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    The Ellie Matt Show-celebrates Antigua and Barbuda Independance

    in Entertainment

    The one and only Ellie Matt live on the Cricket Show.  Listen to his new tunes. Lots fun and entertainment await you each Saturday 9am-12noon. He will join the crowd in celebrating Antigua's 33rd Anniversary of Independance gompliments the Cricket Show.

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    Antigua & Barbuda Independance Special-Featuring Connie Whitley Co- Host

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    Antigua and Barbuda Independance Special. presentation by Dr Eugene Francis, Stanley Humphreys, Sandrea Sergeant Rubel, Travis Browne, Rev Dr Joseph Nicholas, Deacon Hixford Francis and others. Songs by Fiol Thorne and others. Hear facts about Antigua and Barbuda never revieled before.

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    Its more Than Passport ,its experience Antigua & Barbuda

    in Culture

    Buying Properties in the Beautiful Island of Antigua & Barbuda with Real Estate Expert, Gavin Otto

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    2014 FIFA WCQ Post Game Show: USA At Antigua & Barbuda

    in Soccer

    Join me and my fellow MLS Talk Writers as we review the World Cup Qualifier as the USA head back to the Caribbean to face Antigua & Barbuda.

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    2014 FIFA WCQ Pre-Game Show: USA At Antigua & Barbuda

    in Soccer

    Join me and my fellow MLS Talk writers as we preview this important World Cup Qualifier as the USA head back to the Caribbean and face Antigua & Barbuda

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    2014 FIFA WCQ USA Vs Antigua & Barbuda Post Game Show

    in Soccer

    After watching the Qualifier on television, join me and my fellow MLS Talk writers as we disect the game between the USA & Antigua & Barbuda

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    Live:Dr.Yates Inventor of the math approach called Graspmatyx-Reveal Secrets

    in Education

    Dr. Richard Yates born in the only official English speaking Country in South America, has been educated in 21 Countries and 6 languages. Graspmathologist Dr. R. Yates is the inventor or Kreator of the math approach called Graspmatyx. Dr. Yates is based in Gondar, Ethiopia and is available for Radio/ TV talk shows. Graspmathologist Dr. R. Yates is also available for Graspmatyx work shops for teachers, students, educators, parents and single adults. He can be reached emaildoctoryates@yahoo.com. his facebook names are Richard Yates.

    Dr.Yates lived 26 years in the Caribbean and has been promoting Graspmatyx to these Caribbean Islands. The Virgin Islands, Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, STK/Nevis, STL, STV and TNT, including the only official English speaking Country in Latin or South America.

    Question:Where is our Math and why so many Caribbean people are intimidating, having apprehension or fear while learning math.

    Why teachers, students and parents have difficulty learning math? The Chinese have their own math, the Islamic have their own math, the Jews have their own math, the Caucasian European Americans have their own math. Where is our Math? The Caucasian Americans taught us their limited Curriculum of learning math. This is called Conventional math, or Conceptual math. We were taught to under stand, for too long we have been under the stand of learning math. Caucasian so-called white people under standing of math is called SPWOL system of learning. Spwol as an acronym means Slave Plantation Way Of Learning. They taught us Times Table as low, they call highest, 12 X 12 and stop. Graspmatyx is Perceptual math, based on 4 principles. Perception, Reasoning, Rhythm and Restoration. Our Times Table starts at zero to nine nine (they call ninety nine) and above mentally.


