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    Suddenly, Prayer is Answered, Part 3

    in Christianity

    TEXT: Luke 1:18-20

    Certainly, you have heard the expression, "too good to be true." Maybe you have used it from time to time. In our passage today, we come to the portion of Zacharias's story where responds to an answered prayer request as though it were too good to be true. As you know, Zacharias and his wife, Elisabeth, did not have any children. They wanted children, they prayed for children, but as the years progressed it became increasingly evident that children were not in the cards for them. 
    Until, one day, when Zacharias is faithfully carrying out his duty as a priest, an angel appears to him and says, "Zacharias, your prayer is heard; and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you shall call his name John." With old age setting in and the great amount of time that had passed since Zacharias had prayed for a son, it is easy to understand his reaction to this sudden and surprising announcement.
    The Bible says, "Zacharias said unto the angel, Whereby shall I know this? for I am an old man, and my wife well stricken in years." This is almost exactly the same question that Abraham asks in Genesis 15 when God tells him that he and Sarah will have a child in their old age. It is a reaction of disbelief. Surely, as a priest, Zacharias was familiar with the miraculous births of Isaac, Samuel, Samson, and others.  
    Have you ever doubted that God would answer your prayer or keep His promise to you? Have you ever told God, 'this is too good to be true'? Have you ever questioned God like Zacharias?
    What are some things to remember when we are tempted to doubt that God will answer our prayers?

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    Pilates questions answered! episode 106

    in Fitness

    How to best work with chiropractors and physical therapists when you share clients.  Also, multiple questions answered about working with sacroiliac joint pain/issues (SI joint) and how to unravel the mysteries of that area.  Bonus quick question about fire baton on the short box and how to cue round back on the short box.  

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    Alysha Live! Radio Show With the Cast of the Stage Production Answered Prayer

    in Entertainment

    Happy Holidays and Countdown to the next Alysha Live! Radio show with my guest the Producer and cast of the stage production Answered Prayer.  Join me as I sit down and talk to playwright Vanessa Richardson, and stars TaWanda Robinson and Anitra Howard-Wilson of Answered Prayer.  Sunday  Nov 29, at 6:00pm.

    Keep it Locked to the Alysha Live! Radio Show


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    SRWM ~ Answered Prayers

    in Blogs

    Get to know the cast of "Answered Prayers" The Stage Production.

    One night only! Don't miss this phenomenal production. The cast is stellar, the singing is phenomenal, the comedy is hilarious! This drama is off the charts!

    Vanessa Richardson is an author, poet, and playwright. She has written several stage productions and have been blessed to perform them at various venues. Her stage productions include: Someone To Love Me, Why Do Bad Things Happens To Good People? Lord, I Don’t Understand, and The Fullness Of Time.

    Vanessa also host the blog talk radio show  ~The Certain Ones airing live on Thursdays 6:00pm EST. Vanessa is also the Founder and Chief-In-Chief of The Certain Ones Online Magazine an inspirational online magazine highlighting authors, health, entrepreneurs, and ministries. Its central theme is to inspire the aspiring ones into their destiny! Vanessa Richardson, is an author,  and playwright. She utilizes The Certain Ones Magazine and The Certain Ones Talk Show to connect with like-minded people to build bridges that leads to business, spiritual, and physical success

    Purchase Tickets:https://AnsweredPrayers.eventbrite.com  Listen LIVE Call in Number: (347) 326-9924 OR Audio Call In: (712) 775 7085 Access Code: 479358# 

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    Prayer Meeting #2 to get your prayers answered

    in Prayer

    This is one more opportunity to say your prayer to God.   If you have not spoken out your prayer to God yet, or you have another prayer you want to speak out to God, while we are all together, this is the time.   A sacred space has been prepared just for you.  Come in.

