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    "Inside The Elites" with Boo Woods - 2015 Bassmaster Elite season Preview

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    Welcome Bassmaster Elite Series angler Boo Woods to Fish Bait Radio as their staff member and show host for 2015. Boo will have his own show at Fish Bait Radio in 2015 called "Inside The Elites" with Boo Woods.

    Join long time radio host James Smith and Boo Woods for his very first show at Fish Bait Radio December 17th at 7PM Est. Boo will be letting  his fan's know what they can expect on the show through the 2015 season , talk about tournament dates and feedback on the lakes that the Elite Series will be fishing this year and much more..

    This is going to be a great show with Boo living his dream as a angler during the 2015 season and covering the highs and the lows of a Elite angler, Nothing held back..Straight 100% reality radio.

    Join Boo for his Introduction radio show at Fish Bait Radio..

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    Dream Elite Radio Episode 1 - Special Guest Frank Trigg

    in MMA


    The very first episode of "Dream Elite Radio" - Premiering September 28th at 6:30PM EST! 

    Special Guest -

    UFC/PRIDE Veteran and MMA Legend Frank Trigg



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    Metal International EP10

    in Rock Music

    This week's show will feature global metal by:

    Adorned ln Ash - Evangelion (Pretoria, South Africa)
    Breed Of Burden - The New Wave (Morocco, London, England UK)
    Mist Of Nihil - Wind Of A Thousand Winters (Athens, Greece)
    OUTLOUD - We Came To Rock (Athens, Greece)
    The Silent Wedding - To Them (Athens, Greece)
    Enmity - Bloated Slabs (Capetown, South Africa)
    Tetrarch - Final Words (Atlanta, Georgia USA)
    Absence Of Light - Samadhi (Nairobi, Kenya)
    The Spindle Sect - Lines (Capetown, South Africa)
    Born From Ashes - lnside Out (Winter Park, FL USA)
    Hellwitch - Neolithic Journey (Fort Lauderdale, FL USA)
    Cave Moth - 108 (Ormond Beach, FL USA)
    Psychostick - NSFW (featuring Bill Manspeaker from Green Jello) (Tempe, AZ USA)
    Bhayanak Maut - Ranti Nasha (Mumbai, lndia)
    Cradle Of Filth - Born in a Burial Gown (Suffolk, England UK)

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    Over the Top Cycling - Meet the 2015 Panache Endurance Elite Team

    in Fitness

    Joining us for a discussion about the newly formed Panache Endurance Elite Team are Mick Walsh, Colin Stokes, Wayne Dowd, Joan Deitchman, Adam Morley, Sarah Cooper, Vicki Ford, Jill Robinson, Jodie Lawston and Carol Pope.  The team is excited about our newly forming ultra team competition in which the burden of one rider traveling across the country to earn points is removed by team members earning points at selected events.  Our goal is to increase participation and be not only strong racers but true ambassadors of our sport.

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    Legal Eagle & the Coach - Elite Physiques Coaching & A New System of Thinking

    in Business

    Legal Eagle and the Coach with David Altenbern & Bryan Kiser with their guest Aaron Zambrano & Dianne Collins:

    Aaron Zambrano is the co-owner of Elite Physiques. He started as a fitness competitor and quickly progressed to be the on stage personality for Musclemania Texas and Fitness America for 6 years. Aaron is high-level personal trainer and nutrition expert as well as an elite posing coach. He uses fitness, nutrition and competitions as the vehicle to expand the self-expectations of all his clients and be introduced to a world they never knew could exist.

    Dianne Collins has been devoted to the question: what is the access to creating the results we truly desire? From studying everything from physics to metaphysics I made a few life altering discoveries that led me to create the QuantumThink® model—a system of thinking comprised of principles and practices that make it quick and easy for anyone to live the wisdom of science and spirituality in everyday life—not just to know the principles—to embody them.” – Dianne CollinsDianne Collins is a modern visionary, an original thinker, an authority in new world view thinking and the creator and author of the QuantumThink® system of thinking, an unprecedented body of knowledge based in the principles of quantum science and universal laws applied as practical wisdom in all areas of life. 

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    Over the Top Radio - Elite PAC Tour Finishers!

    in Fitness

    Tune in for a discussion with Elite PAC Tour creators Lon Haldeman and Susan Notorangelo as well as a number of riders who have completed the Toughest Two Week Tour in the World! 

    San Diego, CA to Tybee Island, GA

    Arrive: San Diego, CA Saturday, May 16th

    18 riding days 2,785 miles 160 miles per day

    The fastest transcontinental bike tour ever! PAC Tour's first Elite Tour was in 1995 and has been going strong ever since!

    Daily miles range from 140 to 196 miles per day. Riders completing 100% of the tour will qualify for the Race Across AMerica.This extremem cross country bike tour intended for the most serious riders who are looking for a very challenging ride across America.    All riders must routinely ride 200 miles in 10-12 hours in training. An Elite Team Division is being offered for two riders to share participating by individually riding 80-120 miles each day.

