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    Hablamos Sobre La Situacion en Siria y Venezuela con Rafael Escalona Tovar

    in Dreams

    Cris Rojas y Al Suarez hablan con miembro colombiano del partido Polo Democratico Alternativo Rafael Escalona Tovar, quien es tio de Cris. Dos temas nos tocamos, lo de la situacion en Siria y Venezuela. Queremos saber primero como Cris y Al tienen su programa desde la Florida en Estados Unidos, como vean los latinoamerianos el gobierno yanqui, en particular, su politica exterior, como la intervencion en Siria. Tambien queremos saber la opinion de Rafael, quien es un politico progresista de la region, que piensa del asasinato de Robert Serra, quien fue deputado del partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela, y que posiblemente, Lorent Saleh, fue parte de la conspiracion, quien es un venezolano fascista quien estaba en exilio en Colombia, pero que fue depotado por presidente Santos. No sabemos donde esta Lorent, puede estar en la Florida, pero queremos justicia por Robert, y todos los victimas de fascismo y terrorismo. Tambien queremos saber que piensa Rafael la pelicula venezolana-espaniola que acaba de llegar a Estados Unidos, El Libertador, sobre el libertador Simon Bolivar, la importancia de unidad Eso es nuestra segunda programa en castellano. La entrevista es una hora.


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    The TuneUp Tourney Vol II. Schedule is complete. Highlighted by Prime-Time matchups featuring the best teams going head to head. The First Prime Time Matchup will feature a re-match of last Tourney's Championship game between HQ and UN (TIP OFF 2:30pm). Followed by a highly anticipated clash Between LB and MASS as Taj and Safdar look to upend Kamali and Asif. Tune in to blog talk radio to listen to these games live (blogtalkradio.com/tuneuptourney.com) SCHEDULE.

    HEADQUARTERS VS UNITED NATIONS -- 3:25PM approx start time

    LAND BOYS VS MASS ----- 4:20PM approx start time

    MBA VS KURDISTAN ---- 5:15PM aprox start time


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    Tough Talk with Getting Real Communication

    in Social Networking

    Tough Talk with Tony Gambone and his Guest Marwa Saleh & Janeen Sonsie

    Marwa Saleh is an Egyptian mother, manager and author who has been defined by others as doing too many things at the same time. However, this is what makes her unique, happy and fulfilled. She is moved by seeing people develop, grow and achieve their dreams that is why she decided to write this book. Marwa has been heading The Marketing Communications function at Microsoft Egypt for 7 years and is currently the Regional Marketing Manager for the L’azurde Group. This is the largest gold and diamond manufacturer / and exporter in the region. She has also been working as a part time trainer at Dale Carnegie Organization/ and still is. She delivers and facilitates the Dale Carnegie Course (DCC) or the DCS, Dale Carnegie Seminar which is the short version of it. This course helped impact individuals and organizations for over 80 years now. Marwa is a dynamic person who believes in her own dreams, in people and possibilities and has yet a lot to offer.

    Janeen Sonsie just loves helping women connect with their true self and express that with authenticity and power. It is beautiful to see them glow with confident happiness. You know the story? You’ve worked hard on your career, family and relationships … but lost yourself along the way. Something is missing from your life but you don’t know what it is. I was once there myself (see My Story below) and it was ME who was missing from my life.  The real, authentic, uncompromised me. So I know what it is like and how to take the journey from that place of frustrating lack of fulfillment to absolutely loving life again. http://www.getrealcommunication.com

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    TuneUp Tourney 14 Prime Time Matchups

    in Basketball

    Missing the games! Tune into blog talk radio as we broadcast the first tournament in History. This PrimeTime Episode will feature some of the most anticipated matchups for the TuneUp Tournament. Come listen as Taj and Asif will go head to head when Canada battles Mass, Deen and Safdar will battle as Veteran LandBoys look to teach new coming member United Nations a lesson. Baitullah Basketball and Headquarters will conclude the prime time episode as this matchup will feature three rookies ranked in the top ten. This is surely a segment you do not want to miss. 

    MASS VS. CANADA 2:25 pm  approx. 

    LANDBOYS VS. UNITED NATIONS 3:17 pm  approx.

    BAITULLAH VS. HEADQUARTERS 4:09 pm approx. 


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    Cultural Voice LIVE - Mario Evon in Studio!

    in Culture

    Cultural Voice, your trusted source of Cultural happenings around the globe continues to innovate and bring you quality Cultural content. It's what's trendy and relevant - featuring underground and established cultural figures from Jamaica and worldwide!

