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    63 - Zack's Musical Celeb Tales and Live Action Anime

    in Pop Culture

    Zack Bateman returns with more awesome stories for us to geek out about the famous musical folks he's met while working at Yoshi's in Oakland. We'll also learn more about his latest productions, fundraisers and awesomeness. 

    And Danimator wanted to chat about Live Action Anime Movies ... remember the segment on Animaniacs called "Good Idea Bad Idea?" Yeah, some live action anime movies might apply here. ARE there any good ones? 

    Check these links for more Zack-ness!

    Zack's Music

    Zack's Production Company

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    SHARE Talk Radio Presents: Updates on Complementary & Alternative Medicine

    in Health

    Ann Fonfa, longtime SHARE volunteer and founder of Annie Appleseed Project, discusses natural cancer strategies including risk reduction information, ways to reduce treatment toxicities, and approaches to help you thrive as a survivor at any stage.  Ann became interested in Integrative Oncology when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This year she celebrates 22 years as a cancer survivor.


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    Christians have but one simple job...to be Johnny Appleseed...

    in Christianity

    Our job as Christians is a simple one, designed that way so that anyone could do it...

    We are to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus to EVERYONE.

    All too often, we as Christians keep our lights hidden under a lampshade...that is not at all how it is supposed to be...

    From the guy at the corner store to your boss at work, there will be no excuses on Judgement Day for you and your unwillingness to share the Truth with every soul...

    TUNE IN & TURN ON to tomorrow's 'Morning Routine' where we will go through 5 Psalms & 1 Proverb and talk about putting Jesus first in our lives.

    God bless you! 

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    Making a Difference in Alabama

    in Politics Progressive

    Join us this Sunday for a special episode highlighting one of the most incredible non profits in our state. Our special guest will be Shay Farley, J.D. She is the Legal Director at Alabama Appleseed Center for Law and Justice. Shay received her Juris Doctorate from Thomas Goode Jones School of Law in Montgomery, Alabama in 2003 and began litigating with a small general practice firm. Quickly finding that the laws did little to protect, much less advance, the interests of the voiceless, she committed her energy to policy reparation. Since August 2005, Shay has worked at Alabama Appleseed, a state-level public interest policy advocacy. As Alabama Appleseed's Legal Director, Shay assists the Executive Director in the development and governance of organizational projects, coordinates internships, and manages all of Alabama Appleseed’s legislative activities. In addition, Shay directs Appleseed’s economic justice work, namely Payday and Title Lending Reform and Consumer Debt projects, as well as some criminal justice issues. In 2014, Shay was appointed to the Alabama Prison Reform Task Force by Sen. Cam Ward (R-Alabaster). Shay maintains a deep conviction for utilizing her education to enhance the lives of others, particularly those in need of a voice. As acknowledgment for her devotion, she was honored with the Montgomery Advertiser’s King Spirit Award in 2011. This award recognizes young adults in the community who represent the vision, dedication and selfless spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy. 

    We will also have news you can use, and the most important thing- You. Call in with your comments or questions or e-mail the show with them, jasonisus@gmail.com


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    Appleseed in Schools and Appleseeders as Activists

    in Politics Conservative

    Last week we did a show about the recent event held by Appleseed in a Colorado school. And I think the subject matter was important enough that I am continuing with the message this week, following up on that story with a talk to some folks who are working on getting events such as the Colorado School Appleseed mainstreamed. Mary Schow is working on an project called Marksmanship in The Schools and she is going to tell us how we can help to get rifle marksmanship instruction re inserted in American schools.

    We will also have Rachel Malone, Appleseed Shoot Boss and founder of Texas Firearms Freedom Project She will be talking about her path into shooting, into Appleseed and how she got started with the 2nd Amendment work she is doing to help Texans, and firearms owners everywhere in America, protect their 2nd Amendment rights.

    The call in number is 347-308-8790 to add your voice to the mix tonight

    Hope to see you there!


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    Fall Down 7 times and Get Up 8 with Diamond Dallas Page!

    in Entertainment

      On this episode of The VDown with Michael V, we defy technical difficulties and we hit the mat again and to steal a Booker T gimmick, get back with the three time, three time, three time World Championship Wrestling Heavy Weight Champion of the Woooorrrrrrlllllddddd... Diamond Dallas Page!

