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    How to Imprint Your Desires.. Into Your Water?

    in Self Help

    If you’ve seen the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know” then you know how powerful transforming your subconscious mind can be to manifesting your desires.

    Ground-breaking technology Aquaware is an intelligent computer program that imbues specific frequencies into water. These frequencies come in a variety of about 500 different intentions…everything from money and career, to health challenges, to athletic abilities, to even growing back thinning hair!

    Join me as I chat with inventor of Aquaware Peter Schenk about:

    How Aquaware works to “blankslate” your water of previous energies and frequencies
    How to guide your subconscious mind to accept your intention frequencies
    The results you can expect to see- from the taste of your water, to your intentions coming to life!

    To learn more about Peter visit http://www.moderndaymystic.com/. TO learn more about Aquaware click HERE.