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    A Kind Voice on Good News

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    Host Dean Buchanan presents news stories from around the world that demonstrate the pay it forward concept while discussing the different aspects involved and how we can implement pay it forward into our daily lives.  This week Dean has Arathi Ravichandron on as his guest and discusses the wonderful activities happening under her charge at www.kindspring.org, a project community underneath www.servicespace.org.  Be sure and tune in and be a part of the discussion - you won't want to miss it!

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    Dresser After Dark - The Place for Authors & Experts to Spre

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    Thank you for joining us tonight on Dresser After Dark!
    Tonight we welcome these guests to our show! 
    Marcello Russodivito: Author of "Marcello Russodivito: The Story of My 25 Years as Chef-Owner," http://www.marcellosgroup.com
    Arathi Rao, Ph.D.: Co-author of "How the Fierce Handle Fear: Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging Times,"  http://www.empoweredmind.com
    Akmal Muwwakkil, Ph.D.: Author of "Sweet Mysteries of Life: A Handbook for Naturally Preventing and Healing Diabetes Mellitus," http://www.healenarts.net
    Katrina Radke, MFT: Author of "Be Your Best Without the Stress: It's Not About the Medal," http://www.katrinaradke.com
    Ann Lutz: Author of "Painting Rachael: The Journey of Raising a Child  with Autistic Spectrum Disorder," http://www.PaintingRachael.com
    Ioan Dirina: Author of "I Have Proof of a Higher Power: My Prophetic Dreams Predicting Real Events," http://www.dirinaioan.com
    Thank you for joining us tonight on Dresser After Dark!