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    Anthony Davis' Place in the MVP Race

    in Basketball

    Rudy Gobert had a coming out party for the NBA during the BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge with 18 points, 12 rebounds and three blocks for the World Team.

    The Utah Jazz eventually traded Enes Kanter at the deadline, which promoted Gobert into a full-time starting role. Since then, Gobert has averaged 10.5 points, 14.1 rebounds and 3.1 blocks per game while shooting 57 percent from the field.

    Another big man who’s played well lately has been New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis. He's on pace to become the fourth player in league history with a player efficiency rating above 31. Only Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain and LeBron James have previously done so. If the Pelicans make the playoffs, don’t be surprised if he gets serious MVP consideration as Michael Scotto outlined in a previous column.

    With that in mind, Scotto joined 1320 AM KFAN in Utah and hosts Kyle Gunther and Ben Anderson to discuss Gobert’s emergence, Anthony Davis’ realistic chances at the MVP award and the league’s top title contenders. We also looked back at the Deron Williams trade for the Brooklyn Nets.

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    Firing of Monty Williams will cause Anthony Davis to Leave New Orleans

    in Basketball

    The bad news for Monty Williams was good news for the rest of the NBA.

    There is now a strong chance that Anthony Davis leaves New Orleans and becomes an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2017.

    That is the ultimate fallout from Tuesday's shocking news that the Pelicans had fired Williams after he led them to the Western Conference playoffs, where they were swept by the Golden State Warriors. The firing came a mere two weeks after owner Tom Benson wrote a public letter to Williams, general manager Dell Demps and the rest of the organization congratulating them on their achievement.

    So what the heck happened in the interim?

    Clear, concise answers were not forthcoming from front office executive Mickey Loomis, whose fingerprints are all over this move. Loomis, who also is the front-office overseer for Benson's other team, the NFL New Orleans Saints, is a guy who believes in organizational charts. In his mind, the coach should report to the general manager, and the GM should report to the owner. That was the the case in New Orleans, where Williams and Demps were on equal footing on the organizational chart.

    And in the twisted mind of Loomis, if you don't have a functional organizational chart, you don't have a fully functional organization.

    So he fired Williams.


    It is a fascinating story, and it will remain a fascinating story for the next several years because Davis is not going to forget how this hatchet job went down. Last time a player of his caliber had this type of beef with management/ownership, he got himself shipped out of town. You may have heard of the guy: Chris Paul.

    And in my crystal ball, I foresee Anthony Davis becoming the next Chris Paul.

    More in this interview with Kristian Garic and T-Bob Hebert on WWL Radio in New Orleans, the Pelicans' flagship station. 

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    Anthony Davis

    in Football

    Anthony Davis Joins Joe Lisi On The Weekly Blitz. Anthony Davis was a standout for the Badgers from 2001-2004 rushing for 4,676 yards averaging 5.1 yards peer carry with 42 rushinng touchdowns. Davis became a 7th round selection by the Indianapolis Colts and at the time he left Wisconsin, Davis was the second leading rusher behind fomer Heisman Trophy winner Ron Dayne. 

    Davis still ranks 4th best in school history and he speaks about Melvin Gordon's decision not to run the 40 yard dash in today's pro day for the Badgers. Davis also discusses where Gordon can develop on the next level and what the outlook is for the Badger in the upcoming 2015 season. 

    Davis also speaks about his favorite free agent moves in the NFL and whether Dalls can replace a back liike Demarco Murray. 

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    New Orleans Pelicans' Anthony Davis is the New Sheriff in Town

    in Sports

    Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans has been nothing short of spectacular so far in the 2014-15 NBA season.  The soon-to-be Olympian is averaging 24.9 points, 10.4 rebounds and 2.8 blocks per game; Duncan-Like would describe it best. After Saturday night's performance, Anthony Davis is sending the NBA a message that he is a force to be reckoned with.

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    in Current Events

    TONIGHT on RELOAD RADIO SHOW: Rachel has a very special CO-HOST. The FAMOUS SNAKE BLOCKER... 

    TO POWER UP the SHOW even more.. WE INTERVIEW ANTHONY DROZ. He is well known through out the Veteran Community for his strength, and being a true modern day Warrior. 

    As seen in TIME MAGAZINE, THE VETERANS EXPEDITIONARY TEAM, His extensive MODELING CAREER, and his time served in the Military. 


