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    Understanding Grief: How Palliative Care Helps

    in Health

    eCareDiary will speak to Father John Anderson, Sr. Director of Mission Integration at ArchCare at Terence cardinal Cooke Health Care Center about why grief is so hard to understand and coping mechanisms that can help.

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    Cricket Talk- live each Sunday- Reginald Benjamin- Special Guest

    in Sports

    Our special guest will be the newly appointed Leeward Island Head Coach Reginld Benjamin. He was

    The USC team's Coach  (http://www.espncricinfo.com/usa/content/player/25626.html), former USA Team Member, Reginald was the Coach of the USA - Under 19 team in 2003, assistant coach of the USA - Under 19 World Cup team in 2010. He also served as head coach for South West Region teams at USACA tournaments and had a solid career playing for the United States as a fast bowler, competing in three ICC Trophy events for USA's senior team in 1990, 1994 and 1997. Before accepting a head coaching role with USC, he was in a coaching and development role with the Bahamas. Mr Benjamin is a very qualified coach, having received his level coaching credentials in England. He will be on oiur at 7:30 PM. Be sure to join us. 

    Be amongst the many listeners who join to us weekly as we dive into cricket like no other show in these parts are doing. You to can make your contribution by calling 1 347-934-0226. 6pm-9Pm. please don't miss it.The ranellist: Leon Francis, Ivor Henry,Audley Watson, Cardinal Mills,Simon Obrien,Virgil Francis,and David Maitland. Watch out for more interesting guests.

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    What Cops Watch

    in Film

    The May 21, 2015, episode of American Heroes Radio features a conversation with Captain Chris DiGiuseppi, Saint Louis Lake Police Department, and Mike Wilkerson, the creators of the podcast What Cops Watch.

    About the Guests

    What Cops Watch is a podcast that provides reviews and a law enforcement perspective on popular film and television.

    Chris DiGiuseppi is an award winning and local bestselling author from his first novel, The Light Bringer and has been traditionally published five times.  Chris has over 20 years in Law Enforcement at various levels up to and including Assistant Chief of Police. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and Northwestern University School of Police Staff Command. He is trained in various aspects of Law Enforcement and holds degrees in Human Resources and Business Administration.  Chris lives with his wife and children in Missouri.

    Mike Wilkerson has been creating podcast content for over a decade. In that time, he has provided the capture, edit, and promotion for all manner of skill sets, perspectives and more that inform, education and create legacies. After creating one of the most prolific podcast networks online, Mike continues to look for people with unique perspectives to share their stories with audiences that number more than 4 million annually. Mike, originally from the great white north of Wisconsin, now resides in St. Louis Missouri where he and his family enjoy Cardinal baseball, toasted ravioli, and all things cinematic.

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    UCB Radio Hour

    in Sports

    Join our UCB Bloggers as they discuss the weekly happenings in Cardinal Nation

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    History1.2 Why Moors are Slaughtered Today: The Church Bulla Of 1493 A.D.

    in Social Networking

    Remember, last week; The Christian Monarchs of Spain Ferdinand & Isabella initiated a siege against the Moors at Granada Spain November 25th 1491.

    A siege is a military operation in which enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies, with the aim of compelling or persuading those inside to surrender.

    This opened door for the Spanish Inquisition (pillaging/killing/etc) which in actuality; was against the Moors, and has not ended-to this very day.

    The ‘Inter Caetera Divina’ is a papal bull issued by Pope Alexander VI who was Cardinal Roderigo Borgia, and he rose to the seat of ‘Holy See’ May 4, 1493 after Pope Innocent died in 1492.

    Pope Alexander VI granted to the  Crowns of Castile and Aragon all stolen lands of the Moors to the "west and south" of a pole-to-pole line 100 leagues west and south of the Cape Verde islands (islands in the central Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Western Africa).

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    What Spirit Wants You To Know: FREE card readings with Leesa & Tina Conroy

    in Spirituality

    This month, I've a special treat! This episode will be ALL readings - myself & co-host Tina Conroy will take live calls to share angel guidance. Join us for a fun, inspiring show on Friday May 8 at 10am Pacific time!


