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    Encore Show: How to be Effective & Creative in Booking Appointments

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    Every week Karlyn shares ideas, concepts and success tips with you her listeners. Karlyn has over 35 years of business success and experience in the business communuity and has a lot to offer and give, so tune in every Tuesday at 3pm PST. right her on the biztipsradio.com network on BlogTalkRadio.

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    Back By Popular Demand! "How to be Effective & Creative in Booking Appointments"

    Our fans have requested numerous times to rerun this show... If you rely on booking in-homes, appointments or parties and/or shows to build your business, then you'll want to join us for today's show!

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    Show air time: 30-60 Minutes Every Tuesday at 3pm PST.

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    *Previously Recorded* Everything Thanksgiving & Doctor's Appointments

    in Moms and Family

         This show has been previously recorded so that us Messy Moms can have the day off too. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our wonderful fans!

    We will be discussing Everything Thanksgiving. A look at all the Turkey Day Traditions, How it originated, and tips on how to stay stress free during this holiday. We will also be discussing Doctor's Appointments. The difference between a well child visit and a sick child visit. Questions to ask your doctor. How to deal with waiting room boredom and much more. 

    In the news today we are talking about Child Endangerment. One mom's story and what we think about her bad choices.

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    What the World Needs Now: Some Damn Mentors and Leaders

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    They say that the best time to get rich is during a bad economy. Our company is here for your real estate brokerage, your insurance franchise, and your small business coaching, mentoring and business development needs.

    Don't let the politicians continue to lie to you. The economy is not in bad shape and it sure could be better. I'm telling you the truth, right?

    Yes, people and companies are making money, but it has become tougher for a larger number of companies and people to generate the revenue and income they need.

    So what does this mean to you? It means that you need to improve your skills so, unfortunately, your brokerage, your insurance franchise or, YOU, can make the money BEFORE the next guy or gal.

    Is this language too strong for you? 

    I'm going to say it LOUD and CLEAR. We are living in an economy of diminishing returns.

    In economics, diminishing returns is the decrease in the marginal output of a production process as the amount of a single factor of production is incrementally increased, while the amounts of all other factors of production stay constant.

    As example, so instead of 10,000 Realtors making enough money, there may be enough business for only 7,500. Then, three years later, there's only enough business for 6,000 Realtors. And so on, and so on.

    The same thing is true for Insurance producers.

    Maybe the economy will correct itself. I don't know if it will or not. Hopefully, it will.

    But for now, you should find ways to improve your business skills to get first dibs on consumers ready to purchase today.

    Enjoy the show.

  • Virgil Atkinson, Builder: Heartland Homes at Plumas Lake

    in Real Estate

    Today’s small business owner in the spotlight on BlogTalkRadio is Virgil Atkinson of Atkinson Construction and Development Inc., a home builder in the Yuba, Sutter counties of Northern California.

    Mr. Atkinson’s current project is Heartland Homes at Plumas Lake, a 185 home development project between Feather River and Plumas Lake Boulevards, off Highway 70, approximately 30 miles north of downtown Sacramento, and 25 miles NW of the South Placer County communities of Roseville, Rocklin and Lincoln.

    Plumas Lake is a great location. With over 1500 residents, the Plumas Lake community has more than the eyes can see. The beautiful Feather River is about 5 miles away with a boat ramp. Plumas Lake Golf and Country Club is about 5 miles away and has activities for the entire family including foot golf.

    I’m sure our listeners will be very interested to hear about the community Virgil is building at Heartland Homes at Plumas Lake.

    And just for disclosure, Virgil is a new 321 client as we showcase Heartland Homes at Plumas Lake to the millions of people who live in the Sacramento Valley. I serve as Heartland Homes at Plumas Lake Marketing Vice President.

    We invite Sacramento Valley prospective homebuyers to see these beautiful and spacious homes.

    Sacramento area Realtors: you must show your client these homes that could save them lots of money.

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    "The Sales Process Works" Training Steps

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    This short broadcast outlines "The Sales Process Works" training topics.

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    Everything Thanksgiving & Doctor's Appointments

    in Moms and Family

    We will be discussing Everything Thanksgiving. A look at all the Turkey Day Traditions, How it originated, and tips on how to stay stress free during this holiday. We will also be discussing Doctor's Appointments. The difference between a well child visit and a sick child visit. Questions to ask your doctor. How to deal with waiting room boredom and much more.  
    In the news today we are talking about Child Endangerment. One mom's story and what we think about her bad choices.
    Remember, If at anytime during our segments you have a question or comment Just call into our show by dialing the call in # listed below. You can also leave questions on our blog or email and we will read them during the next show.
    The Call In # is 1-914-803-4038
    Thanks for tuning in!