    I don't often talk about my motorcycle accident because it was entirely my fault. Live young and wreckless, win stupid fucking prizes. But today always reminds me of how truly precious and important life is. Well that and how much it really sucks to almost die and break just about everything on the right side of your body. My doctors made it seem like the rod in my right leg would seriously challenge my activity...yea Spartan Races kind of tell you how that went. And now it is a lesson to me in life because at the end of the day if you don't take something from it, it will take something from you. That's how life works, unfortunately we need to have hard lessons and roadblocks thrown in our way to make us better people down the road. Even with something as damaging and devastating like my father's suicide so many years ago, I had to find a path that lead to something positive or I would have dragged it around as negative weight my whole life.

    Anyway, met some people at a hiking point who were curious about all the freedom I had with me so I got to tell them a little about myself and about rising Veteran suicide rates.....and that's what it's all about.


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    Lucia K. McBath tells the story of her murdered son, Jordan Russell Davis

    in Culture

    Meet Lucia  K. McBath Lucia K.,mother of Jordan Russell Davis the young teenager (17) who, was shot and killed at Gate Gas Station in Jacksonville, Florida on November 23, 2012. Jordan was murdered by Michael Dunn, a middle aged software developer because he was agitated about how loud her son and his friends were playing music in their car. Their case was considered a mistrial in February 2014. The case was re-tried in September 2014  and Michael Dunn was convicted of first degree murder in Jordan’s death. Statement was taken from her website,read the rest of this information on her website, LucyMcBath.com

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    LFTA EP84 Tim Storm & Steve Anthony-NWA Night at the Armory

    in Wrestling

    This Week on the Show.....
    It's NWA Night at the Armory!!! We Welcome Tim Storm & Steve Anthony to the Show!!
    Tim is the current NWA North American Heavyweight Champion & Steve is the current NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion! We'll talk to them about representing the NWA Brand in 2015, the direction the NWA is heading, and their views on the current state of wrestling.
    We'll also have the weeks, news, rumblings, & upcoming events as we see them!

    Recorded LIVE on Blog Talk Radio Wednesday Nights 7-9pm EST
    Studio: 213-816-1605
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    Our Show is Streamed Worldwide Exclusively By: www.fnx.network
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    Test show for the Latino lover Marc Anthony Real

    in Current Events

    Spend 30 minutes with me and Marc as we dialog about nothing while we kick it and have fun so he can prepare his self to be apart of the newly formed panel of the Unmasked radio show. Let's support him and encorage him that it's always difficult in the beginning but it gets better with time.

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    From the Doctor's House w/Rev-Elder Dr. Matthew E Davis, Sr

    in Religion

    Share with us each day Monday thru Friday at the Doctor's House- dial 1-646-716-6989 

    for more info about the ministry go to: www.touchedbythewordministries.vpweb.com

    Contact us at 901) 228-8274 for Agreement in Prayer

    Send all requests to Blessofrehoboth@aol.com

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    "In Endless Waves A Story of Grace" by Author Nancy O'Farrell

    in Christianity

    Greetings to all God's people I pray blessings over you and your families. My guest tonight is a woman of courage  Nancy O'Farrell is the Author of A Story of Grace she will discuss the many trials in life as a Retired teacher reflects on her life and why there’s more to live for Montgomery, Ala. – At 34-years old, life for Nancy Kruithof O’Farrell already seemed futile. She has decided to kill herself. But God’s grace intervened, and O’Farrell embarked on a long and powerful journey of healing. In Endless Waves: A Story of Grace, she shares her life story and reveals the painful details of her struggles.Through narrative, journal entries, counselor’s notes, poems and scriptures, this memoir tells more than a story of abuse, addiction and relationship issues. It shares the specific, detailed steps that aided O’Farrell’s healing. “How can something from so long ago still have such an effect on me?” O’Farrell said. “How can it be possible that the way I look at people and events today is based on what happened more than fifty years ago? This is such scary stuff to talk or write about.”Bottom of Form.O’Farrell shares with readers how she was redeemed by God’s power and love, and she offers encouragement for others who face the same challenges.

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    Intercessory Prayer with NCCM and Pastors Anthony and Rebecca Simmons

    in Religion

    Join Pastors Anthony and Rebecca Simmons for a time of intercessory prayer. Phone lines will be open during the call.

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