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    Shattered Lives: Michael Streed "SketchCop"

    in Current Events

    Many of Michael’s cases have been profiled on such shows as: ‘America’s Most Wanted’ and ‘Unsolved Mysteries’. He has also been profiled in several major newspapers and has been interviewed on: CNN with Connie Chung, Fox News Channel, ABC 20/20 with Barbara Walters and ID Discovery’s show “Wicked Attraction: Bad Fortune.”

    Michael is also a noted author and popular lecturer on the subject of facial imaging/identification and true crime.  He is currently working on his next book, Creating Digital Faces for Law Enforcement (Elsevier/Academic Press) scheduled to be published in 2017.

    Michael’s current true crime/memoir, SketchCop – Drawing A Line Against Crime (Order HERE from WildBlue Press) is scheduled for release in January 2016.  The book is a collection of true crimes stories where Michael made significant contributions to select investigations in his role as a police sketch artist.

    Guest website: http://sketchcop.com

    HOST website: http://donnagore.com


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    Godz On The Mic with Problem 13

    in Hip Hop Music

    Problem 13, Hip-Hop Artis, discusses his music and upcoming perfomace at the  "Godz on the Mic" event. 

    Checkout Problem 13's Freestyle Track: https://soundcloud.com/…/the-slaughterhouse-revisited-frees

    Order Godz on the Mic Tickets Today@ http://GodzOnDaMic.eveyevents.com

    Konscious Vibe Entertainment

    Problem 13 Questions

    What inspired you to first start rapping?

    What is the creative source of your content?

    Is it tough to be a hip-hop artist while at the same time being a FOI?

    On the Slaughterhouse Revisited {freestyle} where you intentionally calling out the hip-hop game?

    Tell me about the Wolverine persona?





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    Real Talk with Hip-Hop Artist Elohim

    in Hip Hop Music

    Elohim, Hip-Hop Artis, discusses his new music and new track, "Rock Bottom"

    Elohim, currently has a mixtape titled TripleDarkness Vol.1, his EP Freedom, Justice, Equality is sheduled for a March release. Listen to Elohim's mixtape TripleDarkness Vol.1 here:https://soundcloud.com/elohimtheanomaly/sets/triple-darkness-vol-1 

    This is Konscious Vibe's new platform for Hip-Hop & Spoken Word Artists.  The goal is to reach out to Conscious Hip-thip commmunity and provide a platform where they can express their talents and art. 


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    Am I Hunting Down What I Want or Am I Attracting it?

    in Spirituality

    Many people use The Laws of Attraction to go on a hunt for what they want to manifest in life.  They approach the process of getting what they want like bringing down the manifestation; much like a lioness does to a gazelle on the Serengeti. With the first law in the Laws of Attraction being Choice/Freewill you get to CHOOSE how to use the Laws, and can use them in  any which way that you please.   However, it’s important to note that there is a marked difference between hunting and attracting.  While both require the expenditure of mental and physical energy, along with clarity, planning, end date, and executable and quantifiable action steps, they are as different as day is to night.

     “to pursue with a single minded force or endeavor to obtain at all costs.”
    “to draw in with a single minded force causing approach at all costs.”

    Join me, Dr. Wendy Dearborne, choice expert and Olivia Lashley, expression coach and artist as we look at the manifestation process of hunting vs. attracting using the Universal Laws of Attraction.

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    Gospel Singer Alache

    in Radio

    With a passion and a talent for music, new artis Alache' is a breath of fresh air to the Gospel music industry. Flaunting a style that showcases urban grooves and pop flavors, Alache' is on a mission to inspire every beliver within earshot. Alachis is reemerging after five years of being out of the Christian music scene, during which she got married and had two baby girls.  As far as affecting her music Alache' said "I thought I was grown the last time, but boy have I grown in five years! Alache is looking forward to not only dropping her latest album this fall but performing live in 2016 as well. The concept music video for "Heave's Angel", which was shot in Dabai, debuted this past summer with rotations in London, the Caribben and West Africa.  The music video for her second single, "Another Day' shot in London, drops in time for the holidays.