    Join Stefanie Simone and Derefe Chevannes as they are joined each week by musicians, poets, painters and more from the corners of the Globe. 

    This week we will be joined in studio by Sports fanatic Asif WIlliams and our special guest is none other than soul tek vocalist Mario E... We'll discuss sports, culture and the idea of crowdfunding.... stay tuned! 


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    in Politics Progressive

    Host: Saleh Karuranga Bicamumpaka Madeleine"Kagame yarabakanze ariko iyo urubuto ruhiye ruragwa"   Micombero JM"Abanyarwanda birukanwa muri Tanzaniya bakanateshwa nibyabo n'ingaruka z'ubutegetsi bubi bushingiye ku nyungu z'agatsiko butitaye ku nyungu z'abanyarwanda"andikira radioitahuka@gmail.com cyangwa utubwire niba hari ibyo uzi ushaka kutubwira hano kuri radio Itahukafacebook/ijwi ryihuriro nyarwanda/itahukafollow us on twitter: rnc_usacall in to listen Live 347 945 6449

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    Community with Marie Lazzara

    in Business

    Marie interviews people from the business and nonprofit sectors who work together to make their villages and towns better communities.
    This week, Marie and co-host Ivor Kellock, host of LLN’s Blog Talk Radio show, “Ace Perspectives,” will interview Lubna Saleh, AmeriCorps volunteer who works at the Greater Chicago Food Depository and Paul Morello, who is Communications Director for GCFD. Listeners will learn about AmeriCorps and GCFD.
    We will also interview Ruth Jajko, Statewide Director of Adoption Services/Associate Executive Director of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois. Jajko will discuss her involvement as the co-author of  LSSI’s Lifebook for children, “My Awesome Life” with Monica Johnson. The book encourages children to explore losses, disappointments and difficult feelings while providing hope for  the future.
    To ask questions or give comments, call (323) 580-5755.
    For information about AmeriCorps, visit www.nationalservice.gov.
    For information about Greater Chicago Food Depository, visit www.chicagosfoodbank.org
    For information about the Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, visit www.LSSI.org.   
    For more information about our Radio Shows, visit www.linkedlocalnetwork.com.
    Link Locally, Connect Globally

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Reza Saleh!

    in Music

    Born in Indonesia, Reza Saleh was enchanted by the bass before his teens.  His Dad encouraged to immerse himself in the Blues, which he did.  Brother Emir played the piano - and they would take delight in jamming as a family after school.  When Reza saw Earth, Wind and Fire in concert, his love for playing grew into a passion.  He was determined to find his way in the music business.
    Now living in California, Reza has made tremendous strides toward a full-time dream.  He was named the Long Beach Jazz Festival Star Search Winner a few years ago - and has played on the same stage as Peter White, Ray Parker, Jr. and Brand New Heavies.  
    No less than Victor Wooten encouraged Reza to keep to the grind - after hearing a take on Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed" - and Reza has paid attention.  His debut CD, "First Step" is getting the attention of bass lovers all over the world - who sense the commitment to chords and harmonies in Reza's playing.  You'll hear some delectable tracks and get the rundown on Surviving in Southern California - the Saleh Way - when Reza joins us on 7/23/13.  Two p.m. Eastern USA time.

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    Hot Fun in the summertime.

    in Entertainment

    Join Angela T and Angela Marie as they highlight new music and give an Essence Music Festival RoundUp and a live NOR Report from Chicago's "Taste of Chicago" featuring Estelle and Robin Thicke.  Join the conversation and Call-in at 347-633-9754
    The Angela's will also betalking about the new Jay Z Magna Carta Holy Grail Project. 50 cent's new baby Momma drama. Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def demo's what it like to be force-fed as a Guantanamo Bay  prisoners. in a four-minute film made by Human Rights organisation Reprieve and Bafta award-winning director Asif Kapadia.
    Needle on the Record will also as always will deliver a hot Reality TV Round-Up aka Ratchett TV! featuring R&B Diva LA, House of Curves and Love and Hip Hop.

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    A Cool Jazz Convo with Andrew New and Reza Saleh

    in Music

    Andrew is well respected throughout the industry for his work asa saxophonist, woodwind player, arranger, composer andrecording artist. Whether he’s in concert as a solo artist or asideman, Neu’s musicianship and powerful stage presence continue to get the attention of audiences and critics alike. Passionate best describes him. He tours with Booby Caldwell and will release his latest project " Everything Happens for a Reason on July 9, 2013.
    Reza Saleh is a bassist who brings intricate chord changes and progession.  He hails from Inndonesia and has just  released his bebut album "First Step"  Look forward talking to these incredble up and coming artists Monday.

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