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    Bert Martinez joined by Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour, Ranjan De Silva, Chris Coffey

    in Business

    Vernice Armour known to most, simply as FlyGirl. She went from beat cop to combat pilot in 3 years. After serving two tours overseas, she had become America's First African American Female Combat Pilot. After returning home, she realized that many people wanted to create breakthroughs in their own lives, they just didn't know how. From her experiences, she created a 7-step process she now calls the Zero to Breakthrough Success Model and travels extensively sharing this message through her keynotes, coaching and seminars.Her book, Zero to Breakthrough, goes on sale April 28th nationwide

    Ranjan De Silva CEO Success Coach and Team Leadership Specialist from the New York Based Leadership Development Consultancy, Sensei International, Ranjan works of their Dubai office providing the companies services to clients in Asia

    Chris Coffey very driven in “helping successful leaders get even better” and uniquely masterful in working with “hard-nosed” leaders. As he worked with Marshall Goldsmith for over three decades he is also a major contributor to the development of Marshall’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology. As an executive coach he has impacted the professional lives and careers of high level executives and their teams from a diversity of industries and cultural contexts in transformative ways. Chris is an exemplar of leadership development due to his decades of successfully coaching executives and his use of well-placed humor and irony




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    Metalsmith Benchtalk with Urban- Armour Metalsmith Chris Nelson from Colorado

    in Art

    Our guest on Metalsmith Benchtalk on Thursday, February 5th, 2015 at 3:00 pm PST/ 4:00 MST is metalsmith Chris Nelson. Chris I will be teaching a 3 Day Basic Ferrous Musings/Fusings workshop in San Diego at Whaley Studios Feb. 27-March 1. Please join us for this live interview and participate by logging onto the chatroom or by sending a message to Whaley Studios via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. 


    About Chris:

    Chris began his goldsmithing career in 2000 and has studied under some of the most influential and highly respected art jewelry metalsmiths in the US.  Mastery of several torches, alloying high-karat golds, fusing dissimilar metals, understanding metallurgy and chemistry, and exploring hand-applied textures and patinas have lead to the creation of Urban-Armour.  Chris discovered the ancient Japanese technique, Zougan, to be a perfect process for applying fine gold and silver to iron and other non-precious metals on his jewelry. The work now includes a palette of 7 distinct gold alloys fused to highly hand-textured iron at temperatures approaching 2000 degrees F


    Urban-Armour jewelry begs to be worn to understand its “indestructible substance and beauty.”   



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    God’s armour to help you in the fight

    in Christianity

    Are you prepared for a spiritual battle?

    1. Belt of truth

    2. Breastplate of righteousness

    3. Shoes of peace

    4. Shield of faith

    5. Helmet of salvation and sword of the Spirit

    Are you ready?

     Are you leaving parts of your life vulnerable to attack from the devil? Don't make yourself an easy target. Don't you be caught unprepared. It is dangerous to go into battle without full protection. Put on the full armour of God!

    We encourage you to check out our website at http://mojicaluis951.wix.com/cyrt and feel free to send us a message. We want to hear from you.

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    DS & Danny Morano - The full Armour of God (A armadura completa de Deus)

    in Christianity

    Revesti-vos de toda a armadura de Deus, para que possais estar firmes contra as astutas ciladas do diabo. Efésios 6:11
    Website do Dr. Danny Morano: http://godisnotreligious.net/
    Sábado, 22 de Novembro, 20h Portugal (16h Brasília)

    Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may stand against the wiles of the devil. Ephesians 6:11
    Dr. Danny Morano`s Webpage: http://godisnotreligious.net/
    Saturday, November 22nd, 3pm EST\2pm CST\1pm MST - USA

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    Buck Radio!!!!

    in Energy

    Tune in each and every Wednesday for all the latest news and updates for the bucking community!

    Click the Link:

    or Dial In: (347) 539-5305

    Hosted by Dontavious "Flash Prodigy" Body and Gloria "Gabbana" Armour

    SEASON 4 Episode 13  April 29, 2015!!!!

    8:00pm-8:14pm Beats and Commercial

    8:15pm-8:29pm Welcome: Weekend Recap

    Bring it! The season Finale 

    The Big Buck Recap

    The Prancing Elites Project Episode 2

    Bruce Jenner Interview 

    8:30 pm-Entertainment News: Gossip, World and Celeberity New

    9:00 pm- Real Talk w/ Kentrell Collins Captain of Prancing Elites

    9:45pm-Thought Of The Day

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    Buck Radio!!!!!!

    in Energy

    Tune in each and every Wednesday for all the latest news and updates for the bucking community!

    Click the Link:

    or Dial In: (347) 539-5305

    Hosted by Dontavious "Flash Prodigy" Body and Gloria "Gabbana" Armour

    SEASON 4 Episode 12  April 22, 2015!!!!