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    The Fantasy Six Pack Hour: Fantasy Football Championship Week!

    in Sports

    Welcome to the Week 16 Fantasy Six Pack Hour. It is Fantasy Football Championship Week.

    We begin by telling you about our favorite championship stories from past seasons. We welcome you to call in all show long to tell us about yours. 

    Next we get into the latest slew of injuries that are going to affect the Fantasy Football Championships. There were plenty of big name players that went down last week. Oh and don't forget the Odell Beckham Jr. suspension. 

    To finish, we give our last set of best/worst games and sleepers/busts of the week to help you with both season long decisions and those DFS lineups.

    Good luck in your championship matches!


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    Patriot Pub

    in Education

    In 18th-century colonial America, the public house (or pub) was the epicenter of the American Enlightenment, where people went to have a drink, and engage in philosophical discourse. This led to the American Revolution and a wave of liberty reaching across the planet unlike anything else experienced in history. “Patriot Pub” is a live, unscripted show featuring a range of guests on everything from political philosophy to spiritualism with the goal of recreating the warm, friendly environment of the American colonial tavern and the dialectic that led to some of the greatest ideas in history.

    Patriot Pub is hosted by Matt Fitzgibbons and co-hosted by both talent scout Toni Slate of TalentGalore.org who brings fascinating creatives from around the world to the round table (click here for more on Toni) and D’Artis “Myth” Alexander who is an artist, a writer, and a music producer among other things (click here for more on D’Artis “Myth”).

    Join us and bring your own drink! Callers are welcome during the live show at (347) 539-5154.

    This weeks's guest is mystic and philosopher Joe Bill Schirtzinger of HermeticLightLifeCoaching.com. 

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    in Health

    Water, water, water.  So many choices for the beverage we need most.  Our guest tonight, Clinard Hinson will give us a very needed teaching on why we need a certain type of water to be healthy. Among his many accomplishments he completed the reclamation and restoration of the Wolftown Mill to water power and later organized it into a historical site know as the Wolftown Mill Museum.    More importantly he has succeeded in making the best drink of water after years of laboratory research in a water science pedagogy of his own design.  His system focuses on the requisite contouring of biologically compatible hexagonal water.  With this knowledge you can make better choices and help friends and family come out of the confusion about WATER! 

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    Kingdom Empowered: Donna Ghanney Interviews Dennis O’Keith Garner

    in Christianity

    Kingdom Empowerment, Inc.Radio's Talk Show Host- Donna Ghanney interviews  Christian Song Artist, Dennis O’Keith Garner on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

    Call the Host and Guest @: 001 (646) 668-2413 USA or click the link to listen LIVE: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kingdomempowermentinc

    Short Bio: Dennis O’Keith Garner

    Dennis Garner began playing the electric guitar at the age of 4. By age 5, Dennis had been chosen to perform at the Greensboro Coliseum before thousands of people during a church convention. He spent his youth learning how to use his God given talents which led him to play other instruments including; but not limited to, the bass guitar, organ, keyboard, piano, and all percussions. His talents opened the door for him to play for many church and social events.

    Dennis became a versatile songwriter as well as a Producer/Arranger. He has had the opportunity to work with Producer Quincy Jones (Q Productions) and David Jones who is a former producer of Motown Records. Dennis has opened up shows for many gospel artists such as The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Gospel Keynotes, Billy Paul, John P. Kee, Luther Barnes, Ben Tankard and Darryl Coley. Dennis' first recording was R&B at Mega Sound Studio in Bailey, NC. Later he was involved with Cloudbourne Studio in Detroit, MI. The turning point came in 1985 when he was cast as a guitar player in The Color Purple, a movie starring Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg.

    Learn More About Christian Song Artist, Dennis O’Keith @Kingdom Empowerment Magazine


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    10-4 Radio! Keeping the Drive Alive

    in Self Help

    Tonight’s show will showcase information about the National Minority Trucking Association and insight on the overall trucking industry from Mr. Kevin Reid, Founder & CEO of NMTA. In addition, this week’s guest will be Bryan Hinson Product Manager at TruckLogics, a transportation technology company. We will be discussing  software and technology for small trucking companies.