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    Art of Living Well GUEST DR ERIC PEARL

    in Health

    Even Dr Mehmet Oz said he was “flabbergasted” at he saw.
    Discover How You Can Facilitate Reconnective Healing for Others, Your Loved Ones and Yourself on May 17-19 in Miami, FL. Join 75,000 Around the World Who Have Learned This Skill.
    The founder of Reconnective Healing, Dr. Eric Pearl, has taught more than 75,000 people how to become catalysts for healings — both for themselves and others. Dr. Pearl is the author of The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself — an international bestseller now translated into 36 languages — a book that relates his transformation from a highly successful Los Angeles chiropractor into the first Reconnective Healer when his patients began reporting sudden healings even though he physically had not touched them. 
    After almost 20 years of practicing and teaching Reconnective Healing, Pearl recognizes from thousands  of cases, that Reconnective Healing is a very real phenomenon. Yet he and the scientific world are still  not certain why — or for that matter, even how — it works. “What’s important is that Reconnective Healing works,” affirms Pearl, “even if we don’t know exactly why…even if we don’t ever know exactly why.”   

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    Keep them Coming Back - Marketing to the Art Fair Patron

    in Business

    The interested parties have come to your party: that Art Festival you have been planning and marketing for 364 days. How do you make sure they love the show, bring their friends, buy art, spread the word about what they found there and can't wait for next year?

    Sharon McAllister, Executive Director of ArtFest Fort Myers (FL) and Jenny Wright, Festival Director of The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival (TX) join the conversation and share their best tips for building a memorable experience for their patrons.

    We'll learn about their decisions on:

    public relations
    community relations
    sponsor building
    artist relationships
    plus what works and even more interestingly what they've done that doesn't work!

    Connie Mettler presents results from her 2014 Best Art Fair Survey of art fair buyers where she gathered data about what makes them come to a festival and why ... plus ... why there are formerly favorite shows that they no longer attend.

    Both of these events were chosen as Top 50 Events in the survey.

    Learn more about ArtFest Fort Myers. Learn more about The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival.












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    'Return to Biblical Christianity' with Sister Pearl Corbin

    in The Bible

    Hello everyone welcome to Reaching Out radio where we are reaching out to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

    Tonight's broadcast, the message will be on the dire need for Christians to 'Return to Biblical Christianity'. 

    In light of the Roman Catholic's Pope Francis', historic visit to the U.S. last week will be discussing what actually took place, how this will affect followers of Christ and how the believers of Jesus have to be on the alert to stay true to faith found only in God's only Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Missionary and Minister of God, Sister Pearl Corbin is a very educated and dedicated woman of God. Her teachings are always spirit led and gospel truth.

    Join us tonight and share with us as she teaches us from the living word of God.

    Remember we love you, but God loves you more!! Don't back down when God is backing you up!!

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    Kingdom Perspectives with Sister Pearl Corbin

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Reaching Out Radio tonight your host Sister Pearl Corbin will be sharing Part 4 LGBTQ agenda.

    I believe you will not want to miss tonight's final installment of our

    'Kingdom Perspectives in Our Changing World' program to wrap up our four part series documenting and exposing the The LGBTQ Agenda and how it drastically affects all of the key areas of our present day culture.

    My friends, sisters in the faith and Christian colleagues, Viviana V. Hernandez, along with Myrna Calderon, are my invited guests this evening, for the first hour.


    During our last hour, we are honored to have my beloved brother, Joseph A. Connell Sr., 

    Ph D, Attorney & Counselor at Law to answer some pertinent questions that many pastors and Christian para-church leaders now have, since five Supreme Court Judges voted for same-sex marriage to become the 'law of the land' in America.

    Hope you can join us.

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    The Precious Priceless Pearl

    in Christianity

    In this segment I will be talking to you about why I do this show.  What motivates me or someone to talk about Jesus Christ? People will ridicule you, make fun of you, call you a Jesus freak, or a Holy roller. Does any of that matter? I will be using a passage of Scripture that Jesus used called "the pearl of great price." It is a very powerful passage because it is the heart of every true Christian's belief. Are you someone who has been seeking peace, contentment or some other temporary thing to satisfy your soul? Well you will never have true peace until the "Prince of Peace" has become your everything. Tune In! 