    8:00pm-8:14pm Beats and Commercial

    8:15pm-8:29pm Welcome: Weekend Recap

    Bring it!

    The Big Buck

    The Prancing Elites Project Premier

    8:30 pm-Entertainment News: Gossip, World and Celeberty New

    9:00 pm- Real Talk w/ Drill Team

    9:45pm-Thought Of The Day

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    in Christianity

    Can you see the things that God is doing? Listen, God is still supreme is his attitude. We who believe that our father is still the best for fallen mankind.

    The challenge is "Now" remember the kingdom heaven suffer by force,but the violent take by force.by prayer; speaking the word;keeping the whole armour on;give no plade to darkness.

    John 17: 1 Father the hour has come that you be glorified as it was in the beginning....Let's believe  

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    LIfe After Christianity 101 w/ Special Guest Idyllic Bode Howard

    in Religion

    COMING UP SATURDAY ON LAC 101. May 2nd, 2015 @ 4PM MST/PST, 6PM CST & 7PM EST- ..Join Empress T to welcome Sis. Idyllic Bode Howard to the show to discuss "Witchcraft & Manipulation in the Church House."

    "Let's learn how to save ourselves instead of waiting on someone to do it for us..." Empress T

    ABOUT THE HOST: Life After Christianity 101 was created by radio host Empress T'Malkia Zuri in 2012 on her own blogtalk network "Dynasty Network 1382." She began her radio career on a Christian radio station in Phoenix, AZ KXXT 1010. After refusing to "dumb down" her topics, a mutual agreement was met and Empress T was released from the contract after refusing to conform to their request.

    Empress T is a recovering Christian who is 36 months clean after 44 years of indoctrination, and celebrates her sobriety date on Dec. 27th. She has devoted much of her time to sharing what she has learned about the mental effects of Christianity in the Black Family. She is a former National licensed Minister under one of the largest churches in the U.S, a former Armour Bearer to 2 pastors and a bishop, and a former Sunday School and bible teacher. Empress T is also entering her second year (in June) as a student at the University of Metaphysics in Arizona and is obtaining a degree in Transpersonal Psychology.

    Empress T's main objective is "NOT to CONVERT our people, but to PROVOKE our people to think and study for themselves". Remember....Her tagline is REVERSING THE CURSE OF RELIGION, and her main point is to remind all who tune in that YOU ARE THE VERY GOD YOU ARE SEEKING.


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    LFTA EP39 Lance Erickson & Adrian Armour-Carry on My Wayward Son

    in Wrestling

    This week on the show we have NWA Wrestler Lance Erickson on the show and we are excited to talk to him about the resurgance of the NWA Logo & Name, as well as his upcoming plans for wrestling. We also have Adrian Armour on the show who has been working for AWE as of late & we want to talk to him about the excititng return of wrestling to the Georgia area as well as what the future holds for him.
    7pm EST on Blog Talk Radio
    Studio: 213-816-1605
    We are on iTunes!!
    Our Stream Can Be Heard Overseas at www.fnxnetwork.com
    Please Support www.strongstylelife.com

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    Why The Believing Ones Need The Armour Of Theos

    in Spirituality

    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore the necessity of the Armour of Theos in the lives of believing ones.

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    WWE RAW and TNA Talk, Extreme Rules Predictions and Update on GFW

    in Wrestling

    Pro Wrestling's Pit Stop with "The Psychologist" Jay Llewellyn and "Mr. Super Dynamic" Lewis Carlan returns tonight at 7 PM EST/4 PM PST right here on BlogTalkRadio. We would like to thank all listeners of last week's podcast with special guest former WWE wrestler Jose Luis Rivera who helped us garner our largest audience to date. Thank you to all listeners who listen to our podcast each and every week. Everyone here at Pro Wresting's Pit Stop appreciates everyone's support each and every week. This week Jay and Lewis will talk WWE RAW, TNA Impact Wrestling from this week, provide our predictions for WWE's Extreme Rules pay-per-view scheduled for this Sunday April 26th live on the WWE Network. Jay and Lewis will also talk about the big update this week from Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling promotion as well as talk about the return of WWE Tough Enough on June 23rd with Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada Pro Wrestler Markus Burke receiving roughly 15,000 YouTube views on his WWE Tough Enough video submission since April 20th. As always our Knight in Shining Armour, the Enforcer Patrick will be on hand with Jay and Lewis to give his insight on the big happenings of this week in the world of professional wrestling. Please don't forget to set your reminders on your PC's, Laptops and mobile devices and check out Pro Wrestling's Pit Stop tonight at 7 PM EST/4 PM PST on BlogTalkRadio. Don't you dare miss it!!