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    The Overtime Sports Show with Mike Wood (Apr. 27)

    in Sports

    Listen to The Overtime Sports Show with Mike Wood as I bring you the latest in sports from around the country! Tonight's Special Guest Kathy Reaves of PD Sports Recruiters! The Overtime Sports Show the hardest hitting sports show in the country when you listen I would advise you to wear a helmet and cup concussions are possible and hitting below the belt is encouraged! The Overtime Sports Show Monday-Friday 7pm on Blogtalkradio!



    *The opinions expressed by the guest on the show are not those of the host or the show and are solely those of the guest*

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    English Defence League Radio ~ Silly moslem Kids...

    in Politics Conservative

    MUSLIM student straps a fake suicide bomb belt to his body to ask a girl to the prom, gets suspended for 5 days. (He and his entire family should have been detained for questioning ~ then deported back to the Cesspool from which they crawled...)

    Welcome to The English Defence League Radio Show with your Host, Geoff Mitchell, and Co-Host/Producer ~ and Wingman ~  Kel Fritzi. Dave Milner and Tim Burton round out the Panel with their erudite insights.

    The English Defence Radio Show is the place where we aren’t afraid to discuss the issues that the newspapers, TV and radio won’t touch. This is the place where you will hear the honest truths, and can join in discussions about the facts, not the polished and anonymous half-truth that the authorities and MSM publish to throw you into a state of complacency.

    This Radio Show is the Official Program for the English Defence League, so you will find the same honesty and direct approach that you have come to expect from us. EDL supporters, this is your platform, the show is your voice.

    Come and join us, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 8:30PM BST, 3:30PM EDT. Your voice is welcome too.


    EDL You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/EDLNoSurrenderChanne

    Follow us on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/EDLofficialpage

    Ustream link:   http://www.ustream.tv/channel/english-defence-league-live
    "All That is necessary for Evil to Prevail Is that good men do nothing" ~ Edmond Burke


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    Epiphany's House welcomes Kevin Sandloom!!!!

    in Indie Music

    Y aknow that voice you cannot stop listening to?  The one that just makes you sigh and shiver at the same time?  That voice?  That voice is Kevin Sandbllom...What? You did not know I adore him?  Now you do...Join us Sunday as I sit a spell and get nosey with the wonderful wonderful Kevin Sandbloom....


    Kevin Sandbloom is a man who knows a little bit about rebirth and new beginnings. Throughout his career, he has continually reinvented himself. First he was a member of cover bands and then he did an extended stint with the popular Southern California band The Congregation. But, perhaps his most intriguing transformation has been as a traveling solo artist who wows crowds from Boston to St. Louis to his native Los Angeles.

    Seven full-length albums and an EP under his belt, he is currently touring and promoting his latest recording, STILL BLUE [Sandbloom sings Joni], a complete cover of Joni Mitchell’s Blue. He has performed on stages as diverse as Poetry N Motion in London, England to Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York to Berklee College of Music in Boston to B.B. King's Blues Club in Los Angeles and is a fixture at music and poetry venues across the U.S. He brings a fresh sound to an industry weaned on Auto-tune without being retro or dated.

    Regarded as a songwriter at the top of his game, he wrote the title track for Grammy-nominated guitar legend Robben Ford’s Supernatural album. He has also contributed music to many independent films including Laurence Fishburne’s directorial debut, Once in the Life and he had a featured appearance on the ABC Family series “Lincoln Heights.

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    What bible hidden about the Asteroid Belt and why

    in Music

    If the bible is a history book like you may  have thought, what does it teach us about the Asteroid Belt?  Have you made any sense of Genesis reference to the firmament? If the bible is God's divine account of works, it should not be cryptic.  

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    Friend Power.How the Friends You Choose Can Change the Course of Your Life

    in Business

    Do you realize the power that your friends have over your future? It’s almost mind-boggling when you realize how much control the company you surround yourself with has in determining where you will end up. Jim Rohn once said that you become a merging of the five people you spend the most time with. Choose your five wisely.

