host, Donna Blinston RN is joined by Mark Peters to discuss how he uses NLP to help individuals who suffers from Asthma and Anxiety. Stay tuned!  

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    Q-on-1: What is @AlerSense?

    in Health

    On this special Q-on-1 edition of T2Q, I have a 1-on-1 discussion with the Founder/CEO of a new technology called AlerSense.

    What is AlerSense, you ask?  

    It's a product that can help save lives from the many people on this planet that suffer from COPD.

    What is COPD, you ask?

    Well, listen to the podcast and you'll get all of that in the first few minutes.  AlerSense is revolutionary and has the potential to help people avoid unknowingly putting themselves in harmful respiratory situations.  Everyone that suffers from breathing disorders or have families who do need to listen to the podcast in its entirety.


    Show No. 592

    Scheduled for 15 mins.


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    Herbal First Aid Kit Simplified on Herbal Prepper Live

    in Education

    Herbal First Aid Kit Simplified
    The Herbal Prepper Live
    on American Preppers Radio!
    Sundays 7:00pm/Est 6:00pm/Ct 5:00pm/Mt 4:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    One of my listeners emailed me a question about first aid kits, and I thought it would make for a great show topic. Jerry wanted to know how to build an easy, affordable first aid kit with herbal and natural remedies. However, it also needed to be simple enough for someone just getting started learning how to make and use herbal remedies to assemble. Well Jerry, challenge accepted. 

    In this episode, I will show you how to create a super-simple first aid kit using just a handful of  different herbal and natural ingredients to tackle 23 of the most common injuries and complaints. From  poisoning to puncture wounds, from aches to asthma, this kit can handle it.

    Read More HERE! 

    Tags: American Preppers Radio, Prepper Broadcasting, The Herbal Prepper, Health Care

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    LIVE! with Cathi---If Pigs Could FLY!

    in Motivation

    IF PIGS COULD FLY...PIGS CAN'T FLY but on an Island in the Bahamas, you can SWIM with THE PIGS!  You can interact with PIGS large and small.  Sometimes it's been noted that PIGS are friendlier than humans.  IMAGINE a PIG swimming out to your boat!

    I kid you not, this is a first for me and I wanted to share it with you...New York Times Magazine-April 3, 2016.  Tourists and PIGS mingle on Big Major Cay in the Bahamas.

    Big Major Cay and island that is uninhabited and thickly forested is home to a dozen PIGS.


    How did they get there...etc.

    PIGS brought to the island in 1990s...etc.

    PIGS are tolerant of people...etc.

    PIGS expect to be fed...etc.

    PIGS bite too...etc.

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    Freedom Around Parenting - Is It Possible To Avoid Overwhelm?

    in Relationships

    We all want the best for our children, that's obvious.  But how can we juggle it all, career, relationships and parenting? Overwhelm can creep up pretty fast.  What if there was a different way?  What if overwhelm didn't even need to be a part of the equation?  Jeannie Selda joins us to talk about a totally different perspective on being the best parent for our children without it sucking the life out of us. How we can be surrounded by chaos and not get pulled into the drama.  

    Jeannie Selda is a lover of life, mother of twins, student, teacher, and Agent of awakening.  She has been on an awakening journey of expansion for the past 15 years and this path has taken her on some of the most incredible journeys around the world; from swimming with the wild dolphins in Bimini, to climbing the ruins of Machu Picchu, to kayaking with the humpback whales in Maui.  Her mission?  To emanate her light and passion by leading by example for her 11 yr-old twin boys and those around her of what it looks like to dance fully with what presents and to share whats available in this lifetime when you leap into your life.  Jeannie's passion lies in documenting the infinite beauty of this adventure called Life and the freedom of all that is possible through her camera lens.  She shares her life adventures through her facebook page.   https://www.facebook.com/TicketToBliss 


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    Sprayology with Ellie Whalen

    in Health

    Homeopathy was created over 200 years ago. Today homeopathy is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world. Traditional or conventional medicine (most common in the US) is fourth worldwide. However, in the US, until recently, homeopathy had remained relatively unknown and often thought of as alternative. Sprayology was founded to change that and to bring natural and effective options for daily vibrant health to mainstream America and beyond. The world has changed and it is important to think back 10 years to see these changes. Ten years ago prescription medicines marketed on TV were not required to disclose potential side effects, stress was not commonly accepted as a health risk, retreating to a spa was considered just a luxury and not preventative and natural products could only be found in health food retail locations. Today's consumer needs have changed all of this, and at Sprayology we are doing our part to help guide wellness in a sensible and healthy direction.

