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    Utopia Revelations with Author H D Gordon

    in Books

    Book blogger and Indie author Jo Michaels interviews author and poet HD Gordon to discuss her Utopia con revelations. HD writes young adult and adult fiction, and she has a collection of poetry titled A Mustard Seed you can snap up here on Amazon. But, truly, the book we'll be discussing most is Blood Warrior the first book in Gordon's New Adult Alexa Montgomery Saga. It's about vampires and a girl bent on revenge. HD was also a Quarter-finalist in 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (which is very difficult to do). Join us as we find out where the idea for the series came from, and find out what HD learned about, and took away from, Utopia. You can find HD on her Amazon author page here, or her website here.

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    Barbara Hand Clow: Revelations of the Ruby Crystal

    in Spirituality

    Internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, popular author and Mayan calendar researcher Barbara Hand Clow returns to the show to share wonderful insights from her recently released debut novel Revelations of the Ruby Crystal.  In a powerful tale revealing the impacts of "quantum living", Barbara has woven together a story of romance, deep earth forces, psychic powers, aristocracy, and Vatican world control centered on an ancient ruby that inspires mystical visions.

    Barbara's many popular non-fiction books include Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini, The Pleiadian Agenda, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, Awakening the Planetary Mind, and The Mayan Code.  She has taught at sacred sites throughout the world and maintains an astrological web site www.HandClow2012.com.

    Program music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer (LarrySeyer.com), included in this podcast with his permission. Visit FrontierBeyondFear.com to learn about the inspirational outreach of this program, now in its 6th year.

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    The Book of Revelations pt 20

    in Religion

    Greetings Friends,

    We have entered into the beginnings of sorrawl.Watching current events unfold in the news media should prepare believers to get as many people saved as you can. As we study chapter 14 we will see another heavenly vision by the Apostle John. During my study time and gathering of notes, I realize a lot of the events taking place in this chapter have not happened and will not happen before a few more current events. As it stand, we have not approached any of the things mentioned during our study (maybe a few small things sent to warn us of the nearness of Christ second coming). However, I do believe that the system for the Mark of The Beast is in place; but for now, we have to keep our eyes on Isreal, Russia, Germany, Egypt, Bagdad and the USA. The recent Bambings concerning Russia is critical, as they are spearheading the beginning of more wars; which will lead to other nations joining in, and the ultimate end will be an attack on Isreal (and we haven't seen that yet, but I believe its going to happen sooner then we think!).

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  • The Book of Revelations pt 13

    in Religion

    Wow! Saints, Friends, and Family:

    Things are really heating up as we progress through the book of Revelation. We are now in chapter 7 and will be looking at the 144,000 and the turn of events surrounding these twelve tribes of Isreal. The sealing of Gods elect is soley for the protection from the wraft that will poured out upon rebellious mankind. In the book of Ezekiel a similar vision is seen when the angle is told to go throughout the city, putting a mark on the foreheads of those who "sighed nad cried" for all the abominations of Jeruselam. We will see a similar action demonsrated in Revelations chapter 7 when the angle is told to go forth and ceal the foreheads of a small remenant of Gods servants that cry out with repentance.

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    The Book of Revelations pt 18

    in Religion


    This episode will show a direct connection between the church of Isreal, and that of Jesus Christ clean through the tribulation and the return of Christ.

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    There's A Rock For That! Welcomes Revelations Oracle Creator Paul Miller

    in Spirituality

    Host Tarot Dactyl is excited to welcome Paul Miller, creator of the Revelations Oracle Cards to There's A Rock For That!

    Owner and operator of Lotus Healing Arts Center in downtown Sacramento, CA, Paul Miller does intuitive readings, chakra balancing, and also works as a hair dresser. With over 20 years of experience in the metaphysical arts, Miller's work and studies have now culminated in the creation of a beautiful deck of cards. 

