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    What Antidepressants Do To The Brain with Craig Meriwether

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    Download the mp3s "The 4 Real Causes of Depression" and "What Antidepressants Do To The Brain" at:
    www.Depression180.com This audio was recorded as a counterpoint to all the TV advertising, misrepresentation, and out right deception related to the marketing of antidepressant drugs. This is a very complex and controversial subject and you should in no way make a decision about starting or stopping any sort of medication without doing your own homework and deep research, as well as consulting with your doctor. It is your life, your body, your brain, and your responsibility. The following information is here to let you know that things are not always what they seem...no matter who is telling you otherwise. www.depression180.com

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    Throw Away your Antidepressants!! Increase Neurotransmitters

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    Beverly Meyer of Ondietandheatlh.com talks to me about how to optimize your feel good neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and others. Fight depression and anxiety naturally without medication!!
    In this episode:
    The four main neurotransmitters and what they do, Antidepressants are shown in studies to not work, How to gut produces serotonin and what you can do to optimize its production,  Supplementing the building blocks of neurotransmitters, Diet for optimizing neurotransmitters,  How to reduce stress so you don't deplete neurotransmitters.  
    Beverly Meyer is an MBA, a Clinical and Holistic Nutritionist in San Antonio, Texas, and a passionate advocate for the art of self-care. In practice since 1985, her Natural Health approach seeks alternative health solutions, not just symptom relief. Her clinic, the Diet & Health Center, is located in one of the largest natural health centers in Texas, which she opened in 2009. She is also the host of the popular internet radio show and podcast, Primal Diet - Modern Health.  

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    Yoga Vs. Antidepressants

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    Michael and Robyn talk to a woman who has tried both to treat depression on this week's episode of The Bodcast.

    Follow @BuckleyBodyGuru @RobynSchall and @StandUpNYLabs

    Go to www.StandUpNY.com to see who's performing live at Stand Up NY. Visit www.StandUpNYLabs.com to listen to all our other great podcasts.

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    Depression & the Drugs That Make it Worse! The Food Pyramid Lie and the TRUTH!

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    Tonight on Crush Radio:

    Depression and the pharmacutical drugs that make it worse!
    -Natural Treatments and Remedies

    The truth about the food pyramid, the lies exposed!
    -Learn to eat for your benefit and health

    Health Care and it's agents of deception

    Book Review:
    Forks over Knives

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    Ep.42- Dangers of Fluoridation, Antidepressants, & FDA, w/Guest Mark Howitt

    in Current Events

    Mark Howitt, documentary film maker, musician/label owner, show host of Unveiling the Truth, and founder of the World Public Union will be joining us to discuss some of his films and projects, his latest documentary Fluoridation: Cease and Desist, and more.

    Mark's films include: 

    (2009) The Formation Of Resistance

    (2010) Evidence Of Murder

    (2011) Spirit, Body And Mind

    (2011) 2012 Revolution: World Awakening

    (2012) The James Holmes Conspiracy

    (2012) The Eye Of The Illuminati

    (2013) Sandy Hook

    (2013) NWO: Domino Effect

    (2014) Fluoridation: Cease and Desist

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    Double Your Happiness

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    We live in a world that is obsessed by happiness…so much so that we sell billions of dollars worth of side-effect laden medications each year, in order to try to help people overcome sadness. And even though these medications—called antidepressants—haven’t exactly been shown to be overly helpful and are highly addictive to the people who use them – we are somehow still willing to take them in hopes of feeling a little better about the world around us. The real question is, what is happiness anyway and how do we go about finding it? Are you someone who is for the most part happy or unhappy? Why are some people happier than others, and how can we overcome the hundreds of negative thoughts that run through our heads each and every day? Find out how to double your happiness in minutes on this show!


    Formerly a film and TV executive producer, Aurora Winter has over a decade of experience with the media. Aurora is America's leading expert at empowering people to go From Heartbreak to Happiness®.She's a popular guest on radio, TV and print, and has reached over a million people with her message of hope, healing, and happiness. She's a sought-after workshop leader, coach trainer, speaker, and author. Aurora is the founder of the Grief Coach Academy, which is the #1 coach training organization dedicated to training coaches how to coach their clients through grief, and From Heartbreak to Happiness®. "From Heartbreak To Happiness". It is Aurora's intimate diary of healing after her 33-year-old husband died suddenly, leaving her widowed with a 4-year-old son.


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    Podcast #2- Before Big Pharma- how to take care of ourselves

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    starting this week I am going to feature one drug put out for  "mental health"  and describe in detail its inception,marketing,target patients, chemical composition, use and "side effects. Todays  drug will be Thorazine.

    Then onto the topic- this week I will be talking about our bodies- anatomy and physiology- or how are bodies are put together and how it wall works- according to modern understanding of the body. I am laying this foundaton down for future topics as how to take care of ourselves without the use of pharmacy- if possible- I am not totally anti pharmacy- but handing out powerful mind altering chemicals wihout much screening or thought is morally wrong and criminal. I had seen this done numerous times to different family members.

