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    Wumanati turns on the lights

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    Goddess  of the  hour  Emmy wu , Brings  you  the  news  and  shout out's  on  new business's  and  what services they  provide and  where to  find  them.... Also  during the  hour  we are gonna  tell  you  about the  underground  artist   and where you can  find  their music  we will  have  guess call in   shout  their business's out   or  artist  music we will also   do a poet's  corner   so  sit back and  enjoy  & be heard !!!!!

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    #T2Q Turns 4! #SeasonFinale

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    Go, Q!  It's your birthday!  We're gonna party like it's your birthday!  Okay, it's really not my birthday.  It's the Talk 2 Q Radio Show's birthday!  Not officially, but close enough.  

    On February 20th, 2011, I went on a 15 minute rant about Rush Limbaugh and lo and behold, 4 years and 446 episodes later, I'm here!  Something that I thought would be a one-hitter quitter has turned into a legacy.

    So, given the special occasion, I decided that the best person to help me and the Show Legends celebrate would be Jay Mayo!  Jay was dubbed last year as the "Greatest T2Q of All-Time"!  We will discuss different topics on how we can uplift society as we focus on the Black History side of things on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts. Just opinions."

    This will also serve as the show's Season Finale as I take a couple of weeks off to recharge my battery!

    Scheduled for 120 mins.

    Show No. 447


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    A soft answer Turns Away Strife!

    in Religion

    This broadcast will give you a sense of how to respond to others if offenses arise. Many times as Christians; we can teach others on how to response if they are experiencing anger management, but we as Christians should also know how to respond. . We will share great information with you for encouragement. Go to our website for our books and resources at www.saintpetersburgministries.org. Pastor Winbush is also the Chief Empowerment officer of The National Extraordinary Professional Broadcast and The Networking Partners. Our additional websites are www.thenetworkingpartners.com and www.extraordinarywomens.com.

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    Writing Royalty Radio- “Plots.. Twist.. and Turns…”

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    Topic: “Plots.. Twist.. and Turns…”

    Guests: Author Deonte Matthews

                 Author Willie Stewart

    Growing up in a city where employment opportunities are scarce, violence implodes neighborhoods and murder is a norm, it’s rare to find people who are able to overcome these adversarial challenges and come out victorious. Murder City gives us a glimpse into the life of Deonte Matthews (Duke), a young black male from Flint Michigan who has battled such challenges. From facing charges of 1st degree murder amongst others, which were all later dropped, to enrolling in college and maintaining a 4.0 GPA, his accomplishments are admirable and empowering to others who may feel trapped in a life of crime. His powerful story sheds light on the impact of growing up in dense violent conditions, and also the motivation that influences change and brings with it, redemption.

    Willie L. Stewart is a critical care Registered Nurse, author, novelist, entrepreneur, member of the Tampa Writers Alliance, and the Florida Writers Association.  His debut novel taRNished promises to entertain while shaking the very foundation of healthcare and the public’s confidence in that system in order to spur on debate for proper reforms.

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    Pump the Movie - Reaching for fuel freedom

    in Environment

    Upcoming Atlanta movie premiere of Pump. Guests are:

    Yossie Hollander

    Yossie is a successful software entrepreneur, philanthropist and co-founder in 2011 of the Fuel Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with his business partner Eyal Aronoff.

    Yossie has been involved in global energy and geopolitical issues for more than a decade, leading policy research into America’s oil addiction and supporting analysis of the economic forces driving global oil markets.

    Steve Oppenheimer

    Steve has been an activist in Atlanta for over 30 years where he practiced family dentistry.

    He is a Task Force Coordinator for Clean-Cities Georgia, a DOE Program that reduces and replaces petroleum in municipal and corporate fleets by the use of alternative fuels. 

    He works with Energy +Environment, an Atlanta based energy efficient lighting solutions company.

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    Award Winning Consulting Company Turns Good Ideas into Realities

    in Business

    Joining Kelly is Sheila Shockey, owner of Shockey Consulting Services of Lenexa, Kansas. Sheila will explain her company’s role with communities helping them to make informed decisions regarding infrastructure, public services, development and establishing priorities.  The firm’s work is garnering praise on both a local and national level. Last year Shockey Consulting was awarded a National Environmental Achievement Award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies.

    To hear more shows with host Kelly Scanlon, listen to the Smart Companies archives

    Learn more about Shockey Consulting online at: http://www.shockeyconsulting.com/

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    ADA The Americans with Disabilities Act turns 25

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    The ADA turns 25 on July 26, 2015. Tonight's episode of Brain Injury Round Table will focus on this commemoration and offers an opportunity for listeners to tell their stories and have them included in the official record of this momentous occasion.
    The ADA became law in 1990. It is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities. To learn more about the ADA go to http://adata.org/. Joining me tonight is Alvaro Gutierrez of Art Beyond Sight, http://www.artbeyondsight.org; Ken Collins, former pro baseball player, and peer counselor at the Gallop, NM Center for Independent Living, and Brain Injury Radio host. Other guests: Cheryl Kempf, of the Texas Brain Injury Advisory Board and brain injury survivor. Les Paul Morgan, peer counselor at the Walton Options Center for Independent Living, survivor of a "cornucopia" brain injuries, and host of a Brain Injury Radio show. Also joining us is Tai Campbell, founder of http://www.tbocnow.org, tireless community activist, and survivor of childhood brain injuries
    Welcome to another episode the Brain Injury Round Table. I am your host, Constance Miller, brain injury survivor 32 years and Managing Director of Brain Injury Resource Center, located on the Internet at http://www.headinjury.com  I'd like to thank: all our listeners for bringing our voices, to your home, your mobile device wherever you are around the world. Additionally, I’d like to give a big thank you to this show’s sponsors: Martha Marcum, mother of a brain injury survivor and author of MARTHA'S FABLES and Gordon Johnson, attorney of www.TBILaw.com

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    Local Social Marketing with Pump It Up!

    in Technology

    This week on Social Geek Radio, Deb Evans and Jack Monson welcome the marketing leaders from Pump It Up!  Anushka Figueroa and Wendy Krone will share the latest best practices in local marketing from their brand and franchisees as well as industry trends and advice for marketers who want to pump up their own engagement! 

    Live - Wednesday 9/24 at 8pm ET!

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    Generation X turns 50?

    in Politics Conservative

    The first Generation Xers are turning 50!!!!!!  Reality Bites for sure!!

    To advertise on "The Brian Craig Show Podcast" click this link: http://www.fiverr.com/klevitt70




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