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    Exclusive Interview with Arsen Cigars

    in Lifestyle

    The Pink Label for Men, Puro from the Dominican Republic


    Sophistication, style, flavor, and tradition—it’s astonishing how pink can embody all these. But these are the exact senses you get once you get your hands on the new Pink Label for Men by Arsen Cigars.


    The Age-old Heritage


    Arsen Cigars is a product of commitment, passion, fervor, and passed-on Dominican Republic traditions.


    Arsen Gasparian, the founder, started to create some of the best tobacco cigars in the market sometime in 2010, but the stories behind them can be traced back as far as six generations ago. Nevertheless the state of ownership doesn’t really matter, as the process of creating every cigar remains the same.


    It starts off with the growth and cultivation of tobacco in a vast estate, the exact same place where harvesting, curing, fermentation, and storing are being performed. The process can be painstaking, but then its’ only how Arsen can produce unparalleled tobacco quality.


    The Arrival of the Pink Dominican Republic Tobacco


    Arsen isn’t just a local brand. It has gained worldwide fame, and with such huge demand, it’s more convenient for the conglomerate to build its own farm and facility in key locations such as America. Yet this is no ordinary tobacco brand. This is traditional, and thus Arsen remains pure Dominican Republic.

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    Arsen Shomakhov and the duo Flesh & Stone Sit On The Couch

    in Music

    Arsen Shomakhov came to us through our friend Carol T.
    Arsen grew up in Russia and in 2005 came to the IBC in Memphis where he made the Semi-Finals. In 2007 he won the right to play on the Emerging Artist Stage at The King Biscuit Festival.
    In 2008 he and his family relocated to Canada.  Since then he has been playing and making fans far and wide.
    Arsen will sit with me and discuss his life and career and we will find out what he has in his plans for the future.  We will also check out music from his album On The Move.
    Then the duo Flesh & Stone take their seat on The Couch.
    This is not a blues act by any means, but they have a cool sound and it is one I wanted to share.
    The duo is Danny K on vocals & guitar and  April on cello. Formed in the summer of 2010, Flesh & Stone is an indie project aimed at creating complex soundscapes and driving instrumentation.
    We will speak with Danny and April about their unique music and their plans for the future.
    "Musicians You Should Know"

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    The First Episode Of Fugitive Radio and live interview with rap artist Arsen

    in Music

    Playing all the latest underground and mainstream hiphop/rap/r&b. Also a live interview with rap artist Arsen, discussing topics such as his new album, shows and all other news.

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    in Music

    FUGITIVE RADIO playing all the new underground and mainstream rap/hiphop/r&b, and also a live interview with underground hip hop artist Ethnic Decsent!

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    FUGITIVE RADIO #1 for rap/hiphop/r&b and live interview with hiphop artist WORDSMITH

    in Music

    FUGITIVE RADIO hosted by ARSEN and P1. The #1 online radio station for underground/mainstream rap/hiphop/r&b. Also live interview with hiphop artists WORDSMITH. He will be talking about his new projects, mixtapes, shows, doing features etc.