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    Gaius Publius Virtually Speaking Sundays

    in Politics Progressive

    Gaius Publius — Professional writer of stories, poems, and books on education & technology. Currently writes for Digby's Hullaballoo, Down with Tyranny, Crooks and Liars and  Naked Capitalism Follow @Gaius_Publius and his tumblr page, GaiusPublius


    See A Look Ahead: Coming to the Philadelphia Crossroads

    and The Rebellion Won't Go Away



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    Take it to the Sectional: ATribute to Prince

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    Tune in as your host Robin AKA Poursha and cohost Ron"Da Don" Take it to the Sectional with a tribute to the musical legend "Prince". We will be discusses the life and homecoming of "Prince", and we will play some his music. Call in and let your voice be heard 5165319546. Dont miss your boy "Stakks" as he "Set the Stage with local artists K Mitch and Wakeo Castle and exclusive interviews.

    K.Mitch is a street savvy rapper that finds himself growing everyday. Growing up as a troubled youth, K.Mitch found solace and refuge in his music and sports. K. Mitch has been actively performing and creating music since his junior high days, singing in the choir and even publishing a few of his poems. As time and life continued to evolve, K Mitch grew as an artist. K. Mitch began wholeheartedly pursuing his career in 2010. After an extensive artist awareness tour and debut at SXSW 2012 it was all over.

    Wakeo Castle ( 1 angry Unicorn) Of Dallas CBT free world - producer, song writer, recorder, and self sufficient beat maker. S/O to Jay 2. He is inspired by Lil B from California because of his carefree spirit and independent business mind

    Friday Nights 7-9pm Central Standard Time

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    SPECIAL SEGMENT: Suicide Rates At 30 High. Why? More Souls Feeling Worthless?

    in Current Events

    New York Times' Sabrina Tavernise reports U.S. Suicide Rate Surges to a 30-Year High.  NPR's Rebecca Hersher reports The Arctic Suicides: It's Not The Dark That Kills You. StopSoldierSuicide.org reports at least 22 active duty or veterans take their life - daily !WHY!

    Clearly this taboo topic is worth talking about.  Soul University invites YOU to work with us to stem the tide of souls feeling so worthless, they choose to die.  On page 127 of Pay Me What I'm Worth, the first line reads:

    As dreams die, so does the dreamer. How soon do we all pay for just one lost dream?

    Join us in this special segment to learn more about four lethal habits and explore two powerful tools to shift feelings of worthlessness to feeling worthy to live a rich, robust life.  Be ready to save a life - including your own.  Before you go...

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    Music: Healing by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

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    Take it to the Sectional

    in Radio


    Listen as your Host Robin AKA Poursha' and Co- Host Ron "Da Don" take hot topics to the Sectional.

    Dont miss "Stakks" as he "Set the Stage" by spotlighting local talent and gives exclusive interview tonight with the FKEM Girlz Gorjus and Keesh!

    Live listeners can call in at (516)531-9546 ..  Show starts 7-9pm central standard time


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    Satellite Sundays | Episode 13

    in Professional

    Satellite Sundays

    (Brought to you by OverTime.News & Northeast Snow Plow Repair)

    Episode 13 Agenda:


    L.A. Rams are all in on the 2016 #1 pick. Good or Bad Idea?
    Kobe Bryant played his final NBA game (Scored 60), Did you watch? Were you entertained? Will you miss him?
    The Golden State Warriors broke the single season wins record with their victory Wednesday night. Did you watch? Were you entertained? Greatest team ever?
    NBA Playoffs start this week. Who are your early favorites to win the East/West?
    Bryce Harper hit his 100th career HR this week. (8th youngest to do so) Will he break the HR record? If not will any current MLB player do it?
    If you were to create an all-time baseball team. Who's your starting lineup and fielders?
    NHL Playoffs started this week. Who are your early favorites to win the cup? 

    (Pop Culture)

    The latest episode of Real World has us all discussing racism and homophopia, Chris decided to ruin Jenna (another castmates) life over her comments about "Gay Sex" and her comfortability with other races. Our Crew weighs in...

    “B.S. Quote of the Week” James Cameron announced that the Avatar franchise is set to expand further. There will be four Avatar sequels. Avatar 2 Christmas 2018; Avatar 3 Christmas 2020; Avatar 4 Christmas 2022 and Avatar 5 Christmas 2023. 

    “O.T.N's Top Song of the Week” 




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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Mailbag With Kiyan And Gabe

    in Soccer

    This week I had the great bounty of having Gabe help me plow through your mailbag questions. Your questions were mostly surrounding the Champions League - the crazy week that transpired and the draw scheduled for tomorrow morning - with some tactical and player questions shuffled in-between.

    On a side note, this will be the last mailbag for a couple weeks, so make sure to catch it. We'll have a lot to talk about when the mailbag resumes in May.

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    Take it to the Sectional: Aries Take Over

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    Tune in 7-9pm as Host Robin and Co-Host Ron"da"Don "Take it to the Sectional". Grown and Sexy Conversation, hot News, and Exclusive Interviews. Don't miss Stackks "Set the Stage" with local artists.. This week will be an Aries Takeover.... Every Friday Night call in (513)531-9546 and listen to WOPE MODE Radio!!

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    CRLive 4/6: Globalist Soros' Riots to Destabilize US, GOP Goes NWO, Zika Virus

    in Politics Conservative

    7 pm EST

    Join host Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective.

    Listen live and CALL IN to speak to the host and co-host--(347) 996-3923.  Join the conversation!


    Tonight's topics include:

    Globalist George Soros Trying to Destabilize US Government Prior to Election: Mass Disobedience Planned Thru 2016
    Globalists Planning EU Crisis to Advance Global Transformation Towards International Governance
    Neo-Fascist Democrat AGs Begin Religious Inquisition Against ‘Climate Change Disbelievers’
    Obama emerges as key anti-Trump messenger
    Rockefeller Engineered and Patented Zika Virus Contains Astounding Array of Bizarre Afflictions
    Arctic Spring: Global Climate Hoax On Parade as US Nailed by Sub-Zero Record Cold with More On the Way 
    Global Warming? Snowfall in Caribbean, Colorado Snowiest in 50 Years, Germany’s Snowpocalypse
    Trump’s State-by-State Path to the 2016 GOP Nomination Remains Promising: A Quick Analysis


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    Iggy Pop,Post Pop Depression: Album review

    in Pop Culture

    This week on Unprintable, Northwest Herald features writer, Jason Pfrommer and avid music junkie, Nick Gerts dive into Iggy Pop's latest album, Post Pop Depression. Gerts and Pfrommer brake down a few of the tracks on the album and how Iggy Pop's collaboration with Queens of the Stone Age front man, Josh Homme, helped mold this album into something completely different than fans might have expected.

    Title song: Metronomix, By: CSoul  Provided via Dig.CCmixter.org


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    Take it to the Sectional

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    Tune in 7-9pm as Host Robin and Co-Host Ron"da"Don "Take it to the Sectional". Grown and Sexy Conversation, hot News, and Exclusive Interviews. Don't miss Stackks "Set the Stage" with local artists "JP and AG".... Every Friday Night call in (513)531-9546 and listen to WOPE MODE Radio!!

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    Managing Madrid Podcast Episode #17: Mailbag with Kiyan and Om

    in Soccer

    As promised a couple weeks ago, we'll be alternating between podcasts and written articles for mailbags moving forward - just a way to mix it up, have some fun, and cope with the sheer volume of the questions that have been flooding in.

    This week, I was joined by fellow writer Om Arvind to plow through your questions for the weekend.

    Enjoy, and don't forget to rate us on iTunes!

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