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    The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Livecast

    in Sports

    The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Livecast id LIVE NOW Guest Call In (914) 803-4510   #WWE #Smackdown 


    With your Host Dustin Kaufman. Guest Callers Indy Wrestler Kenny Young and Chase Merriman 

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    SWTS 581: Pro Talk: MLB Week 17, Trade Deadline

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    Join us for our pro talk segment on Sports With The StatMan on Wednesday night.

    We are back from a week off just in time to dive into the MLB Trade Deadline. Which teams are selling?  What will the locals do?  Will the Mets get a hitter or two?  Will the Yankees add to their rotation?  Can the Phillies get rid of some big contracts?  Are the Red Sox going to buy or sell?  We'll talk baseball, for the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, and Phillies, and go around the league to analyze the deadline moves already made and the ones that should happen. ***

    Listen live this Wednesday night at 11pm ET or download the podcast here.  "Like" the show on Facebook.  Follow the show on Twitter (@gstatman) for the latest updates.  You can also download the show on iTunes from your PC or mobile device in the iTunes Store, as well as Stitcher. And, visit our new website, StatManSportsOnline.com.

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    Area 58 Cafe LIVE BROADCAST! Guest Derek Tyler - Alien Abductee & UFO Discussion

    in Paranormal

    Sunday May 31 The Area 58 Cafe Radio? will be broadcasting live from the Concrete Senior Community Center. Our guests will be Derek Tyler who will reveal his own experience with alien abduction and the Forest Moon Paranormal will be discussing Alien Abduction in  generally. SJ and Russ Wells will be there to ask some great questions as we interview Derek Tyler and this great paranormal team. Join us and experience this great topic for yourself. 

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    The Area 58 Cafe - Paranormal Talk - w/Ghosthunter Dan Norvell

    in Entertainment

    Tonight my good friend Ghosthunter Dan Norvell will be cohosting the show with me because Russ is going through some medical procedures so he asked to take the night off. Anyway, we are going to do some paranormal talk about all kinds of things. It will be a great show with two people that have been involved in the paranormal for quite a while....we want to talk about the things that are important and need to be addressed....See you when we air Sunday

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    Brandon Lawrence from Torrelli Realty

    in Real Estate

    We're joined today by Brandon Lawrence, a top-producing real estate agent with Torrelli Realty in Costa Mesa, California. He began his career working with a top industry's real estate trainer, where he traveled to 42 states working to train the top real estate agents in the country to be more successful. After many successful years in the real estate sales training business, he moved his career into residential real estate sales - first with Keller Williams Realty and now with Torelli Realty.

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    in Politics

    Excerpted from last Thursday's press release by our guest Alfredo Lopez, May 1st IT steering committe member.

    Using a Denial of Service attack, hackers crippled servers at May First/People Link hosting the websites of several pro-choice organizations Thursday, July 30.

    The target was Fund Abortion Now (http://fundabortionnow.org/), the website of the National Network of Abortion Funds, a national network of pro-choice foundations and organizations and a May First/People Link member.

    The attack, which appears to be part of a coordinated, national attack on pro-choice sites (including Planned Parenthood) started in the early morning hours of July 30 and continued for several hours after that.

    May First technologists resolved the issue by routing the website traffic through Deflect (https://www.deflect.ca/), a free and open source-based service that assists websites that are under Denial of Service attacks. Deflect reroutes the website traffic through its own specially designed distributed network of servers that can filter out attacks like these before routing it back to May First/People Link. After that move, the website came up and is now functional.

    Planned Parenthood, the target of a recent smear campaign by right-wing propagandists, suffered two on-line attacks this week: one involved theft of data from the organization's databases and the other was a Denial of Service attack that brought the organization's site down on Wednesday. Planned Parenthood's site, although recovered, remains off-line today.

    May First/People Link is a membership organization specializing in Internet work with members world-wide, primiarily in the United States and Mexico.

  • The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Livecast

    in Sports

    The Yes Talk Pro Wrestling Livecast id LIVE NOW Guest Call In (914) 803-4510   #WWE #Smackdown

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    The Area 58 Cafe - Our Time / Your Time - Howdy Doody vs. What's Trending Now

    in Entertainment

    Join us Sunday as Russ and SJ discuss what it was like to see the changes in this country with simplier times to the sexual revolution to whats trending now in 2015. The change in the sanctity of marriage to now having the wedding being the focus instead of the marriage. In other words "Throw Away Marriage" and how people dealt with that in the time we grew up/ Basically we will discuss how the changes in every aspect of the society in America and transformed to what we all are experiencing now. Life is not a trend where something is important one day and on to something new the next...it is about committment, and repsonsibility....listen in and call in if you like to talk with Russ and SJ about the changing times...we welcome your opinonsat the Area 58 Cafe

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    Abortion......Pro Choice or Pro Life

    in Entertainment

    Abortion has always been controversy, fueled with a lot of moral implications at the center of it. It was the historic Roe Vs Wade case, challenging Texan law that criminalized abortion, that the abortion debate came out in the open. The pro- choice movement advocates that a woman should have the right to terminate her pregnancy, considering it involves her physical, mental and financial well being. The pro-life movement, on the other hand brings the moral issues into the picture. They oppose abortion on the principal that any form of life, including the human embryo has the right to life. Look, I think it is impossible to find a middle ground in cases like these, as both sides present valid arguments, supporting their cause. Now our question to you is, are you pro-life OR pro- choice? Call into the playhouse this evening and weigh in on this controversy topic. The queens would love to hear what you have to say! First, we will have the pleasure of going into the world of Low G Muzic, as he talks about his endeavors as an musician.

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    Pro Wrestling Weekend: Rowdy Roddy Piper tribute show

    in Wrestling

    Our hosts gather to pay tribute to the legendary "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, who sadly passed away on July 31.  Plus, we replay and relive some of Piper's classic promos and moments.

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    The Area 58 Cafe - An American Awakening Or Are We Lost Forever!

    in Current Events

    On our last show we talked in depth about the changes in this country from time that Russ and SJ were young until today and the society in which we live. This show An American Awakening Or Are We Lost Forever will not only be a look into our political leadership, how Americans need to wake up to what is going on in this country but also in depth discussion into the possible fact that it may be too late to shift things back to a more cohesive society. How can we change America back into the strong country and people that it once was....we WANT our listeners to join in on the conversation, we WANT the discussion to not only be about the problem but also how we can find a solution before it is too late. 

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