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    5/8 Under Review Draft Talk with Scott Wright and Arif Hasan

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    Welcome everyone to the re-launch of 106.7 WBTR's Under Review! Today we'll be discussing everything about the 2014 NFL Draft. You'll hear great insight from Draftcountdown.com President Scott Wright and Bleacher Report beat writer for the Minnesota Vikings Arif Hasan.

    I love hearing your comments & feedback so send them to wood_dillon@aol.com. You'll be able to follow everyone on today's podcast on Twitter @Dillbob27 @DraftCountdown and @ArifHasanNFL. Listen in at 602-753-1585.Thank you everyone for your continued support over the years. Enjoy!

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    Hasan Salaam is an emcee, educator, and community organizer from New Jersey.

    Hasan's music paints vivid pictures of the commonalities that bind us: struggle, love, and pain. It's this ability, to touch people at their core, which has garnered Hasan Salaam a loyal fan base all over the world.

    Giano is a upcoming Rapper and CEO & Founder of Shock the World Records from Dayton, Ohio

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    The Newark Education Debacle: Who is the blame?

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    A One-on-One Conversation with Newark New Jersey School Board President Rashon Hasan.

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    Episode 31


    Tune Every Sunday from 7-9pm with your host Michelle Kiyoko. Post your questions & your experiences at the following: IG: @thebottomline845; FB: thebottomline845 or you can e-mail us @ thebottomline845@gmail.com!


    Today We have Hasan Salaam coming though to talk all about his career in music, fitness and training, helping the community and the adult entertainment world. I'm so excited to bring this talented man in. We will play songs off his latest album "Life in Black & White".


    Call in during Live hrs @ (602) 753-1767


    & Thats The Bottom Line


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    Mile High Club: Royal Fetish Films

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    What’s on your 2015 bucket list? For the Mile High Club’s co-pilots, it’s to make the world a ‘sexier place’. Tune in as King and Jasmine reveal to listeners the latest Jet Setting Jasmine and Sensual Noire happenings and every sexy thing in between...From their fantasy flight travels, fitness studio, and new music release to the hot and steamy addition of Royal Fetish Films. “This is a renaissance for the art of making love. Jet Setting around the globe with the Mile High Club” by co-pilot King AKA Hasan Salaam 

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    Hasan Salaam + Jay Z, Russell Simmons & Gov. Cuomo + NY rap on top

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     New York City has been very much part of the public consciousness in recents days, and as hip hop is concerned, we're still the center of the music, culture and politics. This was evident this week as news broke that Jay Z and Russell Simmons both spoke with Governor Cuomo about "reforming the justice system."

    Whether or not this was just shrewed PR positioning or not remains to be seen. We'll discuss the meetings and ask the question, "Are Jay Z or Russell Simmons capable representatives of hip hop? Can they make a difference?"

    Of course, Jay and Russell weren't the only ones making noise in regards to the protests. Nas and J. Cole participated, and of course, the lesser known, but no less important hip hop-oriented organiztations, artists and 'heads' continue to be out in force.

    Speaking of which, we'll hear from MC/activist and more, Hasan Salaam, fresh from his recent album release and amazing interview with our host Manny Faces, on his sister podcast, The Manny Faces Show. He'll give an update on his album, the memorial for affiliate J Arch, and Hasan's upcoming event, celebrating his more "erotic" side activities. 

    Speaking of J. Cole, along with DJ Premier/Royce the 5' 9" project and Ghostface Killah's new album, a lot of veteran NY artists are bringing great material to the table. While the new jacks including the highly anticipated release from Joey Bada$$ are due out soon, we have to sit back and say, "Damn, New York and NY-influenced hip hop is pretty damn strong right now..."

    As we always said it would be.

    All this, plus event reviews and previews, and YOUR CALLS.

    Brought to you by SUPERFLY: My Untold Story of Hip-Hop. A perfect gift for the hip hop head!

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    A Muslim and a Catholic wake up in Merica....

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    Tuesday 7pm CST we discuss the issue of should Muslims clean their own house and possible how. For 13 years we have all heard every pundit every infotatiner on Fox news not to mention all of these "terror specialists" tell Muslims to stop terrorism. Terror specialists is interesting because I wasn't aware of any classes that taught this subject other then CIA training camps. So join us and our very special guests Dr. Kevin Barrett and Dr. Hasan Alsawaf as we discuss should Muslims suspect and interrogate one another to weed out terrorism in our community and why no other faith or ideology is made to do the same with in their ranks? Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror. Dr. Barrett has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications. Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host. Dr. Hasan Alsawaf is a Rhode Island dentist and won the Republican primary to unsuccessful run for senator in 2014 and is the founder of American Muslims are against Terrorism and Violence which he started after the Boston bombing. He is a husband and father of 2 children and is active in building interfaith unity.

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    #035: Arif Confronts Racism, Looks at Rookie Camp and Answers Mailbag Questions

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    Daily Norseman contributor and Editor-in-Chief Arif Hasan discusses how he's encountered racism as a sportswriter, the questionable response from him and others and how it's affected his writing. Beyond that, Norse Code discusses rookie camp and answers your mailbag questions (rookie camp discussion starts at 41:10).

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    RIP JArch + Pro Era's Junior B, Questlove is wrong, Event Previews & your calls

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    Tough week for local hip hop collectives. J Arch, affiliated with several movements including End of the Weak and Team HOMI, lost his life while Brooklyn's Pro Era-based crew suffered another untimely death, as Joey Badass cousin and tour manager Junior B died in an accident. 

    Several members of J Arch's crew were in attendance and performing at the album release event for Hasan Salaam's "Live in Black and White" at Webster Hall. The combination album release, concert event, toy and coat drive was punctuated by recent events surrounding the non-aquittal for New York police officer Daniel Pantaleo in the chokehold death of Eric Garner. Much of Salaam's material, and those of others on the bill, circulate around social injustice issues, and it was a powerful event in that regard, one that included support by and for organizations such as the Center for Domestic Violence, CopWatch and others.

    This particular event points out a problem with some of those who criticize hip hop for not being vocal enough in response to social issues, recently expounded on by Questlove. While Questlove was calling out bigger stars, the problem is that such criticism fails to take into account those who ARE doing great work in the field.

    We'll talk about all these things tonight, as well as preview some upcoming events, and as always, take your calls.

    Tonight's episode of The NY Hip Hop Report is brought to you by SuperFly: My Untold Story of Hip-Hop, Gloria Goldwater's fascinating look back at the history of her SuperFly magazine, which documented the early explosion of hip hop music. The book is available now!

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    #042: Arif and James Review Vikings Training Camp

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    Arif and James discuss training camp while Dusty wallows in relative obscurity (or rather simply could not make it in time for this podcast) and they go through the offensive and defensive depth charts, as well as preview what special teams may do for particular players hoping to make the squad.

    After that, they go through a mailbag to answer anything Minnesota Vikings related.

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