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    "A Coalition for Peace in the Middle East" on "I Take LIBERTY With My Coffee"

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    This weekend in Atlanta the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation held a three-day.conference with a marvelous group of peace activists and organizations that came together to address the Israeli occupation and peace in the Middle East.  CODEPINK's Alli McCracken attended and joins me to talk about the conference, the issues and the fight for piece and why these issues are important to her personally and to CODEPINK. I also will be discussing the International Canna Pro Expo happening in Orlando, FL next weekend. So grab a cup of coffee and join us.Longtime Activist, Journalist, Coffee Party Director & Radio Host, Bobby Rodrigo brings you "I Take LIBERTY With My Coffee" on the Coffee Party USA Radio Network every Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM. Advocating engagement Bobby points out the Constitution is the Rule of Law and why it should remain so. Money in Politics, the Political Party Machine, Cannabis Prohibition and partisan blind allegiance is on full display as he advocates against the erosion of Constitutional Protections in the name of corruption & tyranny. "If we focused on following the Constitution we would solve many of the ills of our society.”  Offering guests from Political Organizations, Activism, Media & Artists Bobby invites you to join him Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM on Coffee Party USA Radio.

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    Dear White Allies... Pt. 1

    in Culture

    Please join us Sunday 10AM CST as we discuss white allies, their role(s), inclusion vs. accommodation, having our own safe spaces, eurocentrism, and much more.

    Rachel Dolezal's masquerade is another example of why we, as a nation, need to confront and address a number of issues. The black community needs allies, not enemies, or white people replacing us.  The erasure of black women by eurocentrism and black men needs to be addressed and rectified.  Black women and girls matter.

    The dial in number is 310-982-4273 and press 1 to speak with the hosts.  You can also Skype and set reminders.

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    David Jacobson- South Africa and the Next Aliyah Wave

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    Jewish Board is a political group in South Africa as a group that was actively involved in getting rid of Aparthied. The very same people that the Jewish people faught for an opposition of aparthied actually are now being oppposed for supporting the State of Israel and are recieving death threats on social media. Recently in Johannbsburg, a zionist federation conference was held and the conference was threatened by a mob of 100,000 in the past during operation of protective edge and recently of 1000. We are pleased that our guest co-host will be Ari Lewis from Arutz Shevam, Israel National Radio.

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    I HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS: Shirley Johnson

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    In Satsuma, Alabama, my family, the Johnson family is living in a Petite APARTHEID state.  We are separated from the larger Anglo community by a privacy; (2) we are only allowed to ENTER our HOME and PROPERTY from the BACK; (3) all of the services provided to all other at their FRONT DOOR, are provided to us at our BACK DOOR - subservience; (4) when remove the barriers to the FRONT of our HOME we were ARRESTED and charged with a CRIMINAL MISDEMEANOR; and (5) are again downgraded to only being able to ENTER our HOME PROPERTY from the BACK.   

    Therefore, based on the aforementioned definition,  we are (a) being systematically oppressed by the Anglo-American (dominant) governance of the City of Satsuma, (b) our human rights, civil and constitutional rights are being denied to us because of our RACE, and (c) our social rights/privileges are curtailed due to this inhumane treatment, and the actions of those who are effecting this state of injustice.

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    Go Get Your Hip Waders

    in Politics

    This week on the American Muslim, we discuss the NBA's ruling against Clippers owner Donald Sterling, Secretary Of State John Kerry's comments referring to Israel as an Aparthied state, and Sarah Palin's remarks at the NRA convention equating Baptism with water boarding. So get out your hip waders and join us as we attempt to get through this polical mess. As always we're taking your calls and comments

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    Let's Talk About It - The Mandela Legacy & The DR Strips its Citizenship

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    Mandela: The Man or Myth

    in Culture


    CALL IN 347-637-3074 @ 10PM EST, 9PM CST, 8 PM MST, 6 PST 12/18/2013 OR  CHAT ONLINE 


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    Living, caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

    in Writing

    on todays broadcast (blogalkradio.com /don-durant) we will speak on the  need to take care in all that you write.  Each word on your page is significant and should lend itsef to furthering the essence of each character. In undertaking the writing of a book... The ending of your book is usually the hardest to write. Consider a the imaginings, pondering, researching and organizing phases of a piece of writing-everything you do before sitting down to actually write.  What's your main focus?  Like many, you may be concentrating on how, and where the story will begin...In considering the Life of Nelson Mandela, it is interesting to consider comparing him to  Martin, and Malcolm, to gain a view of what he had to overcome.

