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    Re-Broadcast: Let's Talk About Asking For Help

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    One of the most important things we do to get sober is to ask for help.  We've probably tried everything we can to stop drinking on our own, but when we finally realize we need help - how do we ask? Who do we ask? What works and what doesn't?  Who is safe to turn to?

    On this show we will explore how we asked for help - when we finally surrendered, what we did, how it went, what happened.

    We will also talk about asking for help to STAY sober - otherwise known as accountability.  How do we keep accountable? What does that mean to us? Who is in our support network?  What happens when we do (and don't) stay accountable?

    Please join us for this important conversation on what is perhaps the most important part of getting and staying sober.

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    BGU-Overcoming The Loser Spirit-Asking For Help

    in Goals

    Join Professor Bougie Girl for the ninth lesson in the series: "Overcoming the Loser Spirit-Ask For Help "
    Read the blogpost: Overcoming the Loser Spirit-Asking For Help

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    Why Is It Difficult Asking For Help When We Need It The Most?

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    Host, Joi Hall, holds a panel discussion with  Fitness Trainer Jill Blanchard, and Life Design and Empowerment Coach Chris Kelly.  We discuss and explore why it's difficult for people to ask for help, when they need it the most.

    Our guests today have battled sexual abuse, relationship problems, financial  problems, etc. and they open up and share their personal life struggles.

    Call in to listen:
    (347) 237-4992 Show ID#771749


    Joi Hall is a Wellness Expert, Youth Motivational Speaker, and a Radio Host.  She is the CEO of Empowered by Joi and the Executive Director of Dying to Be Thin Youth Eating Disorder Movement.

    To Book Joi for your next event or speaking enagment please email info@empoweredbyJoi.com.


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    Asking For Help Is A Skill?

    in Family

    As a caregiver, is asking for help a skill that needs to be developed? Well, I found out in November of 2009 it is! I did not know how to ask for help, that could be part of the reason, I hadn't had any for several years! I had to do some digging into myself, do some research and also take a survey of other caregivers on the topic!

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    Resistance, Fear, and Negative Connotations with Asking for Help-GTCBShow#5

    in Business

    Getting to the CORE of Business® News, Gossip and Trends #5

    Topic: Resistance, Fear, and Negative Connotations with Asking for Help

    Sherese is talking all things business – small biz, entertainment biz, sports biz, education biz, tech biz and more. And we're sharing the top trends in (small) business you don't want to miss. Plus some juicy business gossip sprinkled throughout!

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    #18 Help Alive!

    in Relationships

    Overcoming Problems!

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    037: How To Sell Your Book

    in Entrepreneur

    Cathy Paper is a book launch consultant, accelerating speakers and authors into motion.  Liz and Alyssa will dig deep to get the scoop on...

    How far in advance you should start thinking about promoting your book
    How to approach your network for help and what to say when asking for help
    How to increase your sales by selling many to one, rather than one to many
    Guidelines for developing your marketing plan
    Where to find the best places to speak

    Cathy Paper, M.A., helps you unleash your inner rock star. She markets select authors and promotes unique speakers to National status. She guides individuals to create better results through inspiration, reflection and action. Think dynamic growth catalyst!

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    L.J. Sellers: Housing Help

    in Pop Culture

    Doing the right thing and helping others is something that comes easily to best selling author, LJ Sellers.  Tonight LJ will share her path in life in serving her local community in the Eugene-Springfield, Oregon.  

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask questions or join in on the conversation!

    Housing Help is devoted to keeping families from being homeless. We offer assistance to people with temporary housing crises. With the support of small public donations, we  pool our resources and make a huge difference in the lives of individuals. Our primary focus is Lane County, Oregon, but we are not limited in our scope. 

    Like the Housing Help Facebook page by clicking here!

    Find out more and support Housing Help Foundation by clicking here!

    Like LJ's Facebook page by clicking here!

    In the last half of the show, Celebrity Chef, Bernie Guzman shares his January Facebook Challenge:  

    Be a better person in 2015!  Through the end of January, I will bake any personal dessert request, even Macaroni & Cheese. Simply make a donation to my "AIDS LIFE CYCLE" or "HOMELESS YOUTH SHELTER" charities. Your donation helps service homeless young people including meals, laundry, access to a clothing closet, emergency phone, transportation tokens and a bed to sleep in a loving  environment.


  • Need Help Casting Out Demons?

    in Christianity

    All Believers have demons inside that must be cast out ! You don't have to go to anyone or anyplace to have demons cast out because Jesus gave YOU THE BELIEVER authority to cast them out!

     Are you sick? schizophrenia? hearing voices? have eating disorders? depressed? addictions? been abused? money or relationship problems? Demons are causing your problems and you can cast them out!

     I will help you cast out demons! You must learn how to do daily deliverance, the casting out of demons! You can learn how to cast out demons on my website www.DeliveranceMinister.com

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    Clueless about Dating...Help? The Gay Take

    in Entertainment

    A "friend" once told me that women who get divorced and then re-enter the world of dating are "clueless"  

    I must admit, fitting that mold, that things are quite different and confusing.

    What are the new rules?

    What do I need to know to have success in this arena?

    I will be asking men and women their opinions on the subject, to help me get a "clue"

    Tonight will be the first step. A rough draft so to speak. A pilot...And with thoughts from a gay male! 

    Should be interesting...


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    How Dr York Created an economy with his books, and the violation of MLKs Holiday

    in News



    One of the Charges was dealing with Money, how did the government tie in the book business

    IS THE BOP TORTURING DR YORK? This segment will discuss Dr Yorks health and medical treatment or lack their of in the BOP

    Malachi York suffers from what is known as Hereditiary Angiodema (HNA)
    Jeffery Buller 26 years of age dies in Colorado State Prison due to Angioedema, specifically from giving him his medication


    Is this legal?
    This is a violation of Rule 56 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures which states:(c)  legal holidays other than those set aside by statute for observing New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday, .

    Petition To Free Dr York: http://1.usa.gov/1v77ofS

    Dr York Talks About HNA: http://bit.ly/1zDBycm

    For more info log on to: WWW.FREEDRYORK.COM

    or Email us at: Helpfreedryork@gmail.com

    or Follow us on Twitter or IG: @FreeDrYork



    2. PLEASE TUNE IN ONLINE HERE AT THIS LINK: http://www.freedryork.com/help-free-dr-york-radio.html


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