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    Kingdom L.I.F.E. w/ Alandis R. Porter

    in Family

    Special guest Antonina Geer will talk aboutThe Business side of Ministry

    Living in expectation of the promise!

    Prophetess Alandis R. Porter

  • Spread Your Wings of Faith and Fly: Trusting Your Intuition to Push Through Fear

    in Self Help

    The path of life is paved with obstacles of all kinds. These obstacles can manafest in a myriad of ways including physical, emotional, or financial setbacks. What happens when these obstacles appear insurmountable? What happens when you feel immobalized by the fear that often accompanies these obstacles?  Do you shrink inwardly, turn around, and run the other way or do you take a step back, reflect, and figure out a way to push through? Join three amazing female empowerment coaches, Lisa Marie Pepe, Antonina Romano-Bongiovanni, and Nikia Bell as they lead you on a journey of self-discovery, whereby you'll find  the courage to spread your wings of faith and fly by learning to trust your intuition to push through fear!

    Lisa Marie Pepe is a Transformational Life and Business Coach, Author, and Speaker. She empowers women to fully embrace how beautiful they truly are by providing them with the tools they need to live more abundantly, gain more self-confidence, and meet the world on their own terms. Please visit www.positivetransformation.net or call 203-671-0139 to schedule a complientary 20-Minute Fresh Start Focus Session.

    Antonina Romano-Bongiovanni is a Life & Business Coach. She helps young and aspiring entrepreneurs raise awareness and conciousness to their own true potential and infuse who they are into their business with soul, purpose, passion and profit. To connect with Antonina or learn more about living your #LifeWellMade, visit www.lifewellmade.com.

    Nikkia Bell is a Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team.  She cultivates leaders and empowers individuals, helping them to grow forward. Please send an email to nikia@nikiabell.com or visit her  website: www.johnmaxwellgroup.com/nikiabell for more information.

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    RELAX, RELATE, RELEASE! RX for Today’s On-Demand Woman

    in Self Help

    Life comes at you fast! In our always-on-demand society, more and more is expected from us – at work, at home and in our social lives. Busy career women must learn the crucial art of self-care and introduce more balance in their lives. Some also juggle child care, sporting events and kids’ busy social lives. Others are in charge at work, at home and in their communities. Sound familiar? We must take care of ourselves to avoid burnout and resentment. Join 3 dynamic coaches who will inspire, encourage, and share strategies for how to live a more empowered and fulfilling life. After all, you have a say in your life!

    Trina Ramsey is a career and life coach, specializing in personal transformation and career transition. She is on a mission to help people to discover the joy in life and make more empowered decisions. Visit mycoachtrina.com to download your FREE guide: 10 Sure-Fire Strategies to Live Out Loud

    Antonina Romano-Bongiovanni is a Life & Business Coach. She helps young and aspiring entrepreneurs raise awareness and consciousness to their own true potential and infuse who they are into their business with soul, purpose, passion and profit. To connect with Antonina or learn more about living your #LifeWellMade, visit www.lifewellmade.co

    Jennifer Flynn helps others reestablish balance in their lives. When you find that you are never enough, overwhelmed with work, coming in behind all others at home with no time for yourself, she brings the map and flashlight to get you back on track toward to destination of a joyful existence. Sign up for a complimentary discovery session at jenn@thebalancemaven.com 

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    Everything with Kathy B The Ladies Lounge Alasha Bennett & Antonia Griffin

    in Entertainment

    Alasha Bennett - The Dating Mechanic - 6:15pm

    Alasha gives singles the tools to drive the dating road with confidence and success to get to their relationship destination. Her dating clinics, singles activities, conferences and workshops help singles take the theory of dating and put it into practice.

    Antonia Griffin - Motivational Speaker - 7:15pm

    A Survivor is defined as a person who copes well with difficulties in their life. This extraordinary woman is more than that; she has been able to exceed the epitomes of where a person who has been in her shoes should be. With the weight of the world on her shoulders, Antonina was able to maneuver through life and open her first business in 2007: “A Greater Divine Inc.” A Greater Divine Inc. is a level three mental health facility. In 2009, she launched “Beautyfull”, an urban jewelry line for women. In 2012, Antonina opened her second business in Winston Salem, North Carolina; A Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP) that strides on direct care and substance abuse services. 


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    Antonina Griffin Shares Her Inspiring Story on Conversations

    in Current Events

    You asked for it and we got it! It was the inspirational story of Antonina Griffin that went viral, touching hearts with her message of overcoming life's challenges with God's help. Now Ms. Griffin stops by Conversations LIVE to talk with host Cyrus Webb about her journey, the decision to share and what it has been like for the world to take notice of what is possible for all of us.

