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    Guest Speaker ~ Nahren Anweya, Assyrian-American Activist

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    I am so excited about our guest speaker, Nahren Anweya.  Nahren is a Assyrian-American activist who fights to stop the persecution of Christians and felow minorities in the Middle East.  She is also an internationl spokesperson for NPU (Ninevah Plains Protection Units).   If you haven't heard her speak, you are in for a powerful message.  She has been a guest speaker on the Sean Hannity Show several times.  She has protested outside of the White House.  She is working hard to share the facts of what is happening to her people of Assyria.  The persecution and death of so many Assyrian Christians is taking place daily.  Please join us and listen as Nahren shares facts with us of what life is like for these individuals and how we can help.

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    Assyrian Church of the East Radio .From AZ .USA

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    The Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East Radio .FROM AZ .USA

     BY Evan .G. BADINE

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    Assyrian People Learn to worship the God of Israel BBC06-30-15

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    BIBLEBOOKCLUB: OT: 2 Kings 17:1-18:12, NT: Acts 20:1-38, Psalm:148:1-14, Proverbs: 18:6-7

    In today's OT scripture, the King of Assyria replaced Israel with foreigners who didn't know how worship the God of Israel and didn't know his requirements, so many were killed by Lions. They asked the King to Assyria to send them people who knew how to serve the God of Israel. They king of Assyria sent a Jewish exiled Priest and let them teach them how to serve and worship God. But God said to the descendants of Jacob "YOU MUST NEVER FORGET THE COVENANT I MAD WITH YOU; YOU MUST WORSHIP ONLY THE LORD AND HE WILL SAVE YOU FROM ALL OUR ENEMIES" FRIENDS, ALL THE PEOPLE THAT COME INTO OUR COUNTRIES BRING AND SERVE THEIR OWN GODS. BUT WE MUST ONLY SERVE THE LORD GOD OF ISRAEL! THEN GOD WILL FIGHT FOR US AND WE WILL HAVE THE VICTORY!

    En la Escrituras DE OT, El rey de Asiria reemplazado a Israel con los extranjeros que no sabían cómo adorar al Dios de Israel y no conocía a sus necesidades, por lo que muchos fueron asesinados por leones. Pidieron al Rey a Asiria para enviarles gente que sabía cómo servir al Dios de Israel. Ellos rey de Asiria envió un sacerdote exiliado judío y los dejó les enseñan cómo servir y adorar a Dios. Pero Dios le dijo a los descendientes de Jacob "DEBE NUNCA OLVIDE EL PACTO Yo ENOJADO CON USTED, USTED DEBE ADORAR SOLO EL SEÑOR Y Él te salvará de todos nuestros enemigos" AMIGOS, todas las personas que entran en nuestros países traer y servir a sus DIOSES PROPIOS. Pero sólo debe servir al SEÑOR DIOS DE ISRAEL! Entonces Dios peleará por nosotros y tendremos LA VICTORIA!

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    Is POTUS Clinton's Past Fair Game? O'Reilly's Killing Reagan a Pile of Garbage?

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    Megan Barth-Bubba Clinton Flustered! Asked If His Past Is Fair Game, Plus World's Apart, how two countries are forming – the citizens of each are animated by competing world views. It's what we're talking about with Reaganbaby.com's Megan Barth.

    Craig Shirley-The Reagan biographer says O'Reilly's Killing Reagan is a 'pile of garbage.'  Shirley is an authority on Reagan having lectured at the Reagan Library, is the Visiting Reagan Scholar at Eureka College, and is a member of the Board of Governors of the Reagan Ranch. 

    Robert Dekalaita-ISIS Attacks In Syria Are Devastating For Indigenous Assyrian Christians explains the immigration lawyer who was born in Iraq. He became a lawyer as a way to help his own people and other persecuted minorities, and has handled thousands of immigration cases. 

    Sgt.1st Class Scott Shepro-The U.S. Army All-American Bowl is the nation’s largest high school football all-star game. The players and musicians chosen to participate in the Bowl mirror the strengths of Army Soldiers. Shepro is a mentor to the High School stars.

    Liz Peek-A columnist for FoxNews.com and The Fiscal Times talks about the attempts to save Obama's brand and legacy.  Is it too late?  

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    This episode of 'The Nadi,' we'll look at dating issues between older singles within the community. Our hosts will be joined by women from the community and we'll hear both sides of the story! We will also look at the recent attacks on the Chaldean Community by The Arab American News and their criticism of Bishop Francis Kalabat's recent speech in Washington D.C. We will also get a live call from Arbil, Iraq from Rafed Yaldo who will tell us first-hand the latest situation in the region. Tune in 8PM-10PM! Call in with questions and comments at 347-857-3847.

