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    "Barbershop Talk: How to Recognize a Man Living Life on the DL"

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    In today's society, we're seeing more and more educated, professional, successful, single men...Unfortunately, we're also seeing a huge increase in men who enjoy spending their free time having sex with other men. Tune into "Barbershop Talk" on "The Dedan Tolbert Show" TONIGHT at9:00pm EST for a rebroadcast of our special on "How to Recognize and Avoid Men Living Life on the DL", where some of the realest men in the country provided the ladies with some of the most valuable dating and relationship advice possible. Listen 7 nights a week by calling 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... "Real Radio that Matters for Over 10 Years" ?#‎RRTM?

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    NFL Cardinals Rodney Gunter

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    We will be talking sports and having fun doing it.  Expected to be joined by Arizona Cardinals DL Rodney Gunter who will discuss the Cardinals big win against the Seahawks. Also, talking all things NFL. Have we seen the last of Peyton Manning? Can the Patriots really go 16-0? Do you have a problem with Cam Newton and the dancing?  Also, NBA talk as well. Was firing Kevin McHale the right move for the Rockets? Can the Warriors really win 70 games? Call 646-727-3070 to join the fun,

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    Troy Drayton is Our Special Guest

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      Troy Drayton chimes in to help us try to make sense of all that's happening with these Dolphins of ours!  The great tight end for the Dolphins from 1996-1999 (and formally with the Rams and Chiefs) sheds light on this very confusing time of change for his former team. As co-host on "The Finsiders", he stays up to date on all things Dolphins and with any luck, will share some of the inside scoop with us!  (Maybe he can give us some pointers on how to be good radio hosts too!)

       We’ll address the Tannehill haters out there too!  His numbers do nothing but improve from year to year but, all some fans choose to talk about are the things they see that he struggles with.  I for one am gonna give him some love!  We will talk Miller vs. Ajayi in the back field and a possible 2 headed monster behind Tanny...  The likelihood of DeVante Parker making a splash going into the 2nd half of the season, and so much more!!!  

    (516) 453-9433 is the # to call and ask Troy stuff and vent Dolphins, call me out on my opinions, and any other things ya wanna talk about on Thursday starting at 6:30PM (est.)

    Seeya then

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    Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson, Bread Recipe

    in Health

    Good morning and welcome to Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson, Founder and CEO of Miclknight. I am an Educator, Speaker, Radio Show Host, Author and a full-circle Health Coach.


    Today’s topic: Recipes

    original bread recipe:

    4 cups flour

    2 eggs 

    2 tsp salt

    2 tsp Fleishman’s dry yeast

    2 Tbl sugar

    12 oz lukewarm liquid

    Second version:

    3 cups flour

    ½ cup oats

    ½ cup rye flour

    Third version: same as 2

    6 scoops flax seed meal

    13 Tbl water = 2/3 cup  

    Fourth version

    3 cups bread flour

    ½ cup oats

    1/2 cup coconut flour

    ½ cup ground up avocado seeds 

    Fifth version: divide into 4, roll out each piece, then sprinkle some cinnamon, brown sugar, raisins and a cut up fruit on flat piece, roll up, put back into pan but without the hook. Do this with all 4 pieces. Push it all down a bit, close lid, then set on 80 min bake.

    Due to high blood pressure I have been leaving the salt out. We don’t need a preservative, as we cut the bread into slices when it’s cold and freeze it so it stays fresh. Put it in the toaster when ready to eat and it tastes like fresh out of the oven again!

    Let me know how your bread turned out!

    Gift: www.thomson.enagicweb.com   use this water

    Contact info: www.miclknight.com




    Until next week! Stay Healthy and Empowered!

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    "What The HELL Was That!?" Spirit connections, Ghost box talk

    in Paranormal

    Host Carlee Robbins and host Deb DeRousse will be taking your calls to talk about spirit communication. Have you heard spirit speak? What did he/she say? How did you hear it? Ghost box sessions are done all the time by professionals and they love it, as do we (Deb and I). Have you used one? What did you think? We can have some fun with this subject because we all know one subject leads to another and anything goes. Carlee will be out of town and trying her best to keep on the radio for you but it might be tricky. We can only wait and cross our fingers the signal stays strong for the show.


