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    Elise Fellner survived cardiac arrest

    in Health

    Elise Fellner, at age 16, experienced cardiac arrest.

    Being very blessed by God there were two people nearby who knew CPR and were able to perform this life-saving treatment until the EMT medic unit arrived.

    Listen to the show live or in replay to hear Elise's amazing story.


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    in Spirituality

    ROUNDUP the act or process of finding and gathering together people or things of the same kind.

    HOLY GHOST_Third person of the Trinty. Sanctifies us, 1 Peter 1:2. Speaks to us Acts 8:29; Helps us understand the Word of God Hebrews 4:2; He testifies about who Jesus is, John 15:26; Comforts us , 2 Corthians 1:4.

    arrest-  seize, capture, To use the power of the law to take and Keep. To attract and hold the attention of.

    I have a very special guest on today Elder Larry Taylor, pastor of  Salvation and Praise Tabernacle, Church of God in Christ in Taylor, Texas. He is going to share with us about our other special guest, the Holy Ghost.  Elder Taylor is best known for his knowledge and breakdown of the Word of God. His favorite scripture is Psalm 133. You ccan always find Elder Taylor guilty of being prompt, patient and displaying a calm demeanor. Help me welcome Elder Larry Taylor to Fabulous Fresh Touch Broadcast

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    Rod Parsley child of God abuser, Marcus Lamb cries, Ron Luce arrest warrant

    in Religion

    Rod Parsley does not repent for scamming people even though he has throat cancer, Marcus Lamb fake cries on his beg-a-thon-and an arrest warrant is issued for Ron Luce of Teen Mania.

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    Real Talk 1 Drs. Arrest Warrant Issued For Dr. Harris After Protest

    in Politics Progressive

    Real Talk 1 Drs. Arrest Warrant Issued For Dr. Harris  After Protest at Fresno Police Department. Dr. Harris was followed after protest and 4 motorcycle cops pulled him over.

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    Real Talk #1 Drs. Dr. Harris & Dr. Kennedy Cop Threaten Arrest Pocket Constituti

    in Politics Progressive

    Real Talk #1 Drs. Dr. Harris & Dr. Kennedy Why Did Stockton Police Arrest Black Youth at the bus stop?



    The 16-year-old Stockton boy shot on camera during a violent arrest, insisted Friday he did nothing wrong during the incident.

    Emilio Mayfield was at the Stockton Transit Center Tuesday morning to catch a bus to school when police said he was in a lane marked for buses. Police spokesman Joe Silva said Mayfield was told to move, but he refused, then resisted arrest when the officer tried to cite him for trespassing.

    The encounter was captured on camera, and it seems to show Mayfield grabbing a police baton being used against him.

    "His baton is toward my chest, then goes to my neck, and he was choking me," Mayfield said. "I can hardly breathe, and I'm pushing it back."

    Silva said police officer can't allow their weapons to be taken away.

    "If people would just comply with a lawful order from a police officer and try not to take weapons away, force wouldn't have to be used," he said.

    Silva said the incident is under administrative review. Any video shot by a police body camera won't be released because of the ongoing investigation.

    The grandfather of Mayfield, Reggie Duncan, said Friday it hadn't been determined yet if the family would sue Stockton police for how the arrest was handled. http://www.abc10.com/story/news/2015/09/18/stockton-police-video-mayfield/72431142/


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    Police Refuse To Arrest Dog Thief/Rapist CALL TO ACTION

    in Pets

    Looking at the website for Waynesboro, MS, I see they take pride in their city. The police site proudly displays "To Protect and Serve'. However, these must just be words that they display to make their city look good! In reality, the police are failing to 'protect and serve' one family and their despirate calls for police assistance.

    James and Laquita Johnson were awaken at 2:30am Saturday morning by a call from their neighbor stating he had witnessed a man tearing thru their fence to get to one of their beloved dogs (why the dog was kept outside if it was so beloved is unknown to me). The witness gave a description of the truck and the Johnsons knew exactly who was the thief. Laquita called the police but when they showed up, they simply told her they could NOT knock on his door!!!!!!!!! So James, the owner of the missing dog, walked don to the suspects house to get his dog back. As he approached, the dog came running out of the house!!!!!! Evidence in the rectal area proved the dog had been raped.