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    It's a Numbers Game...I Know You Don't Want to Hear This!

    in Marketing

    No matter how you slice it or dice it, marketing products and services WILL always be a numbers game.

    Can you tiptoe into a sale? Yes!

    Can you luck up and get a sale? Yes

    Can your social media accounts get you a sale? Yes

    But the question is. Can you predict the number of sales and their frequency AND make the money you need and want to pay your bills, without working and knowing the numbers?

    The answer is No.

    There are some hidden benefits to working and knowing your numbers. We will discuss numbers and ratios on today's show.

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    321 Figured It Out

    in Marketing

    Throughout my adult working life, I've had jobs where I had to think and perform outside the box.

    At 53 years old, it is still a top priority to stay just as RELEVANT as I was at 23 years old. It's always been my mindset that the best ideas are still out there regardless if it seems technology has figured it out.

    Here we are, in 2015.

    Social media has influenced the way business owners think about advertising. It became trendy to post products, services and business profiles to popular social media websites with the hope sales would be made.

    What we discovered using mostly anecdotal evidence is social media sites are popular for two sets of users concerned with revenue and employment:

    Businesses advertising products and services to other businesses.
    Individuals and businesses seeking employment and candidates.

    Not getting into too much detail, we at 321SetAppointments.com (321) have concluded that potential customers, who are not businesses advertising products and services to other businesses, is still, an untapped, social media market. Popular websites which collect and distribute real estate, mortgage and insurance leads have been very effective in delivering platforms to connect producers and prospects.

    But there is still a frontier to conquer!

    What if there were a way to connect with consumers BEFORE they reached popular, fee-based website portals where consumer data is collected and distributed to producers?


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    October 2014 Broker Agent Training Special

    in Marketing

    My name is Rick Nappier, Owner of 321SetAppointments.com, also known as "321".

    My company helps small business owners do more business and find more clients using twelve years experience in corporate America as a sales and operations manager and over 8 years experience selling real estate and life insurance. 321 is a coaching, mentoring and business development company.

    Today's short broadcast offers Real Estate Brokers a 3-hour, on-demand, high performance training session to help brokers' agents become more productive. Brokers will probably agree that the majority of new agents come into the industry with very little sales experience, barely any self-employment work history and no personal development coaching.

    Yes, agents are using the Internet and social media to find business and close deals, but we at 321 strongly believe agents will benefit from this traditional sales approach to help agents  set sales goals and make the income they want and need.

    The training fee is $499 for up to 20 agents and $999 for up to 50 agents. GoToMeeting software will be the training platform.

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    321 Introduction: 2015 and Beyond

    in Marketing

    At 321SetAppointments.Com, we are excited to help real estate, mortgage and insurance producers, as well as small business owners, do more business.

    321 has a superior coaching and mentoring platform that is unmatched in the coaching and mentoring industry. Our "No Sales Pitch" consultative approach makes both producers and their clients feel good about doing business together.

    We do not leave our coaching and mentoring producer clients stranded. Our affordable services help our clients get through the process 

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    Setting Sales Appointments with Scott Channell

    in Business

    Scott is the Ultimate Authority n Setting Sales Appointments The topic that started it all. Scott personally set more than 2,000 C-Level sales appointments in diverse industries and he teaches your team an A-Z system, step-by-step, including scripts, to do the same. 
    From Hello to Close When companies started getting a ton of qualified appointments they would then ask, "Now can you help us with converting more of them to closed sales?" "Hello to Close" picks up after the appointment is set. First meeting, selling the next step, then the next. Communicating value. Closing the business.
    Selling Value Not Price Selling on price is a lousy place to sell. If you have true value, value worth paying for, how do you get fair value for your premium services or expertise when surrounded by price cutters in this economy. Learn how or watch your margins, profits and positioning in the market shrivel.
    Sales Scripts That Sell Scripts are just preparation. On the phone or in a face-to-face meeting, salespeople face common scenarios. Whether it is gatekeeper interaction, setting the appointment or closing the sale, have a well thought out script path greatly increases the odds of success. If you sales team cannot instantly respond with best responses to common scenarios a lot of money is being lost.

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