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    AOT: Timely, Appropriate Psychiatric Community Care Plus Subsistence

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    Discuss the need for timely, appropriate treatment for serious mental illness (SMI) through AOT programs. Your input is invited at (347)857-3293. Most families experiencing mental health crisis agree that their mentally disabled loved ones would be able to avoid psychotic episodes if the patients were faithful to their mental health treatment program and took their meds. However, many Americans with SMI are untreated, some because they have no health insurance that covers mental disfunctions, and others because patients refuse to accept treatment and take prescribed meds.

    Assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs mandate continued psychiatric treatment and provide subsistence assistance (food and housing) for Americans with SMI. AOT programs reduce homelessness, arrests and incarceration, hospitalization, and deaths caused by the lack of treatment. That means less crime and safer communities, lower prison costs, and restoration to wholesome living for many sick people.

    We congratulate the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), which endorsed unanimously the “authorization, implementation, appropriate funding, and consistent use of assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) laws to ensure treatment in the least restrictive setting possible for individuals whose illness prevents them from otherwise accessing such care voluntarily.” The IACP represents more than 20,000 members in more than 100 countries (see more at the Treatment Advocacy Center website). Nobody knows the needs of people with SMI like their psychiatrists, their families and police. With few exceptions, they agree that AOT would make ours a safer and more humane society. Please call and give your opinions on air.

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    Boys & Girls: What's appropriate when?

    in Podcasting

    Should young teens (pre-16) be having "Make-out" sessions, and other age appropriate activities.

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    Sex Talk with Nikki and Astrid...Are Sex Toys Appropriate Christmas Gifts????

    in Comedy

    A sex toy is always a better holiday present than itchy, scratchy, slutty, crotchless underwear. Hell,even a lump of coal is better than itchy, scratchy, slutty, crotchless underwear. Agree or Disagree?? Call in 347 945 7765 and join Nikki and Astrid, two women exploring their sexuality. 

     Disclaimer: The views, products, posts, programs and services mentioned on this show are in no way shape or form reflect any direct correlation between the show hosts and any current or previous public service employers. All stories are provided for entertainment purposes only and should be considered fictional. Any similiarity to real persons or events is coincidential.Please consult an attorney for any legal advice.

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    Golf Swing From the Ground Up - How to Appropriate Deal with an Unruly Golfer

    in Golf

    The American Golf Association's - Golf Swing from the Ground Up focusing this week on:

               "Golf Swing from the Ground Up - How to Appropriate Deal with an Unruly Golfer”

    Regular segments include:

    The "Joke of the Week"
    This Week's  - "Celebrity & Golf Birthdays"
    This Week's  - "Golf Trivia Contest"
    The "Rules of Golf" - USGA
    This Week's  - "Featured Event & Tip"
    This Week's  - "Featured Golf Course"


                  We're Changing the Game, the Fuse is Lit

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    in Christianity

    EDIFYING THE BODY OF CHRIST is a series of teaching purposed to encourage godly lifestyles which reflect the presence of God in the life of the believer. Today's Message:  APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR IN THE HOUSE

    VOICE OF REASONS PROPHETIC MINISTRY with The prophet Mary Washington, Pastor of Feed My Sheep Ministries Ft Worth, TX who delivers a burden removing yoke destroying word from the LORD! LIVE DAILY: Weekday Mornings at 7am and Wednesday Evenings at 8pm Gospel Table Talk on PURE WORD for EVERYDAY CHRISTIANS. Meet us there!

    Feed My Sheep Ministries Church 2014 motto: Higher Heights and Deeper Depths, Grounded in the Will of God. We ask you to Partner With Us by giving your gift of any size to be a blessing to the work of the ministry and pray for us as we fulfill the will of The LORD "going out into all the world and making disciples" God bless you for your liberality

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    How To Find Mr. Right...or Mr. Right Now - Whichever Is Most Appropriate

    in Relationships

    Does this feel familiar - Do I have a sign on my back that says, "Hey Fool, I'm over here...Come waste my time!

    Are you sick and tired of being alone? Are you ready to stop going through men?  Are you less than two short steps away from either cursing someone out, or slapping the you know what out of them, then you cannot afford to miss this episode of Conversations With Dr. D Ivan Young...

    You're not meant to be alone... 

    You are only moments away from realizing your dream - but you can't keep doing the same thing expecting a different outcome. Loneliness and lust can derail you. Learn how to spot Mr. Right or better yet, how to simply how to enjoy Mr. Right Now. If you want stop settling for less, if you're ready stop being lonely and start enjoying your life - you cannot afford to miss today’s episode of Blog Talk Radio’s Hit Feature Program – Conversations With Dr. D Ivan Young.

    Get a pen and paper and don’t miss one moment of this episode with America’s leading expert on life, love and relationships, Dr. D Ivan Young

    *All Of Our Programs Are Archived For Your Listening Pleasure*

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    Same Sisters Different Races

    in Radio

    Tune in and Drop out the sister are live discussing topics, The appropriate age for sexual discretion,persmuscity. Tune in every Wednesday at 10pm

  • When does giving become too much?

    in Self Help

    We will be discussing types of giving. The different levels of giving. And the downside to giving. Also how giving can change your life for the better. And finally are your reasons for giving appropriate for the situation. Meaning are your motives self serving or are you giving because you are compelled to help o

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    NFL and

    in Family

    Over the last couple of months the spotlight has been on the NFL to address the numerous past and current reports involving violence against women from NFL players.  While this is not a new conversation or dynamic, it has risen to a level that is demanding an immediate and appropriate response.  

    Recognizing that nearly 70% of the NFL players are Black and the face of this reoccurring violence is portrayed as representing the also disproportional intimate partner violence that is experience in the Black community over all, we will convene a discussion to address the role of the Black community and particularly Black women in helping to frame a culturally competent response from the NFL?  We will also discuss the Black community perception of  "whooping," our children and the need for this punishment?  

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    "I Was In Prison And You Visited Me." Spending Christmas In Cook County Jail

    in Women

    Love is the answer to every situation. For those around the world who studied and learned from the teachings of Jesus Christ, this season is an opportunity to demonstrate those lessons in love. There is an appropriate loving response to every situation, and for someone who has committed an offense that lands them in jail, the appropriate loving response is to visit them and encourage them to remember their own Divine nature.  When we visit the imprisoned we're encouraging them to work toward repairing whatever is damaged in their souls that caused them to forget their DIvinity and transgress against another.  Every year, Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow PUSH Jesse Ma Houston Prison Ministry visits Cook County Jail on Christmas Day. This year, those who are travelng to the jail with PUSH express their hopes that one day all prisons will be emptied of inmates.  What will we as a society need to do in order to make that happen?


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    To The G.R.I.T. of it ALL; In The wake of CLEVELAND'S protesting..."WHAT'S NEXT"

    in Entertainment

    People in our community are fed up with the powers that be. They continue to conduct business as usual as if we are going to do nothhing about it. Protesting is a good start, but where do we go from there? Is it an end or a means? As a community, we must create the appropriate future for our kids to thrive in and we must stay determined to see that future materialize. ARE YOU GOING TO STAND UP! ARE YOU WILLING TO PUT EVERYTHING ON THE LINE FOR YOUR KIDS, NEICES & NEPHEWS? WE MUST PUSH THE CURRENT DIALOGUE PAST JUST REACTING TO WHAT IS BEING DONE TO US AND DECIDE TO DO SOMETHING FOR OURSELVES!!!

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