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    Love of Heart Movement Radio Show Spotlights Susan Hamilton-Content Therapist

    in Motivation

    Queen of Hearts interviews Susan Hamilton-Content Therapist

    Top 6 reasons to listen this show:

    1. Susan suggests that you find your unique self.

    2. Susan say we should never stop working on ourself.

    3. Why does she have a passion for kids in trouble.

    4. Learn why she tell others to pray.

    5. Why does Susan believe in networking.

    6. Learn how Susan stays motivated.

    Contact Susan at 214-714-0495 or Susan@OffBeatBusiness.com


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    Joseph Wakim Author of 'What My Daughters Taught Me'

    in Lifestyle

    Joseph Wakim OAM is an independent writer on human rights issues. While completing his Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Melbourne, he became one of the original volunteer street workers in the Open Family Foundation in 1984. He then established a similar street work project for homeless youth in Adelaide and is known for exposing child prostitution in the church city.
    He was a social worker for the Arabic-speaking community at the time of the first Gulf War in 1991. After conducting hundreds of media interviews and writing letters to the editor, Joseph was invited to write opinion columns. He has been a prolific writer ever since and his body of work is highlighted on this site.
    His anti-racism campaigns  and initaitives earned the Commonwealth Heads of Government Violence Prevention Award in 1996.
    As a widowed father of three children, his writing is enriched by his personal experience with the big questions in life. His second book 'What my Daughters Taught Me' is a story of triumph and how the human spirit stays strong when life goes wrong. His story deals with the need for men to be ‘emancipated’ by being nurtured to be nurturers. It links with current debates about domestic violence and our male definition of strength. It also argues that it is the quality of the parenting, not the gender, that matters most. Gender differences are exaggerated and exploited, resulting in men missing out on so much.
    His book has been described as a ‘brilliantly honest memoir, hilariously so’, The book not only deals candidly with father-daughter relationships but additionally with resilience, hope, faith, masculinity, strength, grief and the ‘humour hormone’.

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    Get Latest Trends in Digital Marketing by Evan Weber on Revenue Chat, Tony DUrso

    in Business

    Evan Weber, digital marketing expert, shares the latest trends in digital marketing on Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso.

    Evan, known as the Hardest Working Guy in Digital Marketing, says, “you can’t afford to NOT work with Experience Advertising.”

    Evan has been involved in e-commerce and digital marketing for more than 17 years and part of several successful start-ups and Internet ventures. Currently, he runs the digital marketing agency he founded in 2007 and has partnerships in other Internet companies.

    He is known as an expert in most aspects of digital marketing and social media, and takes a lot of pride in living up to his reputation as the hardest working guy in digital marketing. He is a recognized conference speaker and content producer. 

    Evan works with clients on their overall online marketing strategies and introduces them to new e-commerce technologies. He stays on the cutting-edge of digital marketing and focuses on delivering unrivaled value and ROI for his agency's clients.

    Evan shares the latest trends in digital marketing, here on Revenue Chat.


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    Conversations with Sapphire J Blue with Author Lena Hart - His Diamond Queen (Qu

    in Writing

    Quartette** In this seductive series, four lives collide in a riveting tale of secrets, deception, betrayal, andrevenge...and this story is about...the forbidden gem... Rachelle Silva is used to getting what she wants. As the beloved secret daughter of a ruthless crime boss, she wants for nothing--except freedom from her overprotective father. But when her identity is compromised and her life is threatened, Rachelle is given the one thing she's always hated most: an escort. Former fighter Jay Price stays connected with Vegas's criminal underbelly, and for the right price he'll take on any job. But when he's hired to babysit self-centered "princess" Rachelle, he finds himself captivated by the beautiful, spoiled socialite--and annoyed by his sudden attraction to her. Confused by her own attraction to the tattooed "thug," Rachelle sets out to make Jay as aware of her as she is of him. Unfortunately the threats to her life are all too real, and Jay is forced to bring her into "his world" until the threat is...dealt with. But he has an even bigger fight on his hands--his desire for the one woman he's forbidden to have

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    The long-awaited third release of multi-instrumentalist, Vincent Ingala, gives you more of his funky, soulful smooth jazz. From the driving upbeat title track, “Coast to Coast,” to the smooth, sensual, “Love On Hold,” Ingala will take you on an emotional journey, In addition to his seven original compositions, Ingala stays true to his love of old-school and R&B with three surprising covers.

    Follow Vincent on Facebook and Instagram.

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    Love of Heart Movement spotlights Leland Bruce-Graphic Designer-G3 Printing

    in Motivation

    Queen of Hearts interviews Leland Bruce-Graphic Designer of G3 Printing.

    Top 6 reasons to listen to this show:

    1. Learn why Leland works for the family business.

    2. Leland is currently developing his purpose, listen to my advice for him.

    3. He explains how he handles a challenge.

    4. Learn what advice he has to the young people.  What does LIFE mean???

    5. What advice does he give entrepreneurs??

    6. Learn how he stays motivated.

    Contact with Leland at G3 Printing at 214-303-7641.