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    Beauty for Ashes by A'havah discusses "Wailing Women"

    in Spirituality

    On tonight's show Sis Shirley IamIsrael Bobbitt will be discussing the importance of the wailing women of Zion... Who are the wailing Women? What does a wailing woman do? 

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    Revelation - Beauty from Ashes

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    Often times when I go to the pond, i have no idea what i am going to say before hand.  Sometimes, i will pray and jot down a few notes.  But then i press "record" and God starts a whole new message.  
    This one is about beauty from Ashes.  Isa 61:3 

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    Beauty For Ashes Bible Study Class : Anger

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    Blessings & Glory T.L.O Ministries

    We are back for week 2 of the Book Beauty For Ashes by Bishop Lyndon B. Hutcherson this class is taught by our very own Minister Bonnie Howell of Orlando Florida these teachings are truly designed with you in mind.

    Don't forget to bring your study matterials :

    Your Bible,
    Pen or Pencil
    A Friend Who you feel needs a word from God
    Your Study Book

    Remember we will be taking your calls and questions after each lesson @ 347-826-9940


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    Beauty For Ashes Bible Study : Understanding & Guilty Feeling Gone

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    Welcome to a Glorious Monday On T.L.O. Ministries

    On tonight's Episode Pastor Howell study from Beauty For Ashes a book by Bishop Lyndon B. Huterson and talks in depth about understanding from God speaking about even in the hard times God understands and she uses the character Joseph to bring the story home.

    She encourage us to stay strong in the hard times God understands but we must go through to ger to the promise God has designed for our life. Listen to this word from God and be blessed by the timely wisdom found in the pages of the book and the anointing on the woman of God's Life.

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    Beauty For Ashes Bible Study : A Peaceful Spirit

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    Happy Thursday T.L.O. Family,

    Tonight we continue our teaching from Bishop Lyndon B. Hutcherson Book "Beauty For Ashes (The Year Of The Lord's Favor) taught by our very own Minister Bonnie Howell Tonight Lesson focuses on a peaceful spirit. This book has a total of 30 lessons short but packing much power.

    We are asking if you know someone who needs a right now word call them up and tell them that T.L.O. Ministries is on the air prepared to empowe inspire and uplift the total man. Remember if you are a student you want to bring you study Material Which is :

    Your Bible
    Note Book
    The Study Book if you purched it
    Pen or Pencil

    Most important of all your questions as the lines will be open shortly after each lesson we cover with you in mind at 347-826-9940.

    See you there family


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    in Christianity

    Have you ever been in a place where you feel as if your world has fallen down all around you, and to make matters worse it seems you've lost everything you had? Today, Pastor D.L. Douglas Sr. has a message  entitled "VICTORY FOR ASHES 2." He believes this word can help you no matter what place you find yourself in. Be sure to tune in, it is sure to bless your life.    

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    Beauty For Ashes Bible Study : Acceptance & Hopelessness

    in Religion

    Are you struggling with acceptance and hopelessness in your life. If so you will want to listen to tonight's show and see what God has to say about this.

    The hosts of T.L.O. Ministry break it down so clear that it will minister life to your spirit and health to your soul.

    Pass this on to someone you know may needed in their life.

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    Rising from the Ashes

    in Lifestyle

    Tametria Harris is an Entrepreneur, business professional, singer/songwriter, and poet who has been tested in every facet of her life; health, work, family, friends, finances, etc.  and even her relationship with God. Trying to survive, thrive and balance life has been a constant challenge for her as it is for so many of us. She’s survived many things and have come out as a victor and not a victim and will give steps on how to rise up against obstacles and walk in the purpose all of us are given to obtain. Even through the ashes, or remnants of what was, we can all begin again with the will and the resolve to do so. For, Tametria Harris, failure is not an option and it is this mindset and her faith that has kept her pressing forward even in the most difficult times in her life.

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    Beauty For Ashes Bible Study : Forgive Yourself

    in Religion

    On this segment we spoke about forgiving yourself when you sin or make a mistake Pastor Howell, Dr. Mason and Co-Host Prophet Oshea Morgan make it very clear that God does not hold our wrong doing against us and neither should we do it ourselves but Follow God's Example and let it go.

    Be blessed and empowered as you listen to this Life Changing discussion that will cause you to accept God's Forgiveness and forgive yourself.

  • Beauty For Ashes Bible Study With Pastor Bonnie Howell

    in Religion

    Welcome to Beauty For Ashes Monday T.L.O. Ministry Family!!!

    Lives are being transformed and changed as we study this life changing book written by Bishop Lyndon B. Huterson.of Amazing Grace Ministry the truth found in this book as well as the expounding revelation given to you by Pastor Howell and the other T.L.O. Ministry host are designed to heal your heart and restore your soul as you listen in to the discussion.

    Also there is a treat in it for you Bishop Huterson has said if you purchase the book from him for this class you will receive 10% off your purchase as a gift to our students you may go to agministries.net to purchase your own copy and join us tonight.

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    Beauty For Ashes Bible Study : No Longer Condemned Pt 2

    in Religion

    Good Afternoon True Life Outreach Ministries Family,

    On tonight we are talking about how to walk in the freedom of God rather than the condemnation of men,

    We make it so clear on tonight that the only one you should be in bondage to is God not man. Listen and be blessed by the word.

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