    This Elite Tour begins in San Diego, California with moderate daily distances the first three days while crossing the desert.  We hope all riders will be able to gradually work themselves into shape before they begin the longer days for the remainder of the tour.  The route will use a combination of good cycling roads we have ridden for many years.

    This is not an easy cross-country route following the boring flat lands of the Southern states.  We will intentionally climb many steep mountain grades in Arizona and New Mexico.  In the eastern states we will ride many hilly days including the notorious Talimena Parkway which includes many 15% grades.

    This cross country bicycle tour is only for the best riders. Do not come on this tour if you are looking for an easy ride across the country. Even the fastest riders will be tested to their limits on most days.

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    Aja Davis - New Body Elite Studio

    in Entrepreneur

    In this interview Aja Davis, owner of New Body Elite Transformation Studio, which is the #1 Fitness Studio for Women in Brooklyn, New York, shares how she helps women achieve much more than just physical fitness.

    In addition to emphasizing appropriate exercises and nutrition carefully tailored to each woman’s needs, Aja helps them change their mental mindset, including learning how to place their own needs first.

    Even though Aja’s studio is in Brooklyn, she does have some limited virtual training programs which are available to those committed to following through on changing their lives, mentally, as well as physically.

    To learn more:

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    Metal International EP8

    in Rock Music

    This week's Metal lnternational how will feature global metal by:

    Scarab - Wrapped in Disfigurement (Cairo, Egypt)


    Excimer - Serial Killer (Alexandria, Egypt)


    Odd Crew - Dead lssue (Sofia, Bulgaria)


    Yana Raymi - Warivilca & A Las Armas  (Huancayo, Peru)


    The Nothing - This is War  (Lakeland, Florida USA)

    Empty - Surprise You're Dead (Lakeland, Florida USA)

    Hatesphere -  Smell Of Death (Aarhus, Denmark)


    Almas lnmortales -  La Maldición de la Pirámide (Lima, Peru)


    Demenzia  - Faces (Sofia, Bulgaria)


    Gwar - West End Girls (Richmond, Virginia USA)


    Devilment -  Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me (lpswitch, Suffolk UK)


    Ministry - Just One Fix (Los Angeles, California USA)


    Psychostick - Because Boobs (Tempe, Arizona USA)


    Modern Day Outlaw - Addict Of War (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA)


    Skindred - Nobody (Newport, South Wales, UK)


    Gargamel - Grin, Reaper (Orlando, FL USA)



    Don't miss our interview with "Yana Raymi." Calling in all the way from Huancaayo, Peru.

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    Metal International EP7

    in Rock Music

    This week's show will feature global metal by:

    ***Featured Band***

    !!!CRADLE OF FILTH!!! - Her Ghost in the Fog (Suffolk, UK)


    Frostagrath - A Defective lncarnation  (Cairo, Egypt)

    Odd Crew - Dead lssue (Sofia, Bulgaria)


    Atrum lnritus - Eyes of Volition (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

    Yana Raymi - Warivilca (Huancayo, Peru)

    Psychostick - Obey The Beard & Boobs


    Brutus - Civil Unjust (Cairo, Egypt)

    Azoic - Monasterum (Reykjavík, lceland)

    Abacination - Systematic Extermination (Central Coast, Australia)

    Skindred - Babylon (Newport, South Wales, UK)

    Massive Scar Era - Pray (Cairo, Egypt)

    Bastardolomey - Cheap Thrill (Sofia, Bulgaria)

    Karavan - Shor (Karachi, Pakistan)

    Kreator - Civilization Collapse (Essen, Germany)

    Qayaas - Cut My Wings (Islamabad, Pakistan)

    Check out our interview with Yana Raymi calling in all the way from Huancayo, Peru! 

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    Middle School Elite National Select Team & Camp Schedule Announcement

    in Sports

    Middle School Elite Marketing  & Event Director, Carl Winfree shares details of his excitingew job position, MSE National Select Team and upcoming Boys & Girls camps, combines and tournaments. Also, listen to previous recorded episodes in our archive.We've broadcasted using blogtalkradio.com, since 2010 resulting in four years of experience with Live internet - radio. Dont' miss our next media airwave. 









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    Metal International EP6

    in Rock Music

    Tonight's show will feature global metal by:

    Bathtub Shitter - Hip ls The Main (Osaka, Japan)


    Bhayanak Maut - Chakna for Church (Mumbai, India)

    Chthonic - Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace (Taipei, Taiwan)

    Carrion Witch - Limbless Twitching Torso (Sarasota, FL USA)

    Dark Philosophy - Disruption (Cairo, Egypt)

    (de)absolve - Phantoms (Orlando, FL USA)

    Cronian - Drifting Station (Norge, Norway) & Sverige, Sweden)

    Hatesphere - Need To Kill (Aarhus, Denmark)

    Psychostick - Obey The Beard (Tempe, AZ USA)

    Voracious Infection - Eternal Sores (Lima, Peru)

    Illusion Suite - Orpheus' Quest (Oslo, Norway)

    (N)ception - Song 5-8 (Orlando, FL USA)

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