    I will open the phones up for the final 10 minutes of the show for comments/ questions.

    so join me this week and feel free to leave comments./questions and topics you would like covered on this show!

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    Antidepressants - Prozac - Fish and Children?

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    We hear about gun-control, control the violence in movies and video games because of the increase in violence across the country - but is that the solution?
    We'll uncover some hard core facts that date back 10-15 years ago but was been swept under the rug until the lid flew off this past week.
    The questions pondered in this show are:
    Is there a natural and effective solution to antidepressants? What can we learn from fish about our children? Do fish have the answer to the increase in violence of all ages, race, and gender? Join us for an extremely thought-provoking show.
    An adventure in discovering the simple truths and a step-by-step plan to achieve more from what you're already doing. When you take information and fashion it with truth, add a dose of humor, and a shot of oh yea, you have a recipe for success that is easy to follow.
    It is more than taking care of your health, it is about living a healthy and passionate lifestyle that fills your desires.

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    The drugging of our Miltary with Stan White

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    BIO: Stan White

    Stan White is a retired high school principal. He is the father of Marine Corporal Andrew White, who was a healthy 23-year-old, gung-ho Marine returning from a nine-month tour in Iraq, who, like so many of his brothers in arms, suffered from the seemingly normal stresses of war—insomnia, nightmares and restlessness. The young corporal turned to the military’s mental health system for help. Within a few short months, White became unrecognizable to his family. Eleven months after beginning his first cocktail of mind-altering drugs, he died in his sleep from what the medical examiner ruled an “accidental overdose of medication.” Since taking his first multi-drug cocktail to the date of his death, White had been prescribed no less than nineteen different drugs with many at ever-increasing dosages, including antidepressants, antipsychotics, anti-anxiety, pain killers and antibiotics. The prescribed drugs Methadone, Oxycodone, Paxil and Seroquel were found in his system at the time of death. Stan and his wife, Shirley, blame the “lethal cocktail” of psychiatric drugs for the death of their son. “We don’t think they should be given to troops in the field,” Stan White said. “It’s worth asking whether they should be given to anybody anytime, civilian or military.” The Whites are advocating more alternatives for soldiers and have testified before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


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    Working Together to Make Depression Treatment Successful

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    Roberto Lewis-Fernandez MD, Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center, Director of the NYS Center of Excellence for Cultural Competence, and Hispanic Treatment Program, at New York State Psychiatric Institute

    Ivan Balan, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology (in Psychiatry), Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons and Psychologist, Anxiety Disorders Clinic & the Division of Gender, Sexuality, and Health, New York State Psychiatric Institute

    The problem:  Challenge in engaging and retaining patients in anti-depressant treatment

                            --over 50% of patients do not take anti-depressants as prescribed --30% of patients discontinue treatment after one month

    --Anti-depressants can help people overcome their depression, not completing treatment leaves them at risk of the depression returning and over the long term, having multiple episodes of depression.

    Our approach to the problem:  Training psychiatrists in Motivational Interviewing in order to improve how they engage patients in treatment and help build and sustain their motivation to get better.  But a key challenge was to keep session length consistent with the usual 15-20 minutes.  

    For more information on the Center of Excellence for Cultural Competence please go to  http://nyculturalcompetence.org/

    For information on the participating in a research study at the Hispanic Treatment Center please go to http://www.hispanictreatmentatcolumbia.org/

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    Dreamvisions 7 Radio Podcast THE MIND HEALTH COACH WITH LEAH MARIE.

    in Spirituality

    The Mind Health Coach with Leah Marie


    If you or someone you love struggles with depression or anxiety, then tune in to our show when Stephanie  Gunning, coauthor of ESSENTIALLY HAPPY: 3 SIMPLE ANSWER FROM MOTHER NATURE FOR OVERCOMING DEPRESSION will be stopping by to discuss her newly released book.


    Did you know 350 million people suffer from depression? It is now the leading cause of disability worldwide. But it doesn’t have to be... There’s hope! Science reveals that natural remedies are often as effective as prescription drugs for overcoming depression.Stephanie will share why certain natural remedies may be as effective for overcoming mood disorders for some people as antidepressants, and how nutrition, lifestyle modification, and relationships are powerful tools to elevate mood. Stephanie will tell us about her favorite essential oil blends for uplifting our spirits and stabilizing our serotonin levels. Stephanie will be giving away two copies of the book to members of our audience. She’ll explain how to become eligible for one of these copies during our program.


    Tags- depression nutrition lifestyle  happy book



    This is a Shared Venture with DreamVision7RadioNetwork and the Radio by Renford Please jion us on Fridays and Sundays at 3:00 pm CST.

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