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    Beauty For Ashes Teleconference

    in Christianity

    "To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified."   Isaiah 61:3

    Has God given you Beauty for your Ashes? 

    Ashes refer to the adversities in life and beauty refers to how the Lord can turn around those adversities that He may be glorified.

    Our Special Guests will be Pastor Shonda Lifhred Cooper and Sequoia Gillyard. 

    So join us as we discuss how God can turn around the things we call "ashes" and give us beauty for them!


    You can follow us on Facebook on our Radio Page at  https://www.facebook.com/realtalkwithkia   or you can visit our website at www.realtalkwithkiaradio.com    

    You can also follow the Founder/ Radio Host, Nakia Evans on her personal page at https://www.facebook.com/fearfullymade2



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    Rising From The Ashes

    in Christianity

    When a blazing inferno or fire occurs it often leaves behind a great heap of ashes left for the clean-up crew. And so ashes seem useless and nothing good coming from it. Or take for example our own brokenness and sense of loss and despair, some think life is over, game over. Its in divorce, difficult relationships, or just hanging on to a particular sin and identifying with it instead of Christ. Perhaps your own sin has torn apart your relationships. And so all happens at once with no end in sight, goes down hill from there, loss of home, job, family and other possessions. What good can come from that? How does one become strong through a battle with cancer, or a family member who is very ill? A closer look and one could think God is picking on them. But what if God is already at work behind the scenes creating a masterpiece to be used for His purpose only? To turn your brokenness into wholeness,  It seems that only through difficulty, trial and dark despair that God can use us the most, because in all that mess there is a sparkling "diamond in the rough" rising from the ashes.

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    AitF: AFC South and NFC North Preview

    in Football

    Ashes in the Fall returns with another episode breaking down the NFC North and AFC South divisions. Be sure to tune in for some hilarious, entertaining, and memorable commentary by MC and Joma. This Wednesday at 8pm EST!

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    AitF: AFC South and NFC North Preview

    in Football

    This wednesday marks another thrilling episode of Ashes in the Fall! Join Brooks, Charles, and Joma as they discuss the AFC South as well as the NFC North. How good will the Colts be? Can the Vikings pose an actual threat to the Green Bay Packers. We will discuss this and more! Show begins at 7pm EST.

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    Beauty For Ashes Bible Study

    in Religion

    Welcome to a Glorious Monday On T.L.O. Ministries

    We are continuing our life changing study and discussion from Bishop Lyndon B. Huterson's Book "Beauty For Ashes that is bringing healing and restoration to the hearts of Men and Women across the Globe lead by our very own Pastor Bonnie Howell of Orlando Florida.

    We have come together to pick apart the spiritual truths found in this book in order to show you how they leap off the page and make their way into your lives and nobody and do it better then Pastor Howell and the Ministerial Team of T.L.O. Ministries.

    Remember now if you desire to purchase book you can do so on Bishop's Website at www,agministries.net and get 10% off your purchase for the class.

    Join us live today with your bible, your book and your pen and your paper and a open spirit to receive the word.

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    Beauty For Ashes

    in Women

    Good morning join us this morning while I talk about how God can turn your problems around for your good. God is going to give you beauty for your ashes.

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    AitF: AFC East and NFC West Preview

    in Football

    Ashes in the Falls kicks off with a break down of the upcoming 2015 NFL Seasons featuring previews for the AFC East and NFC West divisions. This episode will feature roster evaluations, as well as record predictions for all 8 teams. Phone Lines will be open for calls sporadically throughout the show. So tune in this Wednesday and listen to some great commentary. 

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    AitF: NFC South and AFC North Division Preview

    in Football

    This weeks' episode of Ashes in the Fall sis a break down of the upcoming 2015 NFL Seasons featuring previews for the AFC North and NFC South divisions. This episode will feature roster evaluations, as well as record predictions for all 8 teams. Phone Lines will be open for calls sporadically throughout the show. So tune in this Wednesday and listen to some great commentary.

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    The Kerri Edelman Show presents Rap-Rock/Alt/Metal Band From Ashes To New

    in Rock Music

    Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the sort of town of which there are many hundred all across America: post-industrial, blue collar and, on occasion, more than a little bleak. As is so often the case though, it is in these relative backwards towns that authentic, compelling creativity truly thrives - the monotony of the landscape punctuated by brilliant flares of art. FROM ASHES TO NEW are one such flare; a thoroughly modern rock band wielding both a state-of-the-art sound and an old-as-the-hills work ethic. Formed barely two years ago by vocalist, programmer and creative mastermind Matt Brandyberry, the sextet consists of the cream of Lancaster’s underground scene. With the assistance of producer Grant McFarland, FATN set about molding their rap/rock hybrid into a sky-scrapingly monolithic proposition. And if recent four-track EP Downfall was a glistening opening gambit, then the forthcoming full-length album will radiate with the fire of a thousand suns. A fearsome mix of contemporary metalcore crunch and soul-searching rap, the band are already punching with a heavyweight strength that belies their so far brief career.  It’s a potent approach galvanized further by the background from which the band all come from. Blessed with honesty, integrity, grit, determination and, most vitally, a genuinely devastating arsenal of gut-mangling tunes – FROM ASHES TO NEW have got all the ingredients to turn your world, and the entire scene, on its head. For more information, visit fromashestonew.com and pick up a copy of their EP Downfall featuring the hit single 'Through It All.'

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    Beauty for Ashes by A'havah discusses "Wailing Women"

    in Spirituality

    On tonight's show Sis Shirley IamIsrael Bobbitt will be discussing the importance of the wailing women of Zion... Who are the wailing Women? What does a wailing woman do? 

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    Dr. Wayne Anders Beauty For Ashes

    in Spirituality

    Tune In Thursday 25 June 2015 At 10:00 AM And Hear A Wonderful Message From Dr. Wayne Anders Titled: " Beauty For Ashes".  God Wants To Take The Ashes Of Yesterday's Ruin And Give You Beauty In Every Area Of Your Life.