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    Jeff Stoller - Success Requires More Than An Idea

    in Business

    With a professional background as an attorney, accountant and professor of finance at the University of Southern California and his work in the hospitality/entertainment field, Jeff Stoller is a recognized expert in entrepreneurship and brand management, having worked with world famous brands including The Rolling Stones and Warner Bros. Stoller’s firm has helped dozens of companies through startup and growth stages.

    Selected as one of the 20 top professors at the USC School of Business, he has been a speaker on many panels, trade shows and conferences, and a contributing author to numerous publications.

    Jeff is the author of You Want To Be An Entrepreneur - Success Requires More Than An Idea which is a primer for new and future entrepreneurs. 



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    Jeff Stoller-You Want to be an Entrepreneur

    in Management

    Jeff Stoller, JD, MBA, MBT, wrote “You Want To Be An Entrepreneur”: Success Requires More Than Just A Good Idea, to help people who have a great concept but don’t know all the vital business areas they need to think about in order to start a successful endeavor. With his professional background as an attorney, accountant and business consultant, Stoller’s book offers great advice and practical insight to the budding entrepreneur.

    This valuable book offers a primer on marketing, finance, law, production, accounting and everything that is the foundation of any solid business. Whether your dream is to open a new restaurant or to sell a new product or app, you will have to address contracts, licensing, labor and a whole range of topics you may never have thought of before.

    “If you are confronted with an issue and remember that you read something about that in this book – and because of that you ask the right questions that help you avoid a big problem – the book will have achieved its purpose,” says Stoller.

    The author has a long history in the entrepreneurial world. He was the President of Stoller & Associates, a firm that consulted and created business plans for a wide array of companies from start-ups to major corporations. He also ran Stoller Publications during which time he developed products for The Rolling Stones, Playboy and Warner Brothers. This fall, he will be releasing unique app, called “IntiMates”, to help families and couples strengthen their relationships. Prior to launching his own businesses, Stoller served as a tax accountant at KPMG Peat’s Century City office.

    He has served as an Adjunct Professor of Finance and Business Economics at the University of Southern California where he was selected as one of the 20 top professors at the School of Business. 


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    If your DREAMS don't scare you they're not BIG enough

    in Entertainment

    Join me with Drac Von Stoller for a show filled with horrifically terrific INSPIRATION.

    Drac is a Horror Author with 186 short stories under his cape that have been downloaded almost 704,000 times and counting in over 147 countries around the world.

    You can find his Audiobooks at retailers like Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, along with close to 200 videos on Youtube.

    Some of his short stories have made it to Short Films with his infamous story so far being "Bloody Mary".

    Drac Von Stoller's story as a Horror Author is one of continued perserverance in doing what he loves no matter what the opposition.

    Talk about scary, LOL!  

    His achievements thus far are many although he remains humble and dedicated to his craft...too many to list here but please check out links below for more information on Drac Von Stoller:



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    Cincinnati Business Talk #84 Arny Stoller, Owner, Covap

    in Business

    Cincinnati Business Talk highlights the positive side of Cincinnati area businesses. We will be talking to CEOs who have won awards, innovated with new products and services. Today's show will feature Arny Stoller, Owner of COVAP. He began his career as a pharmacist, purchasing his father’s pharmacy, the Covington Apothecary. After some years practicing pharmacy Arny realized that he and pharmacy were not a good match.
    In 1967 he started a business selling supply items to pharmacies using direct mail advertising. He named his new company COVAP by taking COV from Covington and AP from Apothecary.
    Because all of COVAP’s advertising is done using direct mail, Arny and his staff became experts in bulk mailing procedures. Some years later, using this expertise, COVAP began offering bulk mailing services. The show streamed on Thursday January 24th at 4 PM. Listen to this link: http://tobtr.com/s/4245575 You can listen to the show on Apple iTunes as a Podcast. You can add the podcast at:   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Cincy-Business-talk.rss
    You can add Cincy-Business-Talk as an RSS feed to your Outlook email program. The exact feed http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Cincy-Business-talk.rss

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    Alternative Medical Treatments

    in Health

    Greetings and welcome to Radio Time Productions with your Host, Valerie Jarrette Bass. 

    Dr. Howard Stoller and others...will discuss a few alternative to prescription drugs, the # 1anti-aging supplement, mind machines...

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    Cutting Edge Medical Technology

    in Health

    Greetings and welcome to Radio Time Productions with Host, Valerie Jarrette Bass. Interviewing cutting edge medical professionals, and other experts and entrepreneurial spirits. Dr. Howard Stoller will join us and discuss mind machines..

  • She Never Slept interviews Drac Von Stoller

    in Entertainment

    Horror Fiction Writer Drac Von Stoller has written 155 Short Stories in the Horror & Ghost Genre that has been sold and downloaded in 102 Countries. His most recent books are: The Urban Legend Killings, Infected, and The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetary. Join us as we chat about his books, self publishing, the horror genre, and more!

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    TGIF Gifts For Mom

    in Lifestyle

    Greetings and Welcome to Radiotime Productions, With Host, Valerie Jarrette Bass. Broadcasting Live Every Monday and Friday @5pm Interviewing experts and entrepreneurs.

    Guest's this evening will be Sherry Wright Sperty, executive at Touchstone Crystal, Beautiful  Swarvosky Jewlery, and a home based business...

     Andy Gateriewictz  author of " The Unfinished Work Week" a book on Amazon entrepreneur, marketing expert. 

    Dr. Howard Stoller, & Ada his 92 year old mother. Happy Mothers Day to all Moms and a special Moms Day to my mom, Audrey Jarrette celebratingwith the Angels, Sherry Bass my other mother.

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    Cutting Edge Health and Wellness & Gifts for Mothers Day

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome to Radiotime Productions With Host Valerie Jarrette Bass. Guest Speakers, Howard Stoller, M.D., Victoria Hagendorf, Publisher, Broward LifeStyle Magazine, Valerie, Unique Gifts for Mothers Day.



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    A Variety of Busniess Guests

    in Business

    Grettings and welcome to RTP with your host Valerie Jarrette Bass, broadcasting from beautiful South Florida. Our Guests this evening;John Steven, Consultant,  is a patent holder, Inventor ( 3-D tv), business man and more... Dr. Howard Stoller will be discussing in our segment series: Tools-Techniques-Technologies. Our LifeStyle Segment with Victoria Hagendorf, Broward Lifestyle Magazine. Valerie's updates and announcements. Technical Problams...Show will rebroadcast TUESDAY,10.

     This show will resume TUESDAY, 10 @ 5pm


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    T G I F - Good Friday

    in Lifestyle

    Grettings and Welcome To Radio Time Productions with Host, Valerie Jarrette Bass. This is Good Friday, we have Passover and Easter this week. This is a very Holy week for millions of people world wide. We will be discussing what the Bible says about prophetic events unfolding everyday. JB, Biblical Scholar, Dr. Stoller and others. Call-In and speak with these experts. God Bless, Have a Wonderful Easter & Passover.