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    Nelson Mandela

    in Radio

     Welcome to Our Own Voices Live with your hosts: Angela Thomas and Rodney Smith

    Our topic today is, The transition of President Nelson Rolihlahla (Madiba) Mandela


    Nelson Mandela

    It is amazing that the first Black president of South Africa lived the life that he lived. He has been an ICON for South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world for a long time. He suffered after fighting for the freedoms of his people similar to Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King, slain still in his youth and the other living to be almost 100 years old and became the first Black President of South Africa. Both men leaving a mark that maybe none other could have and maybe no one else will do later.

    "For now, let us pause and give thanks for the fact that
    Nelson Mandela lived -- a man who took history in his hands,
    and bent the arc of the moral universe toward justice."
    President Barack Obama
    Let’s take a moment to reflect on the live and times of President Mandela.


    Let's discuss a question.  With President Mandela’s transition, are we nearing the end  of the old guard that helped usher in so many changes across the globe and who will step up to continue the dream and the legacy?


    Our Own Voices Live is a radio show featuring people and stories from our community in Las Vegas, the surrounding area and some place near you. America is the greatest country on earth due to its cultural diversity and not in spite of it. Our mission is to help bridge the cultural and ethnic divide in America by working together to build the greatest bridge in history to unite us

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    Mandela, Madiba: What Must Leaders Learn?

    in Spirituality

    Please join me Saturday morning for our online radio show -- onCUE!... Helping people "lead where they are". 

    On this week’s show, we continue our series of Difference Makers, who are serving selflessly, impacting this generation, and making a difference.

    We will celebrate the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela through the lens of a Mandela Family friend, Dr. Gerald Turner.  Dr. Turner, CEO & Managing Director of Enterprise Performance Management Institute, is accomplished executive, business advisor, and executive coach and help us to understand 1) Mandela’s legacy and 2) what can leaders learned from Mandela?

    In addition, we kick-off “Domino Talk” with the Smith Brothers, Nehemiah and Jacques Smith.  We will discuss the question of the day and the “Big Six” topic of the week -- No one knows what that topic is…

    Host: Eric Powell, Founder of CUE Foundation, Inc –http://cueleadership.com/

    Series: Transformational Leadership: Difference Makers

    Genre: Talk radio to teach spiritual leadership, highlight everyday leaders, and help leaders "lead where they are"

    Replay of Shows:  http://cueleadership.com/oncue-radio-show-replay/

    © 2010-2013 CUE Foundation, Inc  All Rights Reserved

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    Mandela's Legacy on The Hour-A-Month Activist

    in Current Events

    From your host, Cole Thomas:

    With the passing/transition/death of late statesman and former South African President, Nelson Mandela, many of us of  "a certain age" flash back to the tumultuous, postmodernity of the1950's and the Movement of the 1960's coupled with the 1970's coming-of-age search for the acceptance of truth as relative. From the 1950's throughout the 1980's and leading up to Mandela's 1990 release from prison, an era of first space walks, bullet trains, and supersonic jets, many Americans sought solace through enlightenment, some of us twisting out our own hair in an attempt to socially and psychically process the gravity of our condition.  What exactly were the implications of our friends' and family members' righteous efforts being thwarted, of our leaders being gunned down, of our chronic economic distress, and of the institutionalized oppression we met at every turn, and how differently was it playing out half a world away?  As we sought to better grasp the complexity of identity intersections which we - openly, perhaps, for the first time - initiated fearless discourse around, people from all walks of life stepped up and led, some risking their lives in order to do so.  Nelson Mandela was a very present leader in this entire narrative. His incarceration halfway across the world for acting boldly to rid the country of its race separatist practices, gave many of us incentive to remain passionately, civically engaged.

    Call in at 1pm EST on Friday 12/6/13 if you have a Mandela-as-D.R.I.V.E.R.story!