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    The Oyster's Pearl by Adele Hewett Veal

    in Women

    The Oyster's Pearl is recited by the writer, who is an incredible author; Adele Hewett Veal. Her best selling novel is called Shadow in the Mirror. You can purchase online; Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


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    Dr. Eric Pearl: The Reconnection

    in Self Help

    In his book, The Reconnection, Chiropractor Dr. Eric Pearl shares the development of his ability to effect profound healings with people, by “re-connecting” with our innate ability to contact, know and work with, the profound intelligent force most often called “universal intelligence.” Not only will we be talking about how it works, we’ll also be discussing how you can work with it for yourself! Dr. Pearl appeared on Dr. Oz, who was flabbergasted at what Pearl was able to do. Dr. Pearl appeared on Full Power Living two years ago, too, and has made many advances in his approach since that time. Come “catch up” on one of the powerful ways we humans are creating rapid and powerful transformation.

    Two years ago, I had the pleasure and opportunity to take Dr. Pearl’s introductory class, watching him accomplish healing with people in ways I had never imagined. I was even able to do it myself. As a person who has been interested in energy and energy flow for close to half a century, I was amazed at how easily he connected with a person’s energy and changed or positively affected its flow. He was working with higher intelligence, did not need to control every aspect of what was happening, and was achieving amazing results. I can’t wait to hear what he’s been learning and doing since he and I last “met”. Click here to visit Dr. Eric Pearl's website.

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    Art of Love Radio "Surrendering to love"

    in Spirituality

    Checking in with host Ashley Davene sharing tips and her story of love 

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    GLOBAL VOICES Radio ~ Special Guest: Pearl Kupe. Topic: Securing the Gates!

    in Business

    Global Voices is an apostolic and prophetic ministry called to release the WORD of God throughout the nations of the earth!  
    Host/Founder: Apostle Minetta Hare, International Kingdom Ambassadors Network, Kingdom Faith Global Ministries and Global Prayer Force 1000 Ministries. 

    SPECIAL Radio Broadcast Times:   Detroit/New York (8am EST)     Texas/Dallas (7am CST)     South Afrca (14:00 Hour / 2pm)

    SPECIAL GUEST:  Pearl Kupe  from South Africa.   Pearl Kupe earned her LLB, Bachelor of Laws degree from University of Botswana (in conjunction with Edinburgh University), and her LLM, Masters of Law (Advanced Labour Law) , (with distinction)and PGD in dispute Resolution (with distinction) from the University of Cape Town. Pearl is a Kingdom citizen and activist with a grace for the marketplace. Her legal experience is used to address various governments, cabinets and Parliaments all over the world to address the prevailing legal and marketplace issues from a Kingdom Apostolic perspective. Pearl is the Regional Director of International Ministers Fellowship SADC Region.She has served in a number of international ministries over the years, including Aglow International as the President of Aglow (Botswana) and partners with a number of international ministries. Pearl is a frequent commentator on radio and television in South Africa and internationally, and functions in the offices of Apostle and Prophet.

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    Using Video to Increase Your Art Sales

    in Art

    On today’s show we will discuss how to you can use all of the new video apps to build your customer list and sell more of your art. Join Leslie Saeta and September co-host Kelley Sanford as they discuss how to use video and your social media to grow your art business.

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    The Art of Cinematography: LAELA KILBOURN

    in Movies

    Season 3 of the Movie Geeks United Art of Cinematography series kicks off with Laela Kilbourn, an artist who has achieved acclaim for her contributions to a series of beloved documentaries, including American Teen, Word Wars and the upcoming How to Dance in Ohio, which premieres on HBO on October 26.

    For more information on the Art of Cinematography series, visit http://www.moviegeeksunited.net.

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