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    Pushing for Puppy Doe's Justice Fund with Tamara Green

    in Pets

    To support the Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Boston’s efforts to find Puppy Doe’s abuser(s), Loving Relationship Expert Tamara Green, LCSW is encouraging people to donate $50 or more to ARL's efforts find those responsible. Green is offering donors a discount on her hypnotherapy rates. Click here for details.

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    A View from the Hill Season 11 Episode 14

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    SATURDAY 1 JUNE 2013: (Episode 14)
    A View From The Hill is back in the shed this Saturday from 11:00 AM (AEST). The show kicks off with Rob Corra and the team reviewing the Friday night NRL game as well as a full preview of the rest of the round. Of course, there'll be plenty of discussion on next Wednesday's State of Origin clash. The winner of AVFTH's pick the Origin teams comp will be announced with one lucky forum member picking up a LeagueUnlimited showbag full of all sorts of junk. In addition, there'll be the usual NSW Cup discussion and round preview. Plus the regular segment on what's going on around the LeagueUnlimited forums. To have your say and be part of the show, send an email to radio@leagueunlimited.com
    Winners to be announced during episode 15... ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS BEFORE WEDNESDAY NIGHT, 5TH JUNE.
    In 50 words or less...
    Who will win State of Origin I? Why will they win? What will be the score? The winner will receive a legendary LeagueUnlimited Showbag.
    As always, if you have any comments about the greatest game of all, send them to: radio@leagueunlimited.com

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    Round 17 In Memory of the Moose

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      A VIEW FROM THE HILL    SATURDAY  6 July 2013?Round 17 Show   SYNOPSIS   In this episode of A View From The Hill, we do a collective fist pump at the news that the Seen Network will be broadcasting the World Cup later this year.   And while we dance and dine on the bloated carcass of Channel 9 we take a look at Origin III changes, ask if the ARL should take a closer role in the contracting of players and review all the Games of Round 17 - both NRL nad VB Cup. Join Rob and the team or tune in later to catch the full show...    /pics/ckfinder/userfiles/files/imgres.jpeg  

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    A View from the Hill Season 11 Episode 12

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      Don't forget a new 1 hour episode of AVFTH will be going out live at 11am this Saturday, when the team gets a legal opinion on ASADA plus heaps more including a response to the forum question, 'Should Andrew Johns be stripped of his Immortal status?'          

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    A View from the Hill Season 11 Episode 11

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    We talk David Morow, the idea of a second grade, preview all the games so far, had a look at SOO team and aarded prizes and a VB Cup preview and much much more.
    A Mothers Day special  

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    A View from the Hill Season 11 Episode 10

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    Episode X Sorry about technical issues. Here is a podcast of interview with respected UK Broadcast, Print and Online Rugby League Journalist, Joanna Lester. Joanna specialises in rugby league in the Pacific Islands incl PNG, Solomon islands, Samoa and Tonga. She'll also be talking about the World Cup and the future of International Rugby League. 
    There is also a preview of this week's games.
    Simply the ..... 

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    A View from the Hill Season 11 Episode 9

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    Episode Number Nine ... Number Nine ... Number Nine.
    This week on View, Rob and Nathan are joined live by Nathan and Steve from League Unlimited.
    Also on the show will be Albert Talarico from Steele Sports Radio giving us a preview of the VB Cup Round before he goes on air himself and calls the game from Henson Park later that day.
    Topics include...
    3 Games Review
    Rep Round Preview
    NRL changes (Todd Greenburg under the microscope). 
    Preview of the VB Cup
    Steve and League Unlimited Forums
    Preview games. 

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    A View from the Hill Season 11 Episode 7

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    ***rundown for show 13 April, 2013**** This week the boys are joined by special guests Alby Talarico who will preview the VB Cup and Steve Williams who will report happenings from the forums, Around the Grounds style.  
    Seg 1: Welcome and the review 2 games from Friday night
    Seg 2: Darius Boyd and the reaction plus scheduling of the games. 
    Seg 3: Phil Gould asking for money. Seg 4: Steve's rundown of the forums and any emails. 
    Seg 5: NSW Cup and then NRL preview. 
    And a final special, fitting tribute to the Iron Lady who so sadly slipped from this world,  into the next. 
    We are taking emails for the show radio@leagueunlimited.com MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU

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    A View from the Hill Season 11 Episode 5

    in Sports

    Live show is 11am Saturday 23th March 2013
    drugs in sport and a draft... A special interview with a barrister with an interest in this area....  Previews, reviews and the VB Cup report.  
    Phone your calls in on (02) 8091 1895

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    A View from the Hill Season 11 Episode 3

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    Sharkies... ASADA... Elephant Juice and Goar Semen. What a week. We look at games played, games upcoming and preview the NSW Cup. We had some issues with original broadcast but here it is in delay. Think of it as watching Channel 9 pictures while listening to ABC Audio.

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    Stephanie Filer - How Iowa Advocates Are Fighting BSL

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    Attorney Fred Kray will discuss with Stephanie Filer, founder of the ARL Pit Crew and Manager of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa how Iowa is fighting BSL. Kelly Herbold and Greg Hoffman will call in from Watertown, WI to report on the BSL there.  Jim Crosby will discuss the MARL dog fighting euthanasia. Regular show segments include:
    Recap of last week's show Weekly news BSL Alerts with Kris Diaz Dog bite investigation with Jim Crosby FB favorites with Amy Conrad Matt's chat  
    Don't miss our newly designed network website PBLNN.com where you can see all the latest updates from Pit Bulletin Legal News, Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio, StopBSL, K.C. Dog Blog, Canine Agression with Jim Crosby, and Dangerous Dog Law. Bookmark it!