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    Today's Moonshine News

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    Alittle on still building, branding your own moonshine & mash in the winter.




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    Music Artist Tony Justice: Apple Pie Moonshine

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    Singer/Songwriter, Nascar enthusiast, and professional truck driver Tony Justice of Tony Justice Music joins us as he updates us on his exploding career in the music industry.
    Tony’s latest CD, On the Road is sold at all Major Truck Plazas:  Pilot/Fling J, T/A Petro, Wilco Hess, and Loves.
    Along with being featured in numerous magazines, he performed for the 2012 Hollywood Pre-Grammy Awards Party and engages in numerous radio guests appearances. 
    Tony continues his music career while professionaly driving, performing and signing autographs at most of the largest truck shows across the country.
    We will discuss his newest upcoming album, "Apple Pie Moonshine" and he will bring us up-to-date on his recent Nashville trip, as well as other factors within his musical career, such as sharing the story on the T/A Truck Stop's newest menu item: the "Justice Burger!"
    Be the 5th caller into the show, and WIN an autographed copy of Tony's "On The Road" CD.
    Come join the converstation!

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    Tennessee Thumper Stills & Moonshine News.

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    New 4 jar stills from Rick Gibson and some shiner stuff to boot



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    New Shows, Friends & Moonshine.

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    New radio shows with Rick Gibson from Tennessee Thumper Stills, new friends and what they're doing and of course all the moonshine news. Also a new broadcast schedule coming soon.




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    New Still Builders & Other Moonshine News at 12:00 Eastern.

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    We have more still builders out there, plus the news & Hillbilly Woodstock dates.




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    The Pie Benny Show

    in Entertainment

    Numerolgy..Dreams Opening your mind to a higher understanding!

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    Rising Apple Report Episode 99- Let The Games Begin!

    in Sports

    It's Easter Sunday. We are in the midst of Passover too. And in the sports world, it's the first day of baseball season! Though the Mets begin play for real on Monday, April, 6th, the Major League season begins tonight as the Cardinals take on the Cubs in Chicago.

    The Rising Apple team will be conducting a special roundatable discussion of all things Mets. We'll chat about the 8-man bullpen, innings limits for Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom, the team's 19-12-2 Spring Training record, the roster, and much more as we're on the eve of the Mets' 2015 season. We'll even let you know who we think is going to win the World Series.

    Join Danny Abriano, Mike Lecolant, Dan Haefli, and maybe more writers from the Rising Apple staff to engage in some fun Mets dialogue at 9 pm, Sunday, April 5th. I (Rich Sparago) will be your host as we count the hours until Mets baseball.

    So listen in, give us a call, we'd love to hear from you! Let's celebrate the return of Mets baseball with the 99th edition of the Rising Apple Report!



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    Episode 94, The Rising Apple Report: Camp Bravado is open for business

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    The caleder still says February, the temperature in the northeast is still below freezing, and for many the winter snow has been relentless.  However, nothing advertises a changing of the season quite like Spring Training.

    Port St. Lucie is finally open for business.  All position players were due by Tuesday, and today marked the first day of full squad workouts.

    Over the winter, the Mets contracted a strong case of confidence.  Tonight's 94th episode of the Rising Apple Report will swing the gates open to Camp Bravado, and debate the merits of their words.

    If the Mets indeed seem emboldened to you, perhaps the return of Matt Harvey is one reason why.  On March 6th, he will tentatively take the mound and face live competition for the first time since 2013.

    Also up for discussion are the potential crowding of the bullpen and a lack of another lefty, Lucas Duda's injury, the never ending quest to rectify shortstop, the 1994 regular season, and much more.

    Rising Apple staff writer Rich Sparago will host this evening's discussion, and will be joined by fellow staff writer Michael Lecolant.  As always, you are most welcome to call the show and join the conversation.

    The number is 646-929-0337.  The show starts at 9:00pm (EST) sharp.

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    The Pie Benny Show

    in Entertainment

    The Magic In Believing

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    The Pie Benny Show

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we will be discussing the importance of Crystals in your life


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    Still Building Class, Recipes, Events & Other Moonshine Stuff.

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    Should there be a class for moonshine still making?

    Moonshine recipes, yeast  vs malted wheat or barley.

    Local fun and stuff like that.


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