    - -

    Tina Conroy, RYT, RMT, is a Partner and Director of Energy Healing at PRACTICE Body Mind Soul Company in Roslyn, New York

    She is the RadioHost of Get-INTUIT with Tina Conroy on BlogTalkRadio


    Energy work for Tina comes naturally and springs from the deep well of passion and love she found in her own healing journey. From childhood she had an intuitive calling and an expansive gift. As an adult, she began cultivating her natural abilities and uses her sensitivity and attunement in her readings and healing sessions at PRACTICE. Tina’s methods take many exceptional forms, all designed for the personal healing and transformation – unique for each of her clients. 

    Tina is trained in the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho method of natural healing & holds Reiki Master Teacher Degree.

    Tina is also a gifted yoga instructor at the RYT-200 level. She was initially drawn to yoga after the birth of her daughter and loves working with children & Mom’s-to-Be! Tina completed her Yoga Teacher Certification with Suzanne Cardinal at Into This World Yoga Teacher Training. Tina’s many offerings include Intuitive Readings, meditation classes & healing circles, individual Reiki sessions, Certification classes & Intuitive Development Classes. Tina is delighted to serve and share her passions and gifts to others.

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    in Education


         There just comes a time whereby the "People" consistenting of Man and Woman must stand up and take their places in a Society (Kingdom) that was created for their benefit. There is a great deal happenning in the 50 Corporate Territories they call "States Of"...........! We must address these issues as they affect US tremendously. Some of the topics we will address is;

            1. Freddie Gray Baltimore Incident; Riots, RACE Wars;

            2. Cardinal Salvador (Pope) recent revelation of the Second Coming of Jesus;

            3. Texas Muslim Shooting Incident at a Cartoon event involving Profit Muhammed; Jade Helm;

            6. Family, Economics, Politics; WAR in Religion and Spiritually;

            7. Appearance of Police and Court Corruption, Double Standards;

            8. Are We Really Slaves of a Corporation, or Slaves of Generational Ignorance and Mis-education;

            9. Are You a Man/Woman....or a "Person"? Who Is In Charge, The Employee's (Servants) or    Man/Woman, People;

      We will address these issues in detail and discuss "Solutions" that may alleviate ourselves from Abuses, Oppression, and Economic Slavery. This will be a very diverse show, with contributions from Men and Woman from all walks of life.

       The beginning and end starts with Man and Woman, not Government, Politicians, Corporations and Foreigners. THIS WILL NOT STOP UNTIL MAN AND WOMAN JOIN TOGETHER IN UNITY! Lets not be fooled this "SYSTEM" PROFITS from all this, tickets, Jail, Prison System, and all of their creations.

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    CAR Therapy for Myeloma Treatment with Dr. Craig Hofmeister

    in Health

    CS1-CAR is a new and radically different approach in cancer treatment that harnesses the power of the patients immune system to rid itself of cancer. Initial clinical trials of a similar therapy used in treating Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia showed extraordinary success 88% of patients achieved complete remission. CureTalk panelists are talking to Dr. Craig Hofmeister to help us understand this new therapy and how myeloma patients will benefit.

    MMORE: Multiple Myeloma Opportunities for Research & Education (www.mmore.org) is a non-profit organization that raises funds and awareness for early-stage innovative myeloma research. MMORE spoke about this innovative research on CureTalks in March and we continue the conversation with the researchers in this episode.

    Dr. Craig Hofmeister is assistant professor of medicine at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute. Dr. Hofmeister received his medical degree from The Ohio State University and completed his internship, residency, and fellowship training at Loyola University Medical Center and Loyola Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center in Illinois. He is board certified in Internal Medicine, Hematology and Medical Oncology. Dr. Hofmeister's clinical and research interests include multiple myeloma and blood and marrow transplantation. 

    On the panel are Gary Petersen, Pat Killingsworth and Jack Aiello. RSVP Now!


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    UCB Radio, April 29

    in Sports

    Every week, members of the United Cardinal Bloggers chat about what is happening in the world of St. Louis Cardinals baseball.  This week, Daniel Shoptaw (C70 At The Bat) takes his usual fifth-Wednesday turn and talks about the loss of Adam Wainwright, the shakeup of the lineup, and anything else that will fill 30 minutes.

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    Live With 55 4-29-15

    in Sports

    We look at UofL Postseason destinations and speak with Cardinal Forever Marques Maybin

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    The Death of Cardinal Francis George of Chicago...

    in Entertainment

    Gwyneth Paltrow Fail.
    Cardinal Francis George, the man.
    The fight for fifteen.
    I'm on Amazon
    Smart Quiz Question/What year did the Chicago Cubs sign their first black player?
    Hilary Needs a progessive challenge.
    Episode 67.