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    Answers From Genesis, Part 7 & 8

    in Christianity

    This ongoing dilemma is one of the reasons we continue addressing some of the questions young people have about the book of Genesis. Of course, even apart from that, this book that lays the foundation for the rest of Scripture merits a lot of attention. Some believe the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 is mostly fictional. Are they right? Genesis 10 traces the genealogies of mankind after the Flood through the descendants of Noah’s three sons up to shortly before the time of the Hebrew patriarch Abraham.

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    Answers From Genesis,pts 3 and 4

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    We continue with general questions about the book of Genesis. Here are the answers as we best understand them in light of the Bible. Were the six days of creation literal days? Some contend that each of the days of creation in Genesis 1 represented a long span of time. Yet consider that fruit-bearing plants were created on the third day while insects to pollinate them were not created until a few days later. If these were millions of years apart, the plants would not have survived. Note that the Bible is quite clear about how long each day was

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    Answers From Genesis, Part 4 , 5 & 6

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    Who were the “sons of God” mentioned in Genesis 6:1-4? Scholars debate and disagree over the meaning of the reference to “the sons of God” in Genesis 6:1-4. Some people read into these verses the idea that it refers to angelic beings marrying women and producing a race of giants. Christ explained that is impossible, teaching that angels don’t marry and, by implication, don’t produce children either (Luke 20:34-36). Human beings are clearly the subject in Genesis 6

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    The Answers from Genesis Pt 1&2

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    Many people have asked basic questions about the origins of such things as, Who or what is God?,What is the origin of the universe?,How did life come to be?, All these questions and more are answered in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, which means origin or the beginning. Here we receive Gods answers about many important questions and from someone who was there. So lets go to this The First Book in the Bible Genesis 1:1

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    David Brown of Answers in Genesis' Testimony

    in Religion

    Today we will listen to the testimony of David Brown.  David is the Video Conference Coordinator for Answers in Genesis.  He is a Creation Science Apologists.  
    David is a member of the Evangelize4Life Missions Advisory Board.  
    Remember to check out our website for more information about our ministry.  Steven's book is available online at Amazon in either paperback or Kindle format.  Evangelize4Life: Keys to Fulfilling the Great Commission.  Please consider supporting the ministry financially if you are able.  
    God bless

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    Ickey Woods Answers

    in Sports

    Ickey Woods Answers

    Join Ickey Woods as he answers NFL and Fantasy Football questions and situations at 9pm ET / 6pm PT 

    To listen to the show, go over to www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or to listen or be part of the show, simply dial 646-378-1303

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    "CleftCast" -- Look Inside For Answers

    in Health

    Too many times, a lot of us look to outside resources for solutions to our emotional problems. This is a good thing to do should these problems be so severe or damaging. Yet many of us do have the capability of stopping and looking inside for subtle answers that can help enhance self-esteem, courage, and healthier emotional states. In this week's "CleftCast," host Joe Rutland talks about "going inward" and asking deep questions that can spark solid answers. Every minute counts ... and you are loved.

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    Real People, Real Life, Real Answers

    in Social Networking

    Real People, Real Life, Real Answers with Pastor A F Riggins focuses on spiritual growth and airs every Tuesday evening from 7:00-8:20 p.m. Grab your Bible! Tonight we are studying from Chapter 4 & 5 in the Book of Revelation.

    We stress the power of our relationship with God through Christ and not religious traditions or arguments.  Real People, Real Life and Real Answers...how to make Sunday relevant on Monday, Tuesday and the rest of the week.

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    The Seed/SIX of Life (P20) + Beginning An Ultimate Tool (P21)

    in Spirituality

    It’s funny how things change with time: if I were granted a wish today, I would ask for the Power to choose Peace, as Peace ultimately is everything I want. Think of it…  You may think that unlimited wealth would be what to wish for, but then, upon inquiring on why you would want wealth, you’ll eventually realize that lots of money would take the worry away, and give you… Peace of mind! As New Essenes, we found that it is the same with any desire: in the end, and whether we know it or not, Peace of mind is the only thing we want!

    Our last show focused on such simplicity, unfolding the XPR saying: “when I am not at peace, there is something I do not understand,” and continuing with the two keys that we have received to reach Peace, a.k.a. enlightenment: inquiry and surrender. These two work as a pair: when I have no more questions, that is, when my inquiry is fulfilled, I naturally move into surrender! If inquiry is key to surrender, then where do we find an inquiry that is ultimate, as a theory of everything would be? It would have to originate from nature, be in existence before the beginning of time, and be conveyed in a universal language, so that all stories, mythologies and culture could center into One Love… Although all that which glitters is not always gold, the XPR stairway to heaven does start in a pattern that originates in nature, that is among the oldest known symbols, and is conveyed universally as it has been found in sacred places, on the five continents.

    Known as the Seed Of Life, that sacred motif has been praised throughout history by philosophers, scientists, architects and artists for its faultless symmetry. As it happens, the first chapter of Genesis is formed after the Seed of Life, so much so that the Seed is also called “the Genesis Pattern!” And it makes me wonder: what if the Hebrew of the Torah was seeding in a technology to end suffering? One, LOVE

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    Kiler Davenport Live: God Facade

    in Religion

    We are live, in your face, rubber meets the road alternative radio. Bring us your lost, confused, depressed, stressed, psychotic, neurotic questions, answers, theories, philosophies, hypothesis. Jack is coming out of the box tonight. We are going to let the house rock. Yes this is a hot oven. When we get through with this show it will be well done. Love ya'll. See you on the air.

    Tonight on this episode we will discuss the God Facade. Who is God? What is God? Where is God? Why is God? Has man created Gd in his own image? And much more.


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    Financial Freedom University : Gas Prices are going UP , Oscars 2015 and more!

    in Entrepreneur

    Class starts at 6PM pst! Live on the #thenikkirichshow network , Financial Freedom University. 

    Prices are on the rise!!!

    Gas prices rose, not a surprise . Why the increase in prices?  Where does the money go?   Find out the answers to these questions and also what other prices will be on the rise in 2015 . 

    Tune in to hear about my experience at the Oscars 2015, how I utilize my networking skills, and much more!!



    See you in class!

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