      We tried to have Dallas on the page before, but technical difficulties got in the way and knocked us down but did not sink us. One of the mantra's that Dallas preaches in DDP Yoga is "Fall down seven times get up eight." So we're going to dust ourselves off and have a kick ass show with Dallas. We'll get updates on DDP Yoga Workshops, the DDP Yoga Performance Center and the upcoming app!

      This month we will donating 10% of our net proceeds from the sales of our products at our website, www.thevdown.webstarts.com to The DDP Yoga Hardship Fund and the other 90% to The Annie Appleseed Project. You can also donate directly by going to www.lizddpyoga.com for The DDP Yoga Hardship.com and go to www.annieappleseed.org for The Annie Appleseed Project and don't miss our episode with Diamond Dallas Page on November 12th at 5 pm Central Time or listen to our archived version after the show at Blog Talk Radio or download on iTunes!

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    An Apple a Day Brings Ann Fonfa to Our Door!

    in Entertainment

      On this episode of The VDown, we welcome Ann Fonfa of the Annie Appleseed Project to the show. Ann is a breast cancer survivor and a proponent of alternative medical treatments.

      Ann founded The Annie Appleseed Project in 1997 to help educate and raise awareness for alternative medical treatments and other issues and to also help give patients a voice to there medical providers. Ann has also testified in front of Congress and the FDA on these issues.

      Not only did Ann found The Annie Appleseed Project, but she is also a member of many groups devoted to the treatment of cancer but is also a board member for several in her fight to help end this horrible disease as well as inform and educate patients on ALL the options they have available for treatment.

     For the month of November, we here at the show will donating 90% of our net proceeds from the sales of our products at our website, www.thevdown.webstarts.com, to The Annie Appleseed Project and the other 10% to the DDP Yoga Hardship Fund. You can also donate directly by going to www.lizddpyoga.com for the DDP Yoga Hardship Fund and you can go to http://www.annieappleseedproject.org for The Annie Appleseed Project.

     Don't miss this episode of The VDown with Michael V on November 5th at 5 pm Central Time. You can also catch it archived after we air on Blog Talk Radio or download on iTunes.

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    PNN - Footfalls of Democracy and a Kick at Cancer

    in Politics Progressive

    PNN's Guests this week:
    Join News Director Rick Spisak with this weeks guests:

    Ann Fonfa    Update on Cancer research / International Research
    Dr. Rachel Pienta, Campus Vote Project Coordinator, for Florida for the Fair Election Legal Network
    Dierdre McNab    President of the League of Women Voters of Florida
    Drew Martin of the Palm Beach Water Board and the Sierra Club 

    Tune In Live at 7pm (Eastern)  Live or Anytime

    Solidarity & Peace

    Rick Spisak, News Director

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    Weekly LIVE! Broadcast for 7-16-14

    in Health

    THRUOUREYES - 8:00 - 9:00pm LIVE! Joe Ruffalo will interview Art Schreiber, author, public speaker and advocate. The discussion will highlight Art's involvement with the Beatles, his media career, acceptance to blindness,and Art's continued energy to make a difference!VIDEO 

    IBC FACTS AND FALLACIES - 9:00 - 10PM Ann Fonfa, diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma in 1993 at 44. Unable to take chemotherapy she explored complementary, alternative, natural therapies inc. lifestyle changes for 20+ years.  Ann will talk about how the nationally recognized nonprofit Annie Appleseed Project was started and more. VIDEO

  • 02:03

    Bugout Bag Gear/First Aid/Appleseed Promotions

    in Politics Conservative

    Join me tonight for discussion of what you should have packed in your survival bag, and what you should be doing now to expand your medical preps. 
    We will also talk about how to make sure you are getting the word out about Appleseed and how even just a few minutes a week can really help your promotions plan. But you have to have a plan first.
    The show ruuns 7:00-9:00PM CST and the call in number is 347-308-8790.
    See you there!

  • 02:05

    Rebroadcast of David Hackett Fischer's "Washington's Crossing"

    in Politics Conservative

    Hey Guys, a problem has come up with using the Appleseed Project message system to send out show reminders. While the show is the sole property of myself and is in no way affiliated with The Appleseed Project, we have been using their mail system to send out show reminders.

    Since we can no longer use that system, I have started up a mail chimp account to send out the email reminders. If you wish to receive these reminders, go to http://eepurl.com/AmtFv  and sign up for our mail chimp account which is a protected email list.

    Thaks and we will be back with another live show this coming Thursday evening, 7:00PM central.