    This week, co-hosts Stephanie and Anna Scheller will be discussing Stephanie's new book, "Friend Power".   For decades every success guru alive has commented on how you should be careful about the people you surround yourself with, or commented on how you become like the people you will spend your time with. While it’s universally acknowledged that your friends have power over your future, and nearly everyone can find a time when friends have played a role in the results achieved, it’s only gotten cursory notice until now.

    Join us for this insightful and lively conversation about the company you keep

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    Episode 36: The 2015 NFL Draft with Dan Kadar of MockingTheDraft.com

    in Sports

    EDITOR'S NOTE: First, some apologies. 1) Sorry it has been so long since we have recorded one of these. 2) Sorry for the poor audio quality and Bryan's typing in the background. He apparently forgot how microphones work.

    On Episode 36, Dan Kadar from SB Nation’s Mocking The Draft site joins Alex and Bryan to preview the MAC’s 2015 NFL Draft class. Will any MAC players go on the first day? Is this a down year for the conference’s draft hopefuls? Will Akron ever be good a football? Dan answers those questions and more on Mid-American Hustle.

    *This episode has been condensed and edited.

    **We're aware that out iTunes feed doesn't appear to be working anymore. We're working on figuring out a fix for that. 

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    Naughty Children Must Be Punished

    in Politics Progressive

    Naughty Children Must Be Punished! The Liberal Grouch is pulling out his belt right now! They know who they are. Soon, so shall you!

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    Think Like a Black Belt with Jim Bouchard

    in Lifestyle

    Through martial arts, Jim Bouchard transformed himself from dropout, drug abuser and failure to successful entrepreneur and Black Belt.

    As a speaker and author of Amazon bestseller THINK Like a BLACK BELT, Jim tours nationally presenting his philosophy of Black Belt Mindset for corporate and conference audiences. He's a regular guest on TV and radio programs including FOX News, BBC Worldview and FOX Across America.

    His newest book, The Sensei Leader, is due to be released this month!

    Jim has been teaching people how to access peak levels of performance and develop personal and professional Mastery for more than 25 years. He is a true Master of the mindset needed for success in business, and in life.

    Join us as we talk with Jim and find out what it takes to think like a black belt! 

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    Aaron Hernandez is convicted of murder!! 2015 1st Round NBA Playoff review!!

    in Sports

    1- ESPN- Personality Brit Mchenry suspended for a wek for disrespectful comments to a worker after her car was towed. Was this right or is ESPN overreacting??

    2- NHL- Hockey Playoff results.

    3- Boxing/MMA

    3A- Terence Crawford beats Thomas Dulorme for the WBO Juinor Welterweight belt.

    3B- Lucas Matthysse pounds Ruslan Provdnikov in a war!!

    3C- Wladimir Klitschko vs. Bryant Jennings in the Garden Apr. 25,2015 preview.

    4- MLB

    4A- NY Yankees struggle early but are at .500

    4B- NY Mets streaking but have several injuries to major pieces of their roster.

    5- NFL

    5A- Tim Tebow is signed by the Philadelphia Eagles. Why??

    5B- Adrien Peterson is reinstated back into the NFL and the Minnesota Vikings. Our Thougths on the whole process.

    5C- Aaron Hernandez convicted of murder.

    6- NBA

    6A- NBA 2015 1st round playoff review!!!

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    Author Tonya Barber talks "Not Like My Mama" with Cherry Bomb & Black Sapphire

    in Books

    The Cherry Spot with Host Rosalind Cherry and new CoHost Krist McGee welcomes Author Tonya Barber to the interview platform.  She is a writer/poet with several books under her belt and we are glad she will be talking about her latest creative work "Not Like My Mama." We will travel this road with Rainy as she finds herself breaking a promise she made when she was only a child. Will she really end up like "her mama" or have the strength to break the cycle before it's too late.

    Rainy’s mantra is that she will not grow up to be like her mama, but will she be strong enough to recognize the signs and stay clear of present dangers or will she recognize true love and leave the bitter past behind in hopes of the brighter tomorrow waiting just past the rain? 

    All calls and comments are welcome

    Call in # 773-897-6297

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