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    How to be a successful model on a budget

    in Entertainment

    Becoming a model doesn not mean that you have to spend your very last penny to be successful. On this segment of Queen Size Radio, we are going to discuss different ways tips on how to model on a budget. 

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    Peer pressure is a Bitch

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    Do you make your decision based on passion or pressure? There are many people that are not sure what they want to do in life. They make their decisions based on what everyone else is doing; or what every else says they should do. Today I want you to ask yourself this; do you love what you do? Do you know WHY you are doing what you are doing? Is your WHY strong enough to get your through the days when you don’t want to do it anymore?

    Or are you just doing what you do to prove people wrong? To fit in? Or because that is just the way the traffic is flowing?

    What is your answer?

  • Where is the Support for the Plus Size Designers?

    in Entertainment

    Where would Designers be without models to showcase their designs? More importantly, where would models be without Designers? In this industry there is a huge lack of support for one another. Tonight we are going to focus on the Desingers becasue they are the ones that make us look GOOD; in fashions shows, in our photos, at parties, etc. So I ask, where is the support for our designers? Before you go shopping at Macy's and spend your money on the "established" brands; contact your favorite independent designer and support them. Let's Talk About It. 

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    The Million Dollar Question.... What is considered Plus Size and Why?

    in Entertainment

    This is a question that many have asked and depending on who you ask you will get a different answer. Let's discuss what is true Plus Size to you and why?

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    So you want to be a Model?

    in Entertainment

    Models today are coming a dime a dozen. Everyone thinks they have what it takes to be a model but really have no idea at all. Everyone thinks that modeling is all about taking photos and there you have it. Today we have a very special guest that will discuss how she has made it so far in this industry and how important it is to stay humble.

    Michele Lawson is a model, actress, mom and entrepreneur. She is very well known in the industry; and for a good reason. 

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    Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

    in Entertainment

    Fashion Do’s and Don’ts With today’s ever changing fashion industry people are constantly creating new fashion trends and ideas. But are these style trendy or are some people taking it to an awkward level. Who defines what is fashionable acceptable? What are some of the common do’s and don’ts of fashion?

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    Living a Healthy Lifestyle

    in Entertainment

    This is not just a topic for plus size men and women; we are going to discuss how to live healthy in your body and in your mind. Stress is just as unhealthy and eating a burger every day. We are going to tackle the things that keep us unhealthy and how we can correct them. Join the party

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    Plus Size Acceptance

    in Radio

    PLUS SIZE ACCEPTANCE!!  Why are we (plus size women) so critical of one another?  Why are we so accepted in other countries and cultures?  My guest today; Dr. Maria Merrills is currently an Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies at Winston-Salem State University and has over 20 years of experience in higher education. Her current research interests include new media and African-Americans’ identity and influence on popular culture. Due to her research and interests in race and gender, she was invited by Melissa Harris-Perry to be an ongoing faculty research participant in the Anna Julia Cooper Center at Wake Forest University. In addition to her academic scholarship, Dr. Merrills is a playwright and filmmaker as well. Her works have been performed in many cities and at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, and Winston-Salem State University.

    Second guest today; KP Miller  Birmingham Alabamba born A plus model; founder of THICHICKLLC MOVEMENT; what is THICHICKLLC?  Another level of sexxiness plus much much more.




  • Show Me The Money

    in Entertainment

    Part One of the show we are asking the question that plagues the modeling industry; At what point in a model's career should they request payment for their services? 

    And in Part Two we will talk about if Money can truly buy you happiness? Some say yes and some say no. What do you say?

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    Fashion Double Standards

    in Entertainment

    Lately I have noticed that there is a huge increase in the number of men wearing weaves and dresses. In everyday fashion is this acceptable now? Do women look down on men who wear heels, weaves, makeup, etc?  Why is more acceptable for women to dress boyish than for men to do so? Is that a reason to question a man's sexuality?

    Let's talk about it.... 

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    Size Matters...Why Don't You?

    in Relationships

    Welcome Welcome Welcome everyone to Season 2, Episode 2 of The ChickS.H.Y.T. & Real Talk Radio Show where this chick will Surely Have You Talkin...

    This WEDNESDAY, The Diva and her Dudes shall tackle an age-old debate. The truth about if SIZE really matters ALL the time. I think it's time that we recognize that when things are going bad in your relationships, it may be because you're coming up a little, uhmmm, SHORT in some areas...and we are gonna talk about ALL OF EM!

    So, "Size Matters...Why Don't You?" will provide you with some ADVANCED information processing technigues to help you figure out just how you, uhmmm...measure up! Lol

    The Diva will be bringing you "The Rachet Reality Review"

    The DJ will be make your mouth drop with "Ain't That Some Shyt" and 

    The Reality of the situation will be bringing up the rear with "Pour Some Syrup On it"...

    This ain't the episode to miss. Join us WEDNESDAY from 8-10pm (est). Call in to listen live (347) 857-4326 and press 1 to share your comment or question with the crew...#TheDivaTheWorldWants2Talk2, #MrAintThatSomeShyt Johnson and #MrDontGetchaAzzKicked Jones


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