    Sprayology was founded over ten years ago because of the needs of its founders who were dealing with physical disillusionment, aging, illness and a lack of natural options to help them live better. Founding sisters Patti Connell and Ellie Whalen believed at the core they were healthy, but were both taking multiple conventional medicines daily to deal with asthma, fatigue and stress.  These experiences and their desire to modernize homeopathy led to the foundation of Sprayology.

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    The Female Solution - How Can You Help Your Spouse Become More Health Conscious?

    in Religion

    Weight gain is a commonly accepted aspect of aging, and yet it can be the cause of many health problems if unchecked.  Some couples are active, walking, running, swimming, playing sport with their children. And some couples are sedentary. Their activities consist of going to visit friends and relatives and sitting and eating. And eating. And eating. Is your spouse unconcerned about weight gain and poor health? If your spouse has become dangerously obese, is their a way you can help them become more health conscious without hurting their feelings? Can you inspire them to change their lifestyle? Or should you just accept their choice to grow larger and move slower? We'll discuss health, self esteem, and ones own personal commitment to living a higher quality of life with our relationship experts, Imama Karim Hameed and Sister Munirah Habeel.

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Get Your Mojo Back Marcie Goldman

    in Health

    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Marcie Goldman. 

    Marcie Goldman started her nutrition journey as a child growing up with a compulsive over-eater and dieter (her father went from morbidly obese to the "Biggest Loser"). Losing over 100lbs, he went from "food-addict" to "fit & healthy" before her eyes. At age 8, food meant LIFE or a constant battle. 

    Most recently her passion for mental health led her to a certification as an Addiction Recovery Nutrition Coach through the Alliance for Addiction Solutions. She helps people recover from food, alcohol and drug addiction using nutrition therapy. 

    this episode Q&A includes:

    • natural birth control- wild carrot seed or cotton root bark tincture for women, heat for men...

    • you get more nutrition- minerals, vitamins, proteins, polyphenols from nourishing herbal infusions than from multivitamins and supplements...

    • pregnant and lactating women thrive on including animal fat in every meal in addition to infusions...

    • cystic acne and violet infusion...

    • existential anxiety- oatstraw infusion and passionflower tincture...

    • nettle infusion improves everything in our health and our life...

    • fenugreek tea to help moderate blood sugar...

    • epstein barr- hypericum perforatum tincture and Stephen Buhner's book 'Herbal Antivirals'

    • cat with asthma- mullein milk

    • scientific tradition measures and fixes, heroic tradition cleanses and purges, wise woman tradition nourishes the whole...

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    Entrepreneur Skip Sanzeri Launches AlerSense

    in Books

    Skip is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has helped a variety of startups launch, grow and exit. In addition, he has funded and launched a few of his own companies. Skip started his entrepreneurial career at an early age buying a Gold's Gym in the San Francisco Bay Area. He then expanded to a total of 6 clubs and converted the brand to California Athletic Clubs before exiting via a sale of the franchise to 24 hour fitness. 

    He then helped grow the IAC division of Ziff-Davis publishing to $250 million, after which it was sold to Thomson Publishing. Skip continued his entrepreneurial career with Sequoia Capital - backed Quote.com, which was acquired by Lycos. Skip then founded and funded the first open source strategy firm - Open Source Group. 

    Skip earned his bachelor's degree from Claremont McKenna College, and then followed on with a Master's in Public Administration from the college of Notre Dame. He lives in San Mateo, California and is a native of San Francisco. In his spare time Skip enjoys baseball, yoga and studying quantum physics.

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