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    CHAMBER OF PRAYER - The Prayer is Answered

    in Spirituality

    I am poised to take a quantum leap into the life I have been praying for.  In the Light of Truth today, I can look across the veil and see that all of my prayers have been answered, and the answers are in existence in parallel universes as my probable experiences.  I can see a version of myself living in absolute fulfillment of my prayers. I can see that in Infinite Mind, IT IS ALREADY DONE. My prayers are answered. I can see that other things I have imagined happening are already done too -- everything I have imagined. Yet in the midst of all possibilities, the things that hold the greatest Light are those things that are highest and best for me -- those things that are God's Ideas for my Greatest Good. I can see that I only have to keep my eye on the Highest and Best and know that  the way across to fulfillment is already prepared for me. I have only to dismiss false evidence appearing real as I latch on to the Truth that Infinite Intelligence in me knows the way through to the place where my human life meets my answered prayer that is already done. IT'S ALREADY DONE. ~ Maisha

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    Mothers and Daughters Learn How To Get Their Prayers Answered!

    in Moms and Family

    Please join Dr. Bessie and mothers and daughters from around the World each Saturday morning at 10:00 AM for a stimulating conversation about mothers and their daughters. Our stimulating topic for today is: Mothers and Daughters Learn How To Get Their Prayers Answered! You don't want to miss this show! So, call us at 347-539-5078 to listen to the show and click 1 to join the conversation. Call your mother and daughter friends and ask them to join us!


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    Suddenly, Prayer is Answered, Part 2 (Praying Through the Bible #159)

    in Christianity

    TEXT: Luke 1:13-17

    The story of the angelic answer to the prayer of Zacharias and Elisabeth is a great encouragement to many of us who have been praying for something for a long time, but have yet to receive an answer. Zacharias' shock and subsequent disbelief at the news that he and his wife would have a son seem to indicate that he had all but given up on the request. But, the angel's words -- "thy prayer is heard; and thy wife Elisabeth shall bear thee a son" -- remind us of an important truth: that God never forgets any of our prayer requests. We may give up on asking for something, but if it is something good and something that we truly desire, God may see fit to grant that request even if we have ceased asking for it.
    R.C.H. Lenski said, "The request referred to by the angel is the one that had been made [by Zacharias and his wife] during the years when childbirth was yet humanly possible. It is quite proper that [the words] 'was heard' refer to that time also. Prayers are often effectively heard by God long before he sends the answer. Zacharias had long ago stopped praying for a child because, like any godly Israelite, he did not think that he had a right to ask a miracle of God." 
    On that day, when Zacharias was fulfilling his duty in the Temple, he was not thinking about his personal prayer request being answered. But God was. And God answered his prayer in a sudden and remarkable way. We are reminded that a request delayed is not a request denied. We may indeed have to wait a long time for a prayer to be answered. However, the reason for the wait may not be, as is often suggested, that the person praying is not ready to receive the answer. But, rather, that God has a much greater answer to the prayer than the person praying  could ever imagine.

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    Removing The Bandages Welcomes The Cast of Answered Prayers

    in Lifestyle

    Vanessa Richardson stops by along with some of  her cast members, Mrs. Anitra Howard-Wilson and Ms. Tawanda Robinson to talk about her production, 'Answered Prayers'.  Vanessa is An Author, Poet, Playwright, Founder of Certain Ones' Magazine and Radio Talk Show Host.

    Anitra Howard-Wilson of Willow Spring, North Carolina is a gospel artist, actress and has written several stage productions.  She has made several TV appearances.

    Tawanda Phipps is owner of Phipps Boutique. She is has starred in several of Vanessa Richardson's stage productions, and has performed at several weddings and church events.




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    The Ed Boston Podcast - Debate Review, Answered Prayers and More

    in Christianity

    On this podcast, I will be reviewing last week's GOP Presidential Debate and it's aftermath, looking at this past Sunday's Answered Prayers episode, promoting the new UPtv series - Ties That Bind, and I will  talk about the newest topic we are covering at EdBoston.com. I will also update you on a topic we discussed last week and how my feelings on that topic may have changed since that time. 

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    Pilates questions answered! episode 105

    in Fitness

    Awesome client handling questions tonight!  We had several case studies that had to do with the psychology of teaching Pilates as well as the physiology.  These ranged on topics from clients with sciatica to clients with uneven duet partners to working with doctors and much more.  We also talked about what qualifies someone as a Pilates "elder" and incomplete imagery.  

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