    Created through the medium of soul collage and channeled messages from the deities, the Revelations Oracle Deck is a tool designed to help you use all of your senses and bring your creations into reality.  

    You can learn more about this amazing oracle as well as take advantage of the opportunity to support Paul's work by going to his Kickstarter page:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/revelations/revelations-oracle-cards-tarot

    During the show Paul will discuss his process and inspiration for the deck and much more, including the roles of crystals in his work.

    The featured stone in this episode is Alexandrite.

    Tune in to the live broadcast of this episode at 4PM ET/3PM CT/2PM MT/1PM PT on Thursday, November 5, 2015

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    The Book of Revelations pt 9

    in Religion

    Friends, this is going to be a journey through the book of Revelations. Today we will look at the last church, the church of Laodicea. And unto the angel of the church of Laoedicea write these things: "........I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot: I would that you would be cold or hot. So because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth....."

    Listen, God would rather we be hot and on fire for him! Do and be all that you can for God with ferver; forget about who is calling you religious, and obey God from the heart. Then you will see him do what he promised he would do in your life. "Godliness is profitable", the bible says.

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    Barbara Hand Clow on Revelations of The Ruby Crystal, a novel

    in Books

    A Debut Novel Filled with Romantic Suspense from Bestselling Author Barbara Hand Clow

    In her debut as a novelist, bestselling author and acclaimed spiritual teacher Barbara Hand Clow weaves together a story of romance, deep earth forces, psychic powers, aristocracy, and Vatican world control centered on an ancient ruby that inspires mystical visions.

    Set in Rome in 2012, the story follows Sarah Adamson, a beautiful young Catholic graduate student from Boston studying at the Vatican Library for her thesis on the first Christian heretic, Marcion of Pontus. She is being courted by two utterly different men: Simon Appel, a descendent of the kabbalist Isaac Luria who covers Vatican affairs for the New York Times, and Armando Pierleoni, the heir to an ancient Italian aristocratic family with strong ties to the Vatican. After a terrible encounter with the dark side at a castle in Tuscany, Sarah is given a ring set with a ruby crystal, a powerful stone that was once the third eye of an ancient Buddha statue in Nepal.

    Barbara Hand Clow is an internationally acclaimed teacher, author, and Mayan Calendar researcher who has taught at sacred sites throughout the world. Her numerous books include The Pleiadian Agenda, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, Awakening the Planetary Mind, and The Mayan Code. Now she is writing novels to explore the reality for a wider audience. She holds a M.A. in Theology from Chicago's Loyola University and for twenty years was an acclaimed publisher of books on spirituality and new consciousness. 

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    The Book of Revelations pt 15

    in Religion

    Wow, Friends:

    Things are really getting hot in the study of the book of Revelations. God is taking vengance on rebellious men. And the bible says, "and they repented not of their evils, witchcraft, idol worship, and sorceries."  That's coming up in chapter 9, but before we get started, lets review what we learned last week: Chapter 8 introduced us to the Seven Trumpets, we looked at the first four. Isa. 34:8 and Isa. 61:2 --the Day of the Lord with the year of God's recompense. This period began with the last of the seven trumpets. As each of the Trumpets sound, terrible ecological disasters took place on earth. In your spare time review Chapter 8;1 - 12. We are moving forward beginning with verse 13 of chapter 8 thru chapter 9 1-21 should time permit.

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    The Book of Revelations pt 19

    in Religion

    In this episode the second vision of John will be the focus, as deception through the message presented by the beast will appear as if he is a lamb, but his message is serving as the mouth piece of satan. This is symbolic of a message that claims to be Christian, but is really the devil's message and not the message of Christ.

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    The Book of Revelations pt. 12

    in Religion

    Greetings Friends, Saints, and Family:

    Last week we covered the introduction of the Six Seals. Now in this episode we will see what each seal represent. The White Horse, The Red Horse, The Black Horse, The Pale Horse, Martydom and Great Tribulation, and Heavenly Signs.

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