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    PICE LEARNING: Personalized Independent Connected E-learning

    in Education

    PICE LEARNING: Personalized Independent Connected E-learning 

    Smartbrief offers us a great show which began when I interviewed a monthly winner of their Smartblogs, Brad Gustafson....... From Greenwood Elementary in Wayzata MN where Brad  is principal, we've got the teachers who make PICE LEARNING happen, Ashley Drill and Jamie Tewksbury


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    Absolutely Foolproof Meditation for Busy People

    in Self Help

    Keilayn Greenwood talks with Tom Von Deck ,Meditation Trainer , Speaker and Author of Oceanic Mind - The Deeper Meditation Training Course.  Listeners will also learn ways to make it much easier to enjoy meditation and not just struggle with it.

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    : Live in the moment by kicking your chaos

    in Self Help

    Keilayn Greenwood talks to  Darryl Postell Personal Optimization Strategist on  optimizing clients mind, body, and spirit through a total wellness approach: fitness nutrition, rest, and meditative practice. The result is more confidence, less stress, improved professional image, recaptured personal time for family, and increased income potential through streamlined methods.

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    Passion Within: Birth of the Passionpreneurs

    in Lifestyle

    Tune in for the launch of our Summer time Author series. This week author Oumar Hull joins us to discuss his book Passion With: Birth of the Passionpreneurs.

    Oumar Hill was born in the USA and raised by southern parents from the Atlanta, GA and Greenwood,
    SC. Based on his extensive life experiences, Mr. Hill has dedicated his life to being a catalyst for change
    and a voice for generations to come by becoming a motivational speaker and life coach. Mr. Hill prior
    experience comes from serving the federal government the past twelve years in project management
    and writing position. Through the power of experience, a commitment to serving others and a desire to teach, Mr. Hill has connected with people with his signature from-my-heart-to-yours approach which has inspired many and instilled motivation and possibility in others.

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    SCW Radio (6-24-15)

    in Entertainment

    Still Standing news, the main event controversy, and more!

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    Carrie and Scott will introduce The Western Edge 2015 and have a special guest!

    in Radio

    The Western Edge has a strong two year history of great informative shows covering topics around Horse Training, The Rodeo Industry, Music Artist and much much more. We are ecstatic to come back stronger than ever before with a our own unique format and more shows, you will have opportunities to talk to our co-hosts and guest live during our broadcast or send in questions to them prior to the show. We love including our audience with the topics we cover. In our short two years on air we have a nearly 60,000 listens on our shows and our show profile page has been viewed over 20,000 times. Our broadcast can be listened to worldwide - which we really love, because that means our friends, family and fans that serve our country or work abroad can catch our show live or listen to the recorded show at their Convenience . During our first show of 2015 Carrie will inform us on The Western Edge 2015 and Scott Daily of Scott Daily Horse Training will update us on what to expect from his shows. The Special Guest - A very talented band from Greenwood, AR that has put their stamp on Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma Miss Rylee Rene and The Heavens 2 Betsy Band! Please tune into Monday 8 pm CST to The Western Edge on Blogtalkradio!  If you have questions for Scott Daily of Scott Daily Horse Training, Heavens 2 Betsy or Carrie email them thewesternedge@yahoo.com or call in Live Monday June 22, 2015 at 8pm cst at (607) 203-5263.

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    in Politics

    “The shocked the white man, and confused him, so that he backed down by calling my father crazy. the story spread quickly around town; my father became known as a “crazy man” because he would not give in to the harassment of whites.  Strangely, this “crazy” reputation meant that whites were less likely to bother him. That is often the way of the oppressor .  He cannot understand the simple fact that people want to be free. so when a man resists oppression, they pass it off by calling him “crazy” or “insane.”  My father was called crazy for his refusal to let the white man call him “nigger” or to play Uncle Tom or allow whites to bother his family.  Crazy to the he was a hero to us.” Huey P Newton, Revolutionary Suicide 

    As to many of us Southern Black Americans our fathers where our only hero's or who ever was our father image. Sometimes it would be our Grand-fathers as in my case.  But we had our other hero's too and Denmark Vesey was one of them, Vessey is well known for planning a slave revolt in 1822.  A free Black Man who was a carpenter that won a lottery, and became a former slave in Charelston.   Before this he founded with others the AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, the first independant black denomination in the nation. His slave revolt was leaked by one of the members of his church and Vessey and his followers were judged and sentenced to death in a secret proceeding and hanged on July 2, 1822. A true REVOLUTIONARY .

    Another hero was O. W. Gurely founder of Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma's Greenwood section today.  Who was an economic geneous in 1921, woh was killed with 3,000 others. The twon was bombed form the air and then the KKK looted and killed any surviors they found. by beating and hanging's most of the surviors were children

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    Black Wall Street Mineral Rights Monopoly: Pt 1 - Bundle Of Rights 619-768-2945

    in Real Estate

    We shall discuss a very special brand of Monopoly that involves various "Monopoly Dististions".  The primary concept we must discuss is called a "Bundle Of Rights".

    Within a "Bundle Of Rights" there are"

    Mineral Rights
    The RIght To Sell
    The Right To Lease
    Water Rights
    Air RIghts
    Access Rights
    And many "other rights"

    We shall discuss these "Legal Rights" of which most people are not aware of, but they need to be aware of. In addition, we shall discuss these "legal rights" in relationship to Rosewood, Florida and the Greenwood neighborhood in Tulsa, Ok.....ie...........Black Wall Street.

    Visit www.itsmyhouseonline.com

    Listen by phone It's My House Radio @ 712-432-8863,

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    in Self Help

    Keilayn Greenwood improvises on show talking key points about learning how  to live a higher quality of life after a cancelles.

    To find out more what he does and how he can help you contact here:







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    Former Syracuse And NFL LB Morlon Greenwood

    in Football

    Former Syracuse and NFL LB Morlon Greenwood joins Joe Lisi on THe Weekly Blitz

    Morlon started 48 consecutive games for the Syracuse Orange and was an All Big East selection and team captain in his senior season.  

    Morlon was a 3rd round draft pick in the 2001 NFL Draft by the Miami Dolphins. Greenwood played in 125 games for the Dolphins, Texans and Raiders in 8 seasons. 

    Morlon has an incredible story and fans will hear an amazing athlete who is doing great work within his community.