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    Listen to DAYDREAM cd, by Antoine Smith (featured in full)

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    Antoine Smith expresses that his cd, "DAYDREAM" has a tendency to put fans in a daze of relaxation or what he calls a "feel so good" mood. Come to join our show with a glass of wine and cheese for a Listening Party that will take your mind off any bad day with his cd, "DAYDREAM." *Note: Sorry, but no call-ins, nor chats will be open during this show.

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    ALL THAT JAZZ cd by Antoine Smith (Featured)

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    ALL THAT JAZZ is Antoine Smith's cd that Turn On Records signed him on as an indie composer/artist for jazz and other genres. ---ALL THAT JAZZ, iTunes Customer Review by Pro Music Reviews - Oct 4, 2008 says...ALL THAT JAZZ is lively and full of surprises. The 15 year old Antoine smith has created some intriguing contemporary jazz motifs that linger in your mind long after the last playing of the album. Antoine's album has an intimate appeal as debuts go. Melodies are smooth and rich with a rhythmic beat. Bravo Antoine! *NOTE: SORRY, BUT THERE WILL BE NO CHATROOM, NOR PHONE CALLS ASSIGNED. THANKS FOR JOINING MY CO-HOST: DR. FUENTES and HAPPY HOLIDAYS...Antoine

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    Listen to Antoine Smith's jazz cd, PROJECT A on Valentine's Day!

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    Happy Valentine's Day to all! This is a LISTENING PARTY to enjoy for what Antoine Smith calls a "blast from the past." His jazz cd, PROJECT A was written in 2008 for all to remember the good old days. Especially, for those that may not have a special valentine...this is for you too! Please join in with your Host: Antoine Smith, Turn On Records' composer and artist to present a romantic Valentine's Day that he hopes you will remember. PLEASE NOTE: SORRY, BUT THERE WILL BE NO CHATROOM, NOR PHONE CALLS TAKEN DURING THIS SESSION.

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    Listen to Antoine Smith's jazz cd, MYTHICAL!

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    Please join in as a LISTENING PARTY to hear Antoine Smith's newest jazz cd release, "Mythical!" The cd was composed on January 4th, 2009, which makes it his 11th cd that was written since 2007. This 17 year old indie composer, keyboardist, drummer, vocalist, and aspiring producer with Turn On Records is quite busy these days as a senior in high school getting himself prepared for college. He has been accepted at quite a few colleges that has noticed his hard working ethics through his online ratings based from many of his music sites. So, don't miss this new jazz cd release by Antoine Smith.


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    Listen to Antoine Smith's Oldies but Goodies mix (his songs, 2007-2008)

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    You will be listening to a music mix that we call the "Oldies but Goodies" by Antoine Smith. This young man is on an indie label through Turn On Records with Larry A. Russell, who is also the CEO of Eroica Classical Recordings. Antoine's music will be presented in genres of Alternative/J-Pop to some of you that are already familiar with his music in Jazz. This mix, out of 7 cd's are dated a couple of years back when he released his first cd in Oct. 2007 up until his wide collection of cd's in April. 2008. We have taken the liberty to hand-pick what was once considered as his highest ratings of songs from fans that started listening to his music at that particular time. But this time, we hope that you will become a fan!

    Sorry, there will be no chats or call-ins at this time.

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    Songwriter Musician Antoine Smith

    in Lifestyle

    Antoine Smith a 16 year old songwriter, musician, composer goes onlinewithandrea to share his story, his music and his dreams for the future. Hosted by Andrea R. Garrison.

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    All That Jazz With Antoine Smith

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    The ultimate jazz experience happens on WSF Radio, this Tuesday night with Antoine Smith. It's a jazz experience you really do not want to miss!

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    16 year old Antoine Smith is a drummer and a ”dabbling” keyboardist that composes and plays mainly, contemporary jazz. In addition, he composes other genres as well.

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    SS: Filmmakers Michael Smith

    in Film

    Join hosts Jason R. Davis and Anita Nicole Brown as they talk with first time filmmaker Michael Smith.  We will be discussing the trials and tribulations of making your first film from the perspective of someone doing just that.

    And support us and keep us on the air.  If you feel like you get any value out of the show, please, contribute $1 a month and keep us going.


    Michael Smith

    Growing up in the late 80's Michael developed his love of film spending endless hours alongside  his father, an avid movie buff before him who would often out of fun quiz him on the various film watched. From Vhs rental's to the weekly family trip to "the show" Film was ingrained into Michael's character. It wasn't until his father showed him the first "Back to The Future" film that Michael knew he would dedicate his life to the art of film. 

    Teeming with imagination, Michael was never short of ideas. Always creating short stories, daydreaming and filling his head with the many narratives of 90's. As time passed and his interest grew his parents encouraged him to seek out classes and workshops that would help him perfect his craft. After graduating both High School and a Production workshop in the same year Michael went on to Columbia College Chicago where he completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Video in spring 2005. As Staff Director of Puissant Productions, Michael brings his creative enthusiasm and energy to the team. Michael is currently Directing the feature film Untitled Zombie Movie set to release October 2015.

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    Daniels Talk Radio: Rainmaker Series w/ Jerome Nugent-Smith

    in Business

    Daniels Talk Radio Host Anthony Licausi interviews Jerome Nugent-Smith, Deal-Maker to China's Billionaires, Private Equity & Hedge Fund Consultant, Founder of The China-Myanmar Guanxi Network, and Global Investment Strategist for Montreux Management Pty Ltd.

    In early 1990 Jerome was invited to visit Myanmar to promote Myanmar-Global Trade & Investments in Myanmar's Natural Resources.  At the time he was Honorary Consul General of the Philippines for Victoria, Australia, and visiting Manila to meet the Philippines President.

    Jerome has written and published 4 books as well as actively working with Hedblom Partners Group to assist public companies to expand European investor awareness, develop new European investor relationships, and raise new capital by targeting high net worth individuals and Institutions across 12 major Pan-European cities.

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    Minister Janet Reid - Reverend William Jay Vann Jr. - Elder Perry Smith

    in Religion

    7:30PM - Minister Jaent Reid 

    8:30PM - Reverend William Jay Vann, Jr.

    9:30PM - Elder Perry Smith