• Have Boldness, Accept No Condemnation, Have Confidence

    in Christianity

    As members of the Body of Christ, we ought to know that we arent to live in a defeated mentality. Jesus Christ that we might have life, and have it more abundantly. Allow me to Minister to you the truth of God's word.

  • New Year! New Agreements! Break the Silence in 2015!

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    This year commit to giving up the resistance to change. Denial and avoidance isnt working. You know it is keeping you from realizing the potential you have for an amazing life. Consider what stops you from keeping your New Year's Resolutions. It isn't that you arent able to change - it is that you aren't commited to do what it takes. Strengthen your agreements with yourself by owning that you need to reveal the silent but deadly attraction you have to do nothing differently! Join Drs Anderson, Banks and Owens at 7pm on January 5th for a 30 minute make over. Then break your silent agreements with yourself in half!


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    Arent you tired of Worrying and being in Despair??? TRUST in GOD will give you Hope and cause you to Live Worry Free!

    Don't you want all of your BLESSINGS from GOD??? OBEDIENCE to GOD will Bring about all of those BLESSINGS! You will be Living under One of HEAVEN'S Open Windows, allowing GOD to freely GIVE and Move in Your Life!

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    Race Wars!

    in Entertainment

    This week? Race Wars! We drop knowledge of epic proportions on how race relations arent being helped by anyone right now! We run down the list of what exactly has been happening on both sides of the law to get us to this boiling point and announce at the end exactly who is winning these race wars! Hilarity ensues....

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    F.E.A.R ...Its Controlling Your destiny!

    in Culture

    In this episode, Dr.Nebkheperure explore the topic of FEAR, and how it controls, if we arent aware, and hinders the best and prosperous results we seek to acheive in our lives.

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    Anyone want to coach the Giants?

    in Rock Music

    After the pathetic performance this week by the Giants, I thinks its time to at least explore the possiblity  of finding a new Head coach. Does it end there? is Jerry Reese safe? Lets break Down this Giants Team. Also, good news is the Jets didnt lose, better news is that they didnt play at all. I think we all needed a break from the Circus that has become the Jets and their Season. The Knicks and Rangers are in full season mode and there is plenty of baseball to talk about. Anybody have an issue with Clayton Kershaw winning the MVP? No? well thats a touchy subject for me. As always pleanty of A-Rod stories and Yankee Moves to discuss. Oh and the Mets are so desperate to be relevant again they moved the fences in again. By the way arent they built on Pitching? Great Job. gona play some Music from a band I loved by in the 90's and Talk a little about their story. If you have nener heard of Sister Whiskey, I want you listen in. i think they came on the Hard Rock scene just a little late. But tune in too listen to what I have to tell you. Because I will keep in real and Rockin!!! See you This Thursday @ 6:30pm est.

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    Children, Growing up, Cliques

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    Remember when some of us were growing up? Things were hard, right? You had to act a certain way or be a certain person or something you were not, all to be accepted. It was rough. Well nowadays it gets even worse. Many times on this show, I've said how great the internet is, and how great technology is. But the truth is, that the internet is just another tool to judge. Judge you, your family, friends. And now children are going off on rating spats. From polls posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. And it's all happening at such a young age. 

    The other night, I was watching CNN, and they were talking about this very thing. How sites like Instagram are allowing children to rate and critique other chilren. Even worse, children are forming "cliques" much sooner than they used too. Melissa Musen Gerstein, cohost of "TheMoms" on SiriusXM was on, talking about how her children are taught not too judge other kids, and that her two young daughters arent allowed to use Instagram, because it could lead to a judgement contest. Something to that effect.

    There have always been children being left out or not liked by someone or made fun of. But in today's society, it's happening on a much larger scale.  Join us this Sunday. 11/16/14 as we'll talk about this. And maybe see if we can't find a solution to the lack of inclusion amongst today's youth. 

    This week. "On-Air". 

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    Lets settle this once and for all

    in Entertainment

    For your listening pleasure.  Mean people arent invited to listen.

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    Naked Wine: The Art of Selecting Organic Wines

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    Most people take for granted that when they select a wine, the ingredients are going to be pure and natural. However, as most conscious consumers know, this is not the case. There are 200 ingredients on the list of government-approved additives for wine. However, unlike food, wine manufacturers arent required to list their ingredients (which can include animal proteins, oak chips, sulfurs, yeasts, enzymes, preservatives, and “Mega Purple” which is a brand of highly concentrated wine color) on the side label. This renders most consumers to be clueless about what exactly is in their wine and used to produce it. In the book, Naked Wine, wine expert, Alice Feiring explores these very issues as she discusses the process of natural wine making. In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer will speak to award winning expert, Alice Feiring. Alice Feiring is an award-winning food and wine journalist and author of the Battle for Wine and Love. Formerly the wine/travel columnist for Time, she now writes for the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, Conde Nast Traveler and theLos Angeles Times Magazine, among many others. Stay tuned! Today’s show is brought to you by LiquidWeb.com the most reliable hosting provider with  24/7 heroic support!  Listeners of today’s show will receive $100 credit towards Storm Servers (VPS & Dedicated hosting) or can get one free month of shared hosting by using the coupon code: “orgview”. Please visit LiquidWeb.com and make sure you tell them that The Organic View sent you!

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    Straight Outta Camden Radio Show 9.6, Start @7pm

    in Comedy

    Today we will  be talking about: When you first meet someone, what is the first thing that you look at that might attract you? Are you accepting that woman are converting to become bi-sexual now and days because they believe men arent shit? In society today everybody is cheating on one another, but today we are going to answer as in why do MEN CHEAT? So call in and talk to us bout these topics @ 347-215-9272. 

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    Smart Strategies: Software Data Integration for Law Firms

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    Time is money, which is why all law firms could benefit from software data integration. Well-implemented integrations increase efficiency, reduce non-billable tasks and improve data accuracy.  That’s why taking on this type of low-budget technology project is mission critical.  Tune into Charles King as he shares cost-saving tips, tactics and strategies for a successful data integration in a law firm environment. 

    About Charles King


     Charles King is the IP Technology Systems Manager at Arent Fox, where he guides decision making and      implementation of all intellectual property practice group technology. He has been working for more than 10 years in intellectual property law technology management. King has been a member of the management group for multiple IP docketing database conversions and has led and supported numerous systems integration projects for docketing data, accounting data, internal and external web-based data access.








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