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    Re-Broadcast: Let's Talk About Asking For Help

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    One of the most important things we do to get sober is to ask for help.  We've probably tried everything we can to stop drinking on our own, but when we finally realize we need help - how do we ask? Who do we ask? What works and what doesn't?  Who is safe to turn to?

    On this show we will explore how we asked for help - when we finally surrendered, what we did, how it went, what happened.

    We will also talk about asking for help to STAY sober - otherwise known as accountability.  How do we keep accountable? What does that mean to us? Who is in our support network?  What happens when we do (and don't) stay accountable?

    Please join us for this important conversation on what is perhaps the most important part of getting and staying sober.

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    BGU-Overcoming The Loser Spirit-Asking For Help

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    Join Professor Bougie Girl for the ninth lesson in the series: "Overcoming the Loser Spirit-Ask For Help "
    Read the blogpost: Overcoming the Loser Spirit-Asking For Help

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    Why Is It Difficult Asking For Help When We Need It The Most?

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    Host, Joi Hall, holds a panel discussion with  Fitness Trainer Jill Blanchard, and Life Design and Empowerment Coach Chris Kelly.  We discuss and explore why it's difficult for people to ask for help, when they need it the most.

    Our guests today have battled sexual abuse, relationship problems, financial  problems, etc. and they open up and share their personal life struggles.

    Call in to listen:
    (347) 237-4992 Show ID#771749


    Joi Hall is a Wellness Expert, Youth Motivational Speaker, and a Radio Host.  She is the CEO of Empowered by Joi and the Executive Director of Dying to Be Thin Youth Eating Disorder Movement.

    To Book Joi for your next event or speaking enagment please email info@empoweredbyJoi.com.


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    Resistance, Fear, and Negative Connotations with Asking for Help-GTCBShow#5

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    Getting to the CORE of Business® News, Gossip and Trends #5

    Topic: Resistance, Fear, and Negative Connotations with Asking for Help

    Sherese is talking all things business – small biz, entertainment biz, sports biz, education biz, tech biz and more. And we're sharing the top trends in (small) business you don't want to miss. Plus some juicy business gossip sprinkled throughout!

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    Asking For Help Is A Skill?

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    As a caregiver, is asking for help a skill that needs to be developed? Well, I found out in November of 2009 it is! I did not know how to ask for help, that could be part of the reason, I hadn't had any for several years! I had to do some digging into myself, do some research and also take a survey of other caregivers on the topic!

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    Daily Gogetemism #73 Don't Let Getting Help Hurt You.

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    The reasons for asking for help and opinions is that it keeps you from thinking that you're doing doing something right when you're doing it all wrong. That's painful to look at.


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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 994

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    SPECIAL TOPIC Night - "Child Abuse, Trauma and 12-Step Recovery" - STEP 2 - SCAN host Bill Murray will be joined by special guest co-host Rivka Edery, MSW, LCSW, from NYC, author of the book “Trauma and Transformation: A 12-Step Guide." Together they will lead tonight's discussion on STEP 2: "Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity." Step Two is about asking for help, and being receptive to receiving this help. Survivors, especially, often hide their fundamental lack of trust. Operating in a superficial world, fighting for respect, and lacking in support to pursue a spiritual life, survivors press ahead in spite of their collection of battle scars. Such people find themselves greatly challenged to maintain an appearance of having it all together, and are longing to trust and to be fully expressed. Survivors are struggling with courage and determination to make their lives work, in spite of this great, gaping wound. ~~ A child abuse survivor herself, Rivka Edery is grateful for the spiritual recovery she found in the 12 Steps of AA. She's been active in the 12 Step community for over 17 years. Bill Murray credits his 30 plus years of recovery to the spiritual power of the 12 Step program, too. He founded the recently launched Adult Survivors of Child Abuse Anonymous (ASCAA). ~~ Join us every two weeks to further examine a 12 Step approach to recovery from abuse. Next show we'll address STEP 3. ~~ Please see our web page at: www.NAASCA.org/Trauma-12Step or write to Rivka at: rebecca.edery@gmail.com

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    Help Alive! - Recognizing Falsehood - Episode 16

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    Help Alive! - Recognizing Falsehood - Episode 16

  • December 26, 2014 "Astrology for Jan. 2015" CANCELED TODAY SEE YA NEXT WEEK!

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    "The best laid schemes of mice and men"

    Well, clearly John Steinbeck never had to battle the foibles of cell phones and computers, did he?  Due to technical glitches (and no Mercury Retrograde to blame for them!) we were unable to connect with you, our much beloved audience today.  We had a terrific show planned and we apologize for the inconvenience and promise to be back next week at the same time, same channel.  Next week will be our show concerning the astrological trends for January 2015 and it's tarot associations.  This show will help you kickstart your year, so don't miss it.  We promise we won't either.  

    Wishing you ight and love this week –

    Linda and Stephanie

    We want to hear from you!   themomentradioshow@gmail.com

    And catch Lady oracle's blog at  http://ladyoracle56.blogspot.com/

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    What You Don't Know About Male Sexual Abuse with Donald Jeffries Mens Advocate

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    As a society, when we think of rape or sexual abuse we are likely to assume that the victims are female and the perpretrators are male. That is a gross misconception. There are many more female perpretrators and male victims than most of us are aware of. 

    Today's special guest Donald B. Jeffries, President/Executive Director and founder of Mariposa Men’s Wellness Institute, a nonprofit focused on the promotion of men's emotional wellness through education and training, is here to discuss the cultural blindness that exists concerning the prevalence of male sexual abuse and the profound negative effects this abuse has on male victims.  

    Researchers have found that 1 in 6 men (a modest estimate) have been sexually abused before the age of 18. And alarming statistics show that women can and do sexually abuse and assault adult men, though it rarely gets reported. The unfortunate truth is that because males simply aren’t allowed to be victims (or at least not allowed to be seen as such), they are are often more emotionally damaged than females by society’s refusal or reluctance to accept their victimization.

    The goal of this show is to raise awareness of the prevalence of male sexual abuse, thereby raising the level of help, compassion, and healing that is available to these victims. 

    This will be a very powerful show. Be sure to save the date and tune in .

    For more information about Donald B. Jeffries of the Mariposa Men's Wellness Institute, please visit https://www.linkedin.com/pub/donald-b-jeffries/6/776/24b


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