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    Prophecy 2015 Review 2016 Outlook, a Christian World Primer on Events !

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    An indepth World Primer on Biblical prophecy and World Events  from 2015 to outlook of 2016

    Tonight  Review of 2015 and looking ahead to 2016

    Our Schedule for tonight features three one hour segments:


    1st hour    2015 Top News, look ahead to 2016 with Watchman n Tower 6:30-7:30 
    2nd hour   2015 Top News, look ahead to 2016 with Watchman n Tower 6:30-7:30 
    3rd hour    The Word For 2016: Lord God Rules Seasons and Kings              8:30-9:30


    2015 ran through the hourglass this year faster than ever. It wrapped up the last of the unprecedented "four blood moons" that began in 2014. Let us review and look at 2015, a Review in the year and life that came at us all during the past 12 months. One that hopefully for you found the Lord once again "faithful" to keep and provide for you.

    2015 Oil, and what is expected 2016; Top articles: Kurds retake, Assyrian Christians, Egypt Christians, Pakistan Christians, Mexico Christians, India Christians, Africa Christians, Boko haram, Al shababb, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban, Muslims America, Muslim reform movement, White america, Black america, race, Yazidi, World War 3, Russia, China, America, Europe,prophecy, 2016 outlook, Watchman, Word of God, power of God. 

    Further the Watchman gives the Word of the Lord for 2016, it is HE, whom Rules all seasons, nations, Kings, and Power. 

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    REELTalk: Happy Thanksgiving with Lauren Yarger, Emanuel Khoshaba & NEELY

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    Joining Audrey for this week's REELTalk - It's Thanksgiving and we're celebrating with some great friends...Broadway Critic LAUREN YARGER, who will tell us what's Hot and what's Not on Broadway and what's worth your trip to NYC! Plus, all the way from the Middle East, the Commander-in-Chief for the Assyrian Army EMANUEL KHOSHABA will be here to tell us what we can do to help this ancient Christian community survive ISIS. AND, we're rockin' in the season with Jeremy & Kaci Neely, the duo NEELY! We're giving thanks for freedom and and patriots like YOU!! God Bless You and let's light this holiday candle together! 

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    Assyrian Genocide, Israeli ceasefire, American ineptitude Prophecy Headline News

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    Assyrian Genocide, Israeli ceasefire, and American ineptitude on Prophecy Headline News fill the information coffers with more than enough to keep you busy. Yet there is more! Yet there is Hope! But amidst the turmoil of the end of days, let us pursue our course!  Join me for this show!  Call into the show to listen and/or discuss issues with the Watchman. 12 noon sharp today.

    WIBR/WARN Ministry sites: www.warn-radio.com  www.warn-usa.com  www.wingswatchman.org www.dday4america.com


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    Gitmo gone - Helicopter parents - No help for Syrian Christians!

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    Hr1   What do you think the Obama Admin is doing behind the scenes while all eyes are on Paris? Be afraid! Letting 5 Gitmo terrorists was just the beginning.

    Are you a helicopter parent? You could be hurting your kids!

    Corey Duncan, Baltimore man-on-the-street updates us. The only people who've ever tried to help me have not been the same race as me. People the same race as me have only ever tried to tear me down.  

    Hr2  More on helicopter parenting...

    Looking at the transgender issue from a new age perspective via an interview between Michelle Skeen, PsyD and her guest Aleya Dao, energetic healer. Did she just say that they just needed a little spiritual healing?

    U.S. State Department denies Visas for persecuted Assyrian Christians who are being slaughtered. But Muslims are welcomed in mass. Why is that?  

    Hr3  Joe's Dad, Joe Messina, Sr., a Massachusetts Democrat (?), talks about current MA politics, Syrian refugees, Europe, Cuba, and Obama.

    MA folks don't want 10,000 Syrian refugees.

    There is no longer a deterrent for tyrants and terror in Europe with the US abdicating leadership.

    Thoughts on returning Gitmo to Cuba...

    College campus wimps can't handle anyone with a difference of opinion. Instead of conversing, they want people silenced, removed, suspended, or fired. Carol Swain, professor at Vanderbilt University is getting the full force of this intolerance with a student attempting to ruin her livelihood. This is what it looks like when college kids exercise their 1st Amendment right to free speech in an attempt to squelch someone else's free speech.


    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?