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    Shawnee Braggs is an amazing caterer that has tantalized the taste buds of many a celebrity, political figure and foodie for over 10 years. Known for her creative dishes and exotic marriage of foods, she has become one of the most sought after caterer on both coasts.  Well one bite of a meal prepared by Shawnee Briggs and it just doesn’t matter. Some may say she is a cook because the food is prepared with such love and endearment that it’s as if you are sitting at Grandma’s table for Sunday dinner. Others may attest that she has to be a Chef because of the flawless presentation and the skillful manner in which she prepares her meals. Both would be absolutely correct.  Whether you are savoring the flavor of her pan seared Salmon or enjoying the warm and fuzzy feeling of her mac & cheese, you must attest, the food is AMAZING. There is something undeniably regal about her food presentation. At any given setting you can sample one of her signature dishes like fruit or shrimp on a bed of roses. These are attributed to her grandmother Rose, which she finds as a source of inspiration to this day.  Her ability to create art with her food has not gone unnoticed. Her catering company, Cater By Shawnee, brags of a client list of artists and celebrities the likes of Aretha Franklin, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Fifty Cent, Essence magazine, Malaak Rock, Dwayne Wade (Miami Heat), the Prime minister of Antigua and Wendy Williams (radio / television host) as a short list. She has been featured on FatBoy Radio, XM Satellite and was at one point a regular on the Wendy Williams Show and made The Network Journal’s 40 under 40 List. Shawnee’s hard work has not gone unnoticed.  She has garnered the attention of a major network and will be shooting a pilot for the show at the end of the month. 

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    Sports Palooza Radio Talks About Playoffs; Betting; and The Unrideables!

    in Sports

    Join us as we review the NFL playoffs, talk about whether sports betting should be legalized and talk with Jon DeVore about the most breathtaking, adrenaline pumping documentary ever. 

    Welcome Jon Campbell! Jon Campbell, managing editor of Covers.com, is known for covering the sports betting scene. He's interviewed just about every oddsmaker from Nevada to Antigua, but lately he's focused on the push to legalize sports betting across North America! http://www.covers.com/

    Check out the adrenaline rush of speedriding! Jon DeVore stops by to talk about The Unrideables: Alaska Range. It's a movie that Lisa calls, "breathtaking." "I literally gasped more times in this documentary than I ever have in any other movie." Ride along as DeVore, one of the world’s foremost experts on human flight, sets out with a team of elite athletes to evolve the way we look at the mountains showcased through dramatic POV footage and stunning aerial cinematography. Prepare to marvel at awe-inspiring descents that speedriding’s hybrid approach gives to lines that had previously been considered…unrideable. http://theunrideables.com/

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    Miguelle Christopher - Public Sector Transformation in Antigua

    in Business

    We continue our focus on public sector transformation and the role of HR with an in-depth look at the effort underway in Antigua and Barbuda. Miguelle Christopher is our guest and a lively interaction reveals that they are working hard to make change happen, but the obstacles aren't easy to overcome.


    Also, remember that Kwame Charles at Quality Consultants is once again launching his Employee Benchmark Survey. Send email to kcharles1152@gmail.com for further information.

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    Think and Grow Rich Empowerment w/ Havilah Malone & Hillary Vargas

    in Women

    Join the International Mastermind Association (#IMA) by calling 661.554.9219 every Saturday morning at 8 AM EST as we walk through Napoleon Hill's best-selling book, Think and Grow Rich. 

    During this Masterminding at it's finest - REAL TIME DISCUSSION, Celebrity Speaker, Author & Host Havilah Malone will talk with:

    Hillary Vargas, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur

    She is the founder of Ms. Hillary’s Kids, a nonprofit organization designed to support and empower young adults with learning disabilities, behavior challenges or who come from rough or underprivileged backgrounds, reach their full and highest potential. mshillaryvargas@gmail.com

    Arleen Palma, Youth Mentee @ Ms.Hillary's Kids & future Peditrican attending the American University of Antigua

    Ivy Barclay, Youth Mentee @ Ms.Hillary's Kids & Freshman Pharmacy Student 

    We will hear how mentorship has helped these young ladies get a fresh start. The importance of empowering women and how the principles in Think & Grow Rich can lead to massive success.

    Whether you are part of #IMA or you've never heard of it, you will see how MasterMinding can help you Think AND Grow Rich.

    WWW.INTERNATIONALMASTERMINDERS.COM http://www.facebook.com/groups/181961594694/ Twitter: @intlmastermind  #IMA2013 @havilahmalone

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