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    Sylvia Stein and Panel from The Scribes Anthology Series

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    Times: 2:00 pm EST / 3:00 pm AST Check the time zone for your local tme.

    Around the Fire: A Collection of Holiday Short Stories (The Scribes Anthology Series) (Volume 1) is a collection of short stories written by a group of passionate writers, (Lynette Lee, Christopher Bartlett, Edi Cruz, Amber Box, Sylvia Stein, and Ronnie L. Jeffires) who just happen to be great friends. Inspired by people and events in their own lives, they have decided to donate the profits to a different charity with each edition. Today's panelists are Amber Box, Edi Cruz, and Sylvia Stein.

    This season's anthology will benefit Make a Wish, with all proceeds donated to the organization. Their hope is to provide their readers with a collection of their favorite stories while supporting their favorite charities!

    Join along as they bring you holiday stories from the emotional to the fantastical (because witches celebrate the holidays, too!) in the very first edition of The Scribes Anthology Series: Around the Fire.

    The panelists, Amber Box, Edi Cruz, and Sylvia Stein, are waiting to take your questions or respond to your comments. Call them at 646-721-9611 or visit them our chat room, or visit them at:


  • V8 S Series Live 8/23/15

    in Automotive

    Call in with your S Series Stories

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    V8 S Series Live

    in Automotive

    In this episode we'll talk about all of the events that happened over the weekend.

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    V8 S Series Live

    in Automotive

    This Episode is dedicated to Daddy Dave. We are all pulling for you. Get better soon!

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    V8 S Series Live...Cop Stories

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    Tonight we want to hear about your funny or aggravating POLICE stories.

    So put on your big boy pants, get your stories straight in your head, and don't be nervous! We want to hear from you!

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    Anthology Photo Series authors tell their story about THIS HOUSE

    in Books

    Nine writers joined together to published an anthology, "THIS HOUSE."  The book was based on the interpretations of a photo posted Sunday, April 27 by David Brunner, of Avon Lake Ohio. After posting the photo on a Facebook page, writers made story line posts. Liking those posts, Anna Renault (yes, this shows host) contacted the writers and asked if they would write a short story -- all based on that photo.

    A total of nine writers submitted their stories... and on June 7, "This House" was published and uploaded to Amazon. 

    This episode of Anna's Journey will feature Mary Garcia, Adina Guidry, and Rhonda  Hailey -- three of the authors... with Anna (me) being the fourth of nine!

    Visit yesterday's episode Monday, July 14 to hear a couple other authors who contributed (David Brunner and Amanda Kirby) as they shared their stories with me.

    Canadian author, Cathy Deslippe will not be participating in the shows as well as jason Petch, talented author from northern England. We will miss hearing their first hand account of joining this exciting new venture.

    Links to all shows are available on www.blogtalkradio.com/anna-renault.

    Listen to the show live on air... or in replay... or by phone at 1-661-554-9121

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    DARC Enlightenment Series: Topic: Why Is There A Fear & Discrimination...

    in Culture

    DARC Enlightenment Series 

    Topic: Why Is There A Fear & Discrimination Against Educated Black Men? Part 2

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    V8 S Series

    in Automotive

    This is a open lines show. Help give us some ideas on what you would like the show to be.

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    The 2015 Directors Series Podcast Part I

    in Music

    Welcome to the 2015 edition of the Directors Series Podcast hosted by Dr. Kevin O. Davenport Ed.S. & Ed.D and The Marching Podcast. We have expanded beyond a four part series and proud to give our listeners the fifth installment of our series. We invite the listener to call and join the discussion. Tonight's podcast will be about Time Management. We will allow Dr. Davenport to form the conversation with his expertise and continue the dialog with our host and listeners. Please call in at 718 664 6025, you can join our chat room live on the page of the broadcast. You can email the show at marchingpodcast@gmail.com, tweet us @marchingpodcast or follow our blog at blog4.themarchingpodcast.com

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    Bruce Pavitt Sub Pop USA: The Subterranean Pop Music Anthology

    in Entertainment

    Bruce Pavitt was born 1959 in Chicago IL. At the age of nine, he sold Christmas cards door-to-door in the summer heat, earning enough money to buy his first record player, and soon after, his first record (“Revolution” by the Beatles). A lifelong passion for music brought him to the Evergreen state college in Olympia, WA, in 1979, where he spent time as a DJ at KAOS-FM. Soon after, he started his own zine named SUB POP, which reviewed hard-to-find independent rock recordings. In 1983 Bruce moved to Seattle, where he started the SUB POP indie music column for the Rocket magazine, hosted a SUB POP radio show on KCMU-FM, was a DJ at the infamous Metropolis all ages club, as well as the Vogue and Re-Bar.In 1984, he co-founded Fallout Records, the first indie rock record store in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. In 1986 he launched the SUB POP record label with the release of a compilation album: SUB POP 100, featuring NY’s Sonic Youth and Seattle’s U-Men. In 1988, along with business partner Jonathan Poneman, Bruce opened the doors to the SUB POP offices at First and Virginia in downtown Seattle. By the early 90′s SUB POP had released recordings by Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Mark Lanegan, Beat Happening, TAD, The Walkabouts, Steven Jessie Bernstein and helped initiate a global interest in Seattle area music.In 2012, Bruce released  Experiencing Nirvana: Grunge in Europe, 1989a photo journal documenting his travel experiences with Sub Pop bands in Europe. . IN 2014, a  compilation of his early Sub Pop zines and columns entitled,Sub Pop USA: The Subterranean Pop Music Anthology, 1980-1988.
    Bruce Pavitt currently lives on Orcas Island in Washington State. In addition to working as the Creative Director at 8Stem he also keeps engaged in music by speaking at conferences and festivals, consulting with artists and music labels, and as a DJ. 

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    V8 S Series Live Episode 2

    in Automotive

    On this episode we will be talking to more sponsors and be taking more of your calls. 

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