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    Answers From Genesis, Part 7 & 8

    in Christianity

    This ongoing dilemma is one of the reasons we continue addressing some of the questions young people have about the book of Genesis. Of course, even apart from that, this book that lays the foundation for the rest of Scripture merits a lot of attention. Some believe the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 is mostly fictional. Are they right? Genesis 10 traces the genealogies of mankind after the Flood through the descendants of Noah’s three sons up to shortly before the time of the Hebrew patriarch Abraham.

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    Answers From Genesis,pts 3 and 4

    in Christianity

    We continue with general questions about the book of Genesis. Here are the answers as we best understand them in light of the Bible. Were the six days of creation literal days? Some contend that each of the days of creation in Genesis 1 represented a long span of time. Yet consider that fruit-bearing plants were created on the third day while insects to pollinate them were not created until a few days later. If these were millions of years apart, the plants would not have survived. Note that the Bible is quite clear about how long each day was

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    Answers From Genesis, Part 4 , 5 & 6

    in Christianity

    Who were the “sons of God” mentioned in Genesis 6:1-4? Scholars debate and disagree over the meaning of the reference to “the sons of God” in Genesis 6:1-4. Some people read into these verses the idea that it refers to angelic beings marrying women and producing a race of giants. Christ explained that is impossible, teaching that angels don’t marry and, by implication, don’t produce children either (Luke 20:34-36). Human beings are clearly the subject in Genesis 6

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    The Answers from Genesis Pt 1&2

    in Christianity

    Many people have asked basic questions about the origins of such things as, Who or what is God?,What is the origin of the universe?,How did life come to be?, All these questions and more are answered in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, which means origin or the beginning. Here we receive Gods answers about many important questions and from someone who was there. So lets go to this The First Book in the Bible Genesis 1:1

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    David Brown of Answers in Genesis' Testimony

    in Religion

    Today we will listen to the testimony of David Brown.  David is the Video Conference Coordinator for Answers in Genesis.  He is a Creation Science Apologists.  
    David is a member of the Evangelize4Life Missions Advisory Board.  
    Remember to check out our website for more information about our ministry.  Steven's book is available online at Amazon in either paperback or Kindle format.  Evangelize4Life: Keys to Fulfilling the Great Commission.  Please consider supporting the ministry financially if you are able.  
    God bless

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    Healing the Healers with Haywood Simmons

    in Paranormal

    Join us as we dive even deeper into the world of healing with Wellness Coach and Energy Healer, Haywood Simmons. Haywood's journey into healing has taken him in many directions bringing him today to a passion for healing the Healers. Is that you? Would you like some of this yummy healing?

    Please join the call this week and see what is possible!

    Some of Haywood's credentials include:
    • Personal Trainer, certified by the National Exercise Trainer Association (NETA)
    • Intervention and prevention counselor Badger Rock Middle School
    • Thought Field Therapy Practitioner
    • Theta Healing Practitioner
    • Reiki Practitioner
    • HEALING HANDS Therapist
    • Qi Gong instructor
    • Group Fitness Instructor
    • Reactive Neuromuscular Training Accreditation
    • First Aid/CPR, American Heart Association and American Red Cross and Associate Research Specialist UW Pharmacy School – Youth Diabetes Program.

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    Anger Management (Pt 2): Scenarios & Answers

    in Relationships

    We have all dealt with anger issues in some form or fashion. Whether it be sporadic or chronic instances, we have all lost control. Some people try to drive you to that point. Marriage, children, work and ministry are just a few of those things that can make us fly off the handle. The question is, when we are actually face those times, how do we handle them? Not all of us are as even-tempered as others. Some people have anger that stems from past occurrences in life. Either way, we all experience anger. Tune in for the continuation of this topic!

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    Barbershop Conversations - Episode 9

    in Relationships

    On this episode of Barbershop Conversations, the gentlemen discuss new dating rules, top news, pop culture and current events.    

    Barbershops are not just a place where men stop in for a haircut or a shave, it’s a place where men fraternize with friends and converse about a myriad of topics. Barbershops around the world serve as a place where men feel free to share their opinions, most of which never leaves the four walls where it was originally shared.

    When you walk out of the barbershop with a fresh haircut and new found knowledge, you can’t help but walk with your head high and a little pep in your step.

    Barbershop Conversations is a sneak peek into the conversations that men typically have in private. What happens in a barbershop usually stays in a barbershop… UNTIL NOW!

    Topics: Current Events, Love, Relationships, Success, Sports & Entertainment. No topic is off limits. 

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    Arise! For Women- Eve When Sin Entered The World

    in Religion

    Arise For Women Genesis 3:1-3 Women of the Bible Series with Dr. Lila Robinson, Felicia Jones, And Sandra Wilkes Unveiled is our Women of the Bible Series discussing topics relevant to women worldwide.  Join us every Thursday at 8pm EST

  • Bulls Fire Tom Thibodeau: Who, What, When, Where, Why?

    in Sports

    The Chicago Bulls fired head coach Tom Thibodeau this morning after 5 seasons with the team.  General Manager Gar Forman and VP of Basketball Operations John Paxon spoke to the media this afternoon explaining their decision. But how many answers did Bulls fans really get?  I've got my take on the whole story, and I want to hear yours! Call in @ (347) 327-9183. 


  • Tongues of Fire and Words of Wisdom Acts Lesson 5 Q and A

    in The Bible

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    We will discuss God’s teaching from the Book of Acts Chapter 2 this week. God’s people had been waiting as instructed by God and they were about to be empowered by the Spirit of God in a way not known before. Listen in and found out something unique about those who were there listening to the Disciples. If you have a specific question, please send us an email at ask@askthepastornow.com so we can respond. We look forward to your comment or question. Remember, we do our best to answer from what the Bible says not opinions.

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