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    Circling the Wagons for the Final Assualt

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    Circling the Wagons for the Final Assualt.  The enemies forces are amassing on the frontier.  Preparing for the final assualt on our law.  We will discuss the many positive things occuring also.   Nothing can stop us folks. Join us as we broadcast from the frontlines.

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    What Bag do you THINK you wanna come out of? A Don'tCome out of a Bag, WEDNESDAY

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    Hey there Tea Sippers! Welcome to another installment of Don't Come out of a Bag, Wednesday where YOU get to be my cohost.  We can talk about any and everything that may be on your mind, right here.... RIGHT NOW.....BUT.. if  you decide to come out of a bag on me, then I WILL come out of a BIGGER BAG on you, ya understand???? 

    Now, here a few things that are on my mind this week:

    "My Husband is NOT GAY":  A new reality show is about to enter the airwaves where married men confess they are ATTRACTED to MEN.  What do you think about this show?
    "Freedom of Speech":  Atlanta Fire Chief was FIRED for writing a book about his religious views of homoattractionality.  Do you think he was fired justly?
    Monkey SEE...Monkey DO: Vermont has a bill pending similar to Michigan that will stop gays from receiving medical treatment.  What is the world coming to where basic medical needs can be deprived based on sexual orientation???  (The Red Cross doesn't accept blood from openly Gay Men)
    George Zimmerman was arrested AGAIN for assualt with a DEADLY WEAPON......REALLY???
    The KING children:  Why is it that every year near the birthday celebration of MLK, it seems that their court ordeal gets a lot of attention?  What are you thoughts about their public feud over their father's heirlooms?
    It's MLK WEEKEND....what are you expecting to do with and for it?

    This is going to be an enjoyable HOT POT of tea for your nerve my darlings so make sure you have PLENTY of crumpets!


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    Tell Your Story 646 716 7259

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    Tell your story tonight . Involved with #Ferguson , #EricGarner, #CDCwhistleblower ? Are you a insider ? Are you effected by the corruption in today's society/government ? Tell your story . Some say truth is told through story . Lets start with your truth. 646 716 7259

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    Is Pop-Culture Killing The Urban Community? Explict Adults Only Today

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    Based on a conversation I had with Jason from California, today we take on pop culture's assualt on the urban community.  Do the images, sounds, and directves of pop culture have a negative effect on Blacks in the urban community. Who are those pulling the strings and writing the checks of the dominant media culture? Are these people responsible for what we see on our big screen tlevisions and on the streets of our communities?

    Now, none of this relieves the individual of their responsibilty however this opens the door to the question of how and why.

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    Episode No. 388: The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders (11-25-14)

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    11/25/14: On this edition, thoughts on the Ferguson verdict! Sting finally makes his WWE debut at the Survivor Series PPV! What the hell is going on with Bill Cosby and the recent secual assualt allegations as women continue to come forward with claims???? Get caught up on all this and the latest in wrestling and entertainment headlines!







    STORE! http://www.cafepress.com.au/rcwrshow 





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    Thunder and lightning out of the community . # 46

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    We are preparing for a full scale assualt with the truth . Have your flight plans at ready .

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    Eversince President Obama took the oath of office (that's right from day one) he has been pushing his anti gun (anti - 2nd Admendment) agenda at the American people who lawfully and might I say responsible gun owners, who have been trained in the correct way to handle, shoot, store and maintain their weapons, most of whom have also went through the required trainning and classes required by thier states and who have passed the required tests most states require before applying and being granted a CHL, but through various loopholes within the gun laws in many states President Obama has attempted to disarm them.

    And when he has failed to push through his anti gun agenda, he has produced a false flag event (Sandyhook, Aurora, Boston and others) in the attempt to paint those who own a hand gun (and what the un-schooled in weapons) deem a assualt weapon as heartless and evil people, when in reallity we are 100% more caring and angry at those who would use a weapon to kill another human being, as we value human life and hope that our having to use our weapon never comes into play, but we stand ready if it ever does, as we spend hours at the shooting ranges fine tuning our shooting skills and let's face it ammo is not cheap now days, but yet we still go to the range to become better shooters and that is what sets us apart from the street thugs who come by their weapons via unlawful means and who do not share the same thoughts or values when it comes to human life, respect and honor.