    Now we are making a Call To Action plea for our listeners to spread the news, make calls, and write emails. Those living near the Waynesboro, MS area are asked to picket the City Hall and demand an investigation, arrest and prosecution of the suspect, Eddie Woullard.

    Here is the information:

    Waynesboro City Office

    714 Wayne St

    Waynesboro, MS 39367

    601-735-4874, 601-735-3121




    Mayor: Richard Johnson 601-735-4874

    Story from: Shannon Stewart Bates facebook page

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    Q&A: Resisting Arrest, Enjoying Atlas Shrugged, Stigmatized Property, and More

    in Self Help

    Philosopher Dr. Diana Brickell answered questions on resisting arrest, enjoying Atlas Shrugged, stigmatized property, and more in this episode of Philosophy in Action Radio. 

    Question 1: How should the police respond to people resisting arrest? 

    Question 2: How can I be less annoyed with Atlas Shrugged? 

    Question 3: Should sellers of homes be obliged to report the spiritual or criminal history of the property? 

    To download or feed a high-quality version of this episode, plus show notes and other details, visit its archive page. 

    For more from Dr. Diana Brickell on the application of rational principles to the challenges of real life, visit PhilosophyInAction.com.

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    Dating Dilemmas: Ex-cons, Arrest Records and Prisoners

    in Relationships

    We are continuing our discussions on your dating dilemnas.  This week's topic is dating ex-cons, men with arrest records and prisoners:  

    What if you found out the man you are currently dating has a record?  Should you continue seeing him?
    What are the potential issues if he has?  
    Should you be open to men who are currently IN prison?
    Would you stand by your man if he got arrest today? 

    Join Matchmaker & Dating Coach Kiki Strickland as she explores this topic!

    "One of the Top Matchmakers in the Country" - Ebony Magazine

    Kiki Strickland is a matchmaker and Dating Coach who is passionate about helping smart, successful, singles who have a difficult time finding and keeping love. Her private coaching sessions and dating seminars are all about providing love life solutions to singles who desire to be married. Professionals who have succeeded in their careers are often frustrated by not finding the same success in relationships. Through her "Married in 2-Years or Less" program and "Meeting Mr. Right" group, as well as her eBook "How Divas Date", Ms. Strickland is helping singles find love and the relationship they have dreamed of. 

    Visit www.kikistrickland.com






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    The Continuing Saga: Patricia Smalls Seeking Justice; THE ISSUED ARREST WARRANT

    in Legal

    AND NOW... THE ARREST WARRANT - CPA, PATRICIA SMALLS, from West New York, New Jersey, UPDATES us on her concise journey and tells of her "Joan  Of Arc" type efforts to stave off a barrage of legal and judicial tactics from Co-Op Building Managers, Police Officers, lawyers and Judges, as they squeeze to seize her $250,000 Co-Op Apartment.  ///  HOW IS SHE COMPETING AGAINST SUCH ODDS??? Will Justice Ever Be Served??? Listen and you be the judge.

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    Carson, a local attorney with 30 years experience, had just been assigned as co-prosecutor with the Superior Court Research Attorney to prosecute a local DA Chief Prosecutor (Dave Harris) and DA investigator (Steve Jacobson) for jury tampering, jury intimidation, and lying to a  Superior Court Judge (Steffen).   Judge Steffen did a declaration to the court (Judge MacFadden) that Chief Prosecutor Dave Harris lied to him when questioned about the jury tampering incident involving his subordinate Steve Jacobson.   

    Just before this case was to go to court, Jacobson, Harris, a group of  DA investigators, the local Sheriff's Department, and other local agencies wrote a warrant affidavit for murder against Carson - delaying their own criminal prosecution.  These investigators drove 1.5 hours south to Madera County to get this warrant signed by a Superior Court Judge.  

    It appears that Carson is being railroaded as a result of being the whistleblower who exposed corruption in the Stanislaus County District Attorney's office.

    A civil case filed by Carson against Stanislaus County and DA investigator Jacobson for an assault on Carson by Jacobson in the courthouse has also been put on hold.