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    Well Watered Woman presents Antonina Griffin

    in Religion

    Join host Tony R for another powerful segment of Well Watered Woman Talk Radio.   This week we kick off our new "After This You SHALL Live" series. Through out this series we will present to you dynamic women of God who have been through the unthinkable trials and tragedies of life and have come out victorious. These women are defying the stigma and pain of the past, to walk in the life God intended them to live. They are women who are living proof that After This You Shall Live.   Our special guest this week is Antonina Griffin founder of “The SCAR Foundation”, with a focus on empowering women and their families. Birthed out of Antonina’s personal battles with teen pregnancy, single motherhood, domestic violence and the dangers of street-life, she leads at-risk women with the sympathy that comes with personal experience.   Antonina is also the face of the viral video Against All Odds. My struggle, my success, my STORY. Her testimony of God's amazing grace and redeeming power is spreading across the globe and she will be sharing with us her story of overcoming.   Gather your family and  friends and invite them to meet us at the Well for this weeks powerful episode of Well Watered Woman Talk Radio Show.   Be sure to listen in!   Well Watered Woman Talk Radio - Real Women, Real Talk about a very Real God. 

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    the Focused Hour w. Jasmine O'Day

    in Self Help

    Shae Bynes and Antonina Geer are the founders of kingdom driven entrepreneur with a mission to equip entrepreneurs of faith to build thriving businesses so they can serve their families, truly impact lives and advance as God has created them to. 

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    Author Chat Taking Control of Your Destiny Show

    in Books

    My guest this Friday, Dec. 27th is Pastor/Author/Entrepreneur David A Burrus. David will be discussing his new book, The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur's Guide to Extraordinary Leadership. He also shares a very active website and Facebook fan page community with Shae Bynes and Antonina Greer who provided the foreward to the book.

    About the book:

    As a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur you are called to be a leader in the marketplace, truly impacting lives and advancing the Kingdom of God through your business.
    In this book, author David A. Burrus reveals 7 key principles that will transform your life in every area of leadership that God has called you to. Filled with memorable stories from Burrus’ personal life as well as from the Word of God, you will be inspired, challenged, and compelled to action to flow in the fullness of your God-given potential and capability.

    About the author:

    David A. Burrus is a pastor, teacher, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur. He addresses thousands of people each year on personal and professional development. His vision as an extraordinary leader is to get people from where they are to where they never have been.

    Connect with David: www.davidaburrus.com



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    Financial Planning for 2014

    in Religion

    Our special guest for our show tonight is Antonina Geer is a leading authority on small business finance powered by God-given purpose and an abundance mindset. She is the founder and CEO of Simplistic Financials, LLC, a financial consulting and Virtual CFO services company that empowers women entrepreneurs to have profitable purpose-driven businesses that yield more money, more time, and more life.
    As a sought after speaker, Antonina has shared her message of financial abundance, simple financial management, and Kingdom driven entrepreneurship as a presenter at Women’s Conferences, Summits, and multiple Talk Radio shows.
    Antonina is also the Co-Founder of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur with a mission to equip entrepreneurs of faith to build thriving businesses so they can serve their families, truly impact lives, and advance the Kingdom of God.
    Antonina was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI and is a Green Bay Packers fan. One of her favorite things to do is to take Sunday afternoon naps. She is a devoted  wife to Pastor Larry Geer, a mother to four children and a minister, serving alongside her husband at the Abundant Living Christian Church.

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    Entrepreneurs of Faith-Achieving Success & Staying Well Mind,Body,Spirit

    in Health

    Entrepreneurship is the "NEW" Women's Movement.  It's exciting!  Women are opening new businesses every day.  Women are getting inspired and motivated to pursue their visions, their passions with boundless enthusiasm and energy.  While all of this is wonderful, how important is it for are all these wonderful women to stay spiritually connected, emotionally stable, and physically well?

    Join us as we talk with Monique Stoner is a Business Coach, Brand Catalysist, Life Strategist, Host of the "Emerge" Talk Show. Monique shares with us her story of success and a great testimony about the importance of health when being an Entrepenuer. 

    Shae Bynes and Antonina Geer are the founders of The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur™ community is the place for entrepreneurs of faith who desire to build thriving businesses so they can serve their families, truly impact lives, and advance the Kingdom of God.  Shae Bynes will join us to talk about the importance of operating a business based on Kingdom building principles and staying spiritually connected.

    Tune in for wonderfu interviews with these dynamic, inspiration and successful Entrepenuers.

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    Special Guest Antonina Geer

    in Self Help

    Antonina Geer is a woman who loves God, has a heart of serving, and is passionate about helping people live abundantly in life and in business. She is a wife, a mother, the First Lady of Abundant Living Christian Church working alongside her husband in ministry, and an entrepreneur.
    As the CEO and founder of Simplistic Financials, Antonina works with women entrepreneurs who struggle with managing the money side of their business. She helps them to create simple customized financial management processes so that they can keep more of the money they earn! She combines her purpose, financial coaching/consulting, and 19 plus years of finance experience to help women entrepreneurs operate their businesses from an “in the know” point, encouraging them to become aware of their financial attitude, empowering them with the knowledge to take control over their finances, and providing the tools and education for gaining confidence in managing the numbers. As a result women entrepreneurs experience financial transformation that creates more money, more time, and more life, allowing freedom to serve others genuinely with their unique gifts and talents while enjoying the income and prosperity they deserve.