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    R&H Sports Talk: Dallas Cowboys News and Notes

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    Rattle and Hum Sports - Dallas Cowboys News

    RattleandHumSports.com host Bryan Houston welcomes Dallas Cowboys writer Matthew Postins to discuss the news coming out of Valley Ranch concerning allegations of sexual assualt involving Cowboys owner and GM Jerry Jones. Is there more to the story behind the now infamous photos that surfaced during training camp of Jones and the exotic entertainers or is this a case of someone tryng to profit from some reckless behavior?

    Matthew will also update the Cowboys injury list and survey the fallout from Tony Romo's sub-par performance in the Cowboys week one loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

    Finally, the Cowboys do have a game to play in Tennessee this Sunday. What should Cowboys Nation expect this week as the season rolls on in Nashville?

    Join Bryan and Matthew for all of this and More LIVE tonight at 7 PM CDT.

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    The Shemitah or 7 year of rest found in Deuteronomy 15:1-6 has been revealed according to Johnathan Cahn the Author of "The Harbinger" that America may face economic meltdown During 2015. Also Libyan 11 missing Jetliners that have been stolen by Radical Islamic Jihadist may be used for a 9/11 attack. Also a video has been released by ISIS of the beheading of another American Journalist Steven Sotloff in Iraq or Syria. Also more than 100 American colleges have received by the government armored vehicles, assualt rifles and other military equipment. Also a slain ISIS fighter had worked for Delta Airlines in Minneapolis Airport. Also former President Jimmy Carter demans that America follow "Principles of Allah" as he spake at a Hamas muslim fundraiser. Also another 5.2 earthquake hits again at the Iceland Bardarbunga Volcano. Also Saudi Arbia has propsed to destroy Prophet Mohammed's tomb and move his remains to a new grave site in Mecca. These and other current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    Live in the DMV with Caprice at the SheRose Event

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    Join Host Caprice Smith of the popular, Uncuffed Radio Show,  as she tours the DMV area for the hottest events around. This dynamic host doesn't just attend and report the news, they become apart of the event bringing you the atmosphere with Live Interviews and Clips of the surrounding scene! Find out what is going on in Maryland, DC, and Virginia through the eyes of MWHY Radio Network! You will soon be asking Where in the DMV is Caprice! Find out here on the MWHY Radio Network

    Caprice Smith is airing live from the She Rose Awards that centered around the Uplifting and Overcoming of women involved in Sexual Assualt. To learn more about the She Rose Awards and movement visit http://www.sheroseawards.com/

    Sponsors: Slantress Magazine   Chere Cofield International    TBAIMS   RWEP  Walls You Love   Corner Woman  Ladybugs Pleasurable Glass  Coach Caprice Smith  

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    Date Rape, The Hush, Hush Date, Shhh...

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    Date rape and acquaintance rape are forms of sexual assault involving coercive sexual activities perpetrated by an acquaintance of the rape survivor. The perpetrator is almost always a man, and though both men and women can be raped, women are most often the targets of this violence. It is difficult, because of a lack of research on the subject and the tendency for rape survivors not to report attacks, to come up with precise statistics on male survivors.  Date and acquaintance rape can happen to or be perpetrated by anyone. Incidences are very high: they comprise from 80-85% percent of all reported rapes. However, even these figures are not reliable. According to conservative FBI statistics, only 40% of all forms of rape are even reported.Date and acquaintance rape is quite prevalent on campuses. One in four college women has been raped; that is, has been forced, physically or verbally, actively or implicitly, to engage in sexual activity. A 2000 study revealed that 90% of college rape survivors knew their attacker before the incident. The values adopted by the dominant society dictate inherent differences between men and women. Women are expected to be passive, unassertive, and dependent. Similarly, men are constrained in their behavior. They are taught to be aggressive, even intimidating, strong, and relentless. They are taught not to take no for an answer. Men who accept or unwittingly exhibit this kind of behavior are likely to misinterpret a woman's communications. Typically, the man will decide that the woman is acting coy or hard to get in a sexual situation. He may believe that she really means yes, although she has been saying no.Communication is the most important avenue to understanding another person's desires and needs -- often the rapist will ignore the woman's attempts at communication, will misinterpret them and continue his actions.If a person says no and is still coerced or forced into